7 Distinctions in the matric finals - my tips and my journey

BY Ziva Isaacs
  • Favourite subjects? My favourite subjects were  definitely Maths, Afrikaans and Biology. The content for Maths was far more interesting than previous years and Mrs Stevens always added her special touch to the work. I loved the Afrikaans poems this year so I looked forward to poetry lessons in my Afrikaans class. Biology was just a unique class! Mrs Gunter has an energetic soul and made every lesson pure fun!

Favourite memories? The Matric farewell takes the cake! I loved the preparation and for it as well as the dance itself. Also, being chosen as a Matric of the Year finalist for the University of Free State is another highlight.

How did you do so well? Sacrifice! I’ve had to cut down on some extra- mural activities this year to focus more on my studies. I have had to turn down the opportunity to go to Netherlands as I was chosen for the SA karate team. That was a difficult decision for me but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to put all my effort into my schoolwork. I haven’t experienced any big lows this year – nothing I couldn’t recover from anyway.

What did you learn?I have learnt that I can truly just be myself everywhere I go.  Also, “keep your heart up and heart strong,” appealed to me this year. I’ve learnt not to over think things!

What are your plans and dreams?  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and I’m excited to live in University residence as I have never experienced “hostel life.” I’m also looking forward to waking up one day – excited to go to work because I know that I love what I am doing!   I’m pursuing a career in Medicine and then specializing in pediatrics. I believe strongly that helping those who cannot help themselves is an important part of life. Why pediatrics? I think the kids of today are the leaders of tomorrow – so by helping one child at a time, they will have the opportunity to improve our future.  Even if I make difference to the life of one person – I would have a warm feeling in my heart.

Successes?  I was selected as the captain for the SA Karate Team that went to Netherlands in June this year. I also made EP karate this year again. In terms of cultural activities; I was the President of Interact, Deputy Editor of the School Magazine, a First Aid committee member and part of the PHLY THREAD anti bullying committee.

 Hobbies?I love the outdoors- so anything from hiking to soaking up on the beach is my kind of fun! Time management is very important. I have a weekly schedule which states what to study and when to study so I give equal attention to all my subjects. I am also a very determined person so that helps me to persevere. However when it comes to holiday, I do enjoy myself. Like Mrs Stevens says; “We play hard but we when we work, we work hard.”

What got you throught? Support from my parents, my faith and a huge circle of very positive people around me. I am grateful for all my wonderful teachers. My school environment made me feel at ease and I was happy to learn.

 Advice? Work hard from day 1!! Never stop believing in yourself and don’t ever procrastinate. Try and stay ahead of the work.  You have got parents who believe, teachers who hold you close to their hearts and you attend a prestigious school; count your blessings and make them proud! Besides, “You can never be overeducated or overdressed!”



 January 24, 2016
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Ziva Isaacs

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