Governing Body
Mr I. Armoed: father of Keira-Lee, Grade 5 and Kee-Lynn, Grade 4
Mr K. Barnes: father of Paige, Grade 6 and Mia, Grade 4
Mrs R. Brink: mother of Kiara, Grade 10 and Tylah, Grade 7
Mr I. Craill: father of Jessica, Grade 11 and Zoë, Grade 8
Mrs A. Elie: mother of Callan, Grade 6
Mrs T. Henman: mother of Tayla, Grade 4
Mrs L. Macgorman: mother of Megan, Grade 12 and Lauren, Grade 9
Mr J. Potgieter: father of Megan, Grade 9
Back row: Mr A Reynolds, Mr K Barnes, Mrs T Henman, Ms K Potgieter, Mr I Craill, Mr I Armoed
Seated: Mrs C Snyman, Mrs L Mac Gorman, Mrs R Brink, Mrs K Stear
Absent: Mrs L Stroebel, Mrs A Elie, Mr S Mandela, Mr J Potgieter, Mr G McAuley


Congratulations to Mrs Lisl Mac Gorman and Mrs Twané Henman who were elected as SGB members at the 2019 By-Election.


School Governing Body 2018:

Mr I.Armoed 
Mr K.Barnes 
Mrs R.Brink 
Mr I.Craill 
Mrs A.Elie 
Mr S.Mandela 
Mrs G.Minter 
Mr J.Potgieter 
Rev P.Witter. 
Co opted : Mrs L. MacGorman Mr G McAuley


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