Sport At Riebeek....because a healthy body is a healthy mind.

Play with passion and with heart.  If you don’t carry passion into sport - or in any job for that matter - you won’t succeed. (Phil Espositio)

Riebeek's sport co-ordinator is Miss Karen Potgieter.  Riebeek offers a fun yet competitive, driven yet realistic approach to sport.  We believe that the purpose of our sports programme is multi-faceted, aiming to improve health, encourage a lifelong commitement to exercise, teach good sportsmanship and manners, encourage participation and its benefit of a sense of belonging, ensure our girls are not just at school for school hours but are spending time after-hours benefiting from all that the school offers, ensuring Vitamin D is part of our syllabus, making sure our girls have a place to achieve, succeed and grow.  So, when it comes to sport, our focus is on more than winning, although we do like to celebrate a good win whenever we can!  Our sports facilities have experienced some big moments.  There was the lockdown wedidng of two of our tennis coaches on the tennis courts, the repurposing of our swimming pool facility as a venue for our matrics to write in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic and the joy we experienced when the National Lottery Board funded the resurfacing of our courts.  


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