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At Riebeek College, school life is exciting!

Tucked away in the Eastern Cape town of Uitenhage is the much acclaimed educational gem: Riebeek College Girls’ High School. Here, steeped in tradition, the busy bees of Riebeek, for the bee is our emblem, create a hive of activity. Girls ranging in ages from the enthusiastic grade 4s to our elegant  matrics find themselves involved and committed.


Riebeek is equal to the best. A fee-paying school, with a boarding facility for weekly boarders, and a day-boarding package, Riebeek provides parents with a safe, supervised environment for their treasured daughters.


Racial and religious tolerance, compassion and charity are entrenched. The carefully designed Pocket Code of Conduct is underwritten by principles which are rooted in morality and spiritual fruitfulness. Riebeek nurtures and cares.


Riebeek is famed for its award-winning choir. Competing in the advanced category, they win golds at national choir competitions. In 2014, a group of our girls featured with Johnny Clegg on Top Billing, having won a national song and dance competition. In 2015, Riebeek featured in the top 25 schools in South Africa in the Fairlady survey.  Professor Jansen in the national press praised the school in June 2015, and followed this up later by identifying Riebeek as a top SA school in terms of combining character building and academic excellence.


Many of the staff are Old Girls, proving the faith they have in the unique education offered by our Alma Mater.

The school continues to offer future generations what is truly best about the past while adapting to changing times. The Riebeek ladies walk in integrity with an attitude of gratitude while displaying a passion for  tolerance, mental and physical energy and knowledge.

Our buzzing calendar exudes passion for play, compassion for charity, craze for cultural activities and a love of learning. Founded in 1877, this progressive school provides holistic education in a happy, safe and stimulating environment to ensure that every learner is equipped to face the challenges of a changing world. The school has convenient, caring boarding and aftercare facilities. As the first public school in South Africa to vote to open its doors to all races, the school appreciates the diversity of the Riebeek family. Matriculants are perfectly prepared to enter tertiary institutions with the skills and work ethic to succeed. 

As an all-girls school with Grade 4 to 12 occupying the same building, we have the opportunity to mould, over a school career, ladies who can contribute positively to society: “To seek the good in others and always do our best”, as our school song indicates. 

our mission statement

riebeek leading schools feb 2017

Riebeek Marvels at her Superheroes

Riebeek College Girls’ High School celebrates its 140th birthday this year with a power punch of achievements to marvel at.
Principal, Mrs Kieran Stear, and deputy, Mrs Cheryl Snyman, are worthy guardians of the school. They know too well Superman’s dictum that with great power comes great responsibility.
It is said that heroes are ordinary people who make them themselves extraordinary, and Riebeek Old Girls prove it. Recently, Hlomela Bucwa (Class of 2010) was sworn in as the youngest South African parliamentarian and Noni Mafani Mbete (Class of 2008) was crowned Mrs Africa World. Zikhona Bali (Class of 2007) lights up our television screens starring in productions such as IS'THUNZI. Linley Myburg Fourie (Class of 2006) is the author of the recently published The Smile Smile Book.
The Class of 2016 obtained a 100% pass, a fantastic 90% Bachelor Pass rate and 107 subject distinctions from a class of 78 girls. Natheera Sirkhotte and Martez Meyer attained 5 distinctions each. Martez Meyer, deputy head girl, said, “The best tip that I can offer for success is to believe in yourself - you are destined for greatness.”
On the sportsfields, in the classrooms and in societies; Riebeek empowers her girls to find superpowers and make an impact.

Riebeek College is 140 years young and celebrates bold education with the resilience, compassion, loyalty, success and happiness that embody a Riebeek education.  At the progressive Riebeek College, over 700 girls are nurtured and loved as they embrace life and learning.   From Grade 4 to 12, girls are groomed to spread their wings. Along the way, every girl is taught that she is valued, that she belongs and that she is receiving a quality education on a journey where purpose drives the school’s programme.
On Founder’s Day annually, Old Girls will fill the hall and corridors with laughter and reminiscing.  When these chickens come home to roost, it is a loud affair.    A packed hall of “girls” agree wholeheartedly that Riebeek’s teachings take you far. They speak of the calibre of staff who have directed them on the straight and narrow with their passion and care.  They reminisce about stay-awakes, memorable lessons, inter-house rivalry, hockey tours, piles of donated goods for a cause and they all respond to the angelic voices of Riebeek’s legendary choir.  They remember  bright and timid Grade 4s and the farewell tunnel at the nostalgic Valedictory Service. 
Professor Jansen, former Vice Chancellor of the University of the Orange Free State, listed Riebeek as one of his top ten South African schools in combining character building and academic excellence.  Riebeek featured in the Old Mutual and Destiny Magazine  Good Schools Report and in Fairlady as a school of excellence.
Hlomela Bucwa (Class of 2010) was sworn in as the youngest South African parliamentarian and Noni Agcobile Mafani Mbete (Class of 2008) was crowned Mrs Africa World. Zikhona Bali (Class of 2007) lights up our television screens starring in productions such as IS'THUNZI. Bernadette Maguire is a Carte Blanche producer. The Class of 2016 obtained a 100% pass, a fantastic 90% Bachelor Pass rate and 107 subject distinctions from a class of 78 girls.
On the sportsfields, in the classrooms and in the cultural and service societies; Riebeek lives out the mission statement of our school to prepare our learners face to the challenges of a changing world in a happy and stimulating environment.

 Passionate parents, lively and successful Old Girls and supportive staff and loyal learners are definitely what makes Riebeek fly high.
Is there something about Riebeek? Is it the way a teacher takes a learner under her wing,? a hunger for success, a “early bird catches the worm” enthusiasm, a sense that a duckling can be a swan or that attitude will determine altitude, a determination to soar above the rest? It’s not one thing really. It is the keeping their heads out of the sand and embracing change to fly the Riebeek flag high… always.  They are a happy brood at Riebeek in spite of challenges and by choosing to always do that which is honourable and right,   
 “To seek the good in others and always do our best”.
And that is why we soar above the rest. Riebeek …..gives you wings.

latest headlines at riebeek:

U14/A Hockey Tour Report

BY Kate-Lynn Forbes and Liqhawe Nogampula

The best way to end the hockey season is without a doubt, a tour! On the 20th September, the Junior U14/A hockey team travelled to Plettenberg Bay.  As we were preparing and packing the bus, we were given an egg to name and look after. This was taken to heart by the girls as it was said to be their children.  The grade 6s brought along a scary-looking doll named Betty to scare the grade 7s and it worked. It also freaked out the teachers, so the grade 6s had to take special care of her and this was done by throwing her in a cupboard and locking it in when we arrived at the resort. During the duration of the tour we stayed at A Forever Resort, a beautiful place with many fun things to do such as trampolines, volleyball, boat trips and much more. On arrival, we settled in, took a walk around the resort, introduced
\our eggs and we played a game, involving our eggs. Most of the girls lost their eggs in the process as this was the plan set out by the teachers but we took the game seriously. This was a fun team builder and we realized the importance of trusting each other.  After the game, most girls went to buy snacks while the teachers bought groceries for supper. They made delicious chicken pasta which everyone enjoyed. After hard work of cooking, the girls whose eggs had broken had to wash dishes on the first night. With a positive group of young ladies, this did not seem like a task.  However, the girls sure made it fun with Shanique Sharnick making everyone laugh with her sense of humour and need for proper washing equipment which could not be fulfilled.  The night ended with the grade 6s and 7s pranking and scaring each other and concluding the evening with loads of giggles.   We began our Thursday morning with a 5.5km hike up a Robberg Mountain! This was both challenging and exciting as it was a steep mountain, daring and trying at the same time.  This was something different for all of us as the view was breath taking, with some beach stops along the way and we could spot 3 great white sharks in the water and several seals. Kate-Lynn Forbes said, “At the start of the hike, I could not look down as I fear heights, but now I have overcome that fear.”   Our next stop was our hockey match against Greenwood Bay College, which we won 1-0. This was a challenge as their team had players from grades 8-10 made up of boys and girls.  This was rather entertaining and thrilling for us as it was something different. We played our best and the outcome was magnificent, with Trunè Viljoen being determined to defend our half and Janine Hendricks (goalie) clearing those shots at goals, we were onto something from the start. Well done to our goal scorer C'enia Haarhoff for scoring our winging goal. We would also like to thank Greenwood Bay College for their hospitality and time. We then went to the beach to relax after our victory.  Thereafter, we headed back to our resort and went on a ferry ride, planned by Kayla Minnaar's parents. While on the ferry ride, we bonded, played games that our teachers taught us and believe it or not, but every time we made a mistake we did push-ups and sit ups and so did the teachers. Sarah McFarlane said, “It was amusing to see our teacher’s participating in the games as well and doing push-ups and sit ups too.”   We then had some free time to jump on the trampolines while Mr Minnaar braaied our meat.  Thank you to the Minnaar’s for a delicious meal. This was followed by a mini prize giving where we all won prizes.  Since this our final evening we kind of refused to go to bed and sat in our teacher’s chalet learning new board and card games.  With “spoons” been the popular game, there was no chance we were going to bed anytime soon.  Our morning began with C'enia Haarhoff and Liqhawe Nogampula waking up the grade 6s by screaming, "Wake up! It's 7 o'clock! Wake up!" To get the grade 7s back, the grade 6s pranked the grade 7s by throwing them with water balloons. We then shared the ballons and started throwing them at the teachers, but that did not stop them from getting us back. The teachers won that round as they were a step ahead and managed to get our last two water balloons, somehow and we only realized just before our departure. After getting ready, we went to Wimpy for breakfast where we were spoilt with bacon and eggs. Our final stop in Plettenberg Bay was Jukani Sanctuary where we saw lots of animals, including, springboks, lions, zebras, hyenas, white tigers and many more. On our way back home, everyone was sleeping on the bus ride. It was funny watching everyone fall asleep one by one. This was a clear indication of how much fun we had. We then had lunch at McDonald's which everyone was excited about. Thank you to Mrs Chrysostomou and Mrs Woods for planning such an enjoyable trip. We really had memorable moments on this tour and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Carys George said, “This was the best experience and I really hope that we get to do it again soon.” Thank you to The Minnaar family for helping us with the braai, the trailor and planning the ferry ride. This was a wonderful experience filled with lots of laughter. 

 September 26, 2017
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market day

BY Mrs C. Chrysostomou and Megan Potgieter

An incredible Market Day hosted by the Riebeek College Grade 7 classes was held on 8 September.. With creative themes, delicious goodies and interesting services offered, the rest of the school spent their very last cents to enjoy and experience every bit of this fantastic day. The support was incredible and the rest of the school was eager to have 3D make-up done, paint their nails eat rotis, rice crispe treats and loads more. Mrs Chrysostomou said, "I was amazed at how the girls used their skills and creativity to produce a variety of options for the consumers. I was very impressed." The girls learnt a lot and might have realised that being an entrepreneur can be a challenging task. Megan Potgieter reports on Grade 7 Market Day on 8 September: This year's Grade 7 EMS market day was one to remember. So many wonderful eats and goodies were sold by each store. The atmosphere was filled with nerves as we had worked on this project for more than 3 weeks, but when the day came we were all excited. Our morning started off with a bit of cleaning and getting ready for the the day. All the tables were beautifully decorated according to each group's theme. When the time came to sell our products, everyone was overwhelmed by the amount of girls that bought things from their stores. Throughout the day, awesome music was played and we all danced along. A few stores sold out quite quickly in the beginning but at the end almost everyone's things were gone. Thank you so much to all the teachers that sold tokens on the day, thank you to Mrs Chrysostomou for organizing and thank you to everyone who bought everything that was on sale. This event taught us many things about entrepreneurship that we will use for the rest of our schooling career. Thank you too to Mrs T. Woods and the teachers who stepped in to help.

 September 12, 2017
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grade 4 assembly

BY Mrs B. Viljoen

The Grade 4’s held their assembly on the 30th of August. They practiced with great excitement and enthusiasm…because they all know that practice makes perfect.
Their assembly had a unique setting and a valuable lesson was to be learnt at the end. Their message they wanted to get across to the junior school was approached as an experiment, called “The Apple Experiment”.
Two apples were used. “Apple A” and “Apple B”. These two apples looked exactly the same in appearance. Nice and kind words were said about Apple A and passed on to the learners – “You are a lovely apple”, “Your skin is beautiful”, “Oh my, what a stunning shade of red you are”. The opposite was done to Apple B. Insulting and unkind words were said to Apple B and passed on to the learners – “You are a smelly apple, I don’t even know why you exist”, “I hate your skin, so pale and dull”, “You are just a stupid little apple”.
Both of these apples still looked perfect on the outside but the same could not be said for how they looked on the inside. When Apple A was cut open, it was beautiful and juicy on the inside but when Apple B was cut open it was brown and bruised.
“When people are bullied, like Apple B, they feel horrible inside and sometimes don’t show or tell others how they are feeling. If we hadn’t have cut that apple open, we would never have known how much pain we had caused it. These two apples represent us as people. If we are kind to one another and build each other up...we feel good on the inside...just like apple A. But when we bully, say nasty things to others and break them down...they get hurt and bruised on the inside. Apple B is a clear example of the devastating effect words / negative words can have on others. This is what happens inside every one of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions.”
The Grade 4’s ended their assembly off with a cute and catchy song that motivates each and every learner to make our school a “Bully Free Zone”. The lyrics of the chores goes as follow:
“This school right here is a bully free zone and here’s a list of all our don’ts: We don’t hurt bodies, we don’t hurt hearts. Making fun, we don’t take part. We don’t wound others again and again. We show RESPECT 100%”     

 August 31, 2017
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