Riebeek College in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, was founded in 1877  and has a proud history of offering holistic, exceptional educational opportunities.  We invite exceptional young ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 18s and 35 to apply to be appointed as general school assistants or education assistants to be paid a stipend by the Department of Education.  Please send queries or a CV to info@riebeekcollege.co.za. The deadline for applications is  20 November 2020. 


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Riebeek College Girls’ High School in Uitenhage is filled with young ladies from Grade 4 to 12 and young-at-heart staff who are celebrating! The celebrations are part of our 2020 theme of celebrating the wonder of our world as we strive to spread good news, good vibes and positivity while drawing attention to the need for a greener world.
We particularly celebrate the great news of the Class of 2019 who thrilled us with their 100% pass rate and the personal milestones they reached in the areas of cultural, service and character building. Our isiXhosa Home Language class attained the most subject distinctions in the district. Nine of our wonderful learners attained A aggregates, and Riebeek was placed third in the Eastern Cape.
We celebrate too the hive of activity at the school, as befits the bee motif of our school. A leadership camp to Zuurberg was a welcome retreat to nature and celebration of a beautiful and wonderful world where all things are possible when one is positive. Our little Grade 4s were warmly welcomed with an out-of-this-world theme on a space welcoming adventure. Nearly 200 learners took part in the club challenge of the Alice In Wonderland team building afternoon with 18 clubs competing in fun activities to build team spirit. And, learners have experienced the thrill of opening their eyes to what the world needs to be saved and recognising that the learners are the generation who will define the future of this planet. And so, the corridors and fields are abuzz as our busy bees take on enriching activities and are as busy as the bees that are so critical to our world’s biodiversity.
Mrs Kieran Stear, principal of Riebeek College, said, “At Riebeek, this is the year of no fake news, of only good, uplifting news and of smelling the roses. The staff are committed to the belief that when we put faith, hope and love together, teachers and parents can raise positive children in an increasingly negative world.

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a school of dreams

A school like Riebeek is a place of dreams.  When the girls walk through the school gate, they bring with them hopes and goals. These dreams are nurtured by a passionate staff, dynamic leadership and a full programme.  
Dream making is evident in the hostel offering week-day accommodation, packages for exam times and a day care facility; the appointment of sports co-ordinator, Mr Selwyn Seale, and intern, Miss Olwethu Mxoli, Riebeek Old Girl and a News24 Mandela of the Future; a Staff Development Seminar by Mr August and Dr Ally of NMU, along with Riebeek’s consulting psychologist, on Cultural Competence and Sensitivity Empowerment; and the Class of 2018’s 100% pass rate: Sinovuyo Madlavu, Kyla Van Deventer and Valentina Longari realised their dreams when they were awarded 6 distinctions each.
Riebeek’s mission statement has proved timeless: “To prepare our learners to meet the challenges of a changing world by providing relevant education of a high standard and instilling sound values in a stimulating and happy environment.” 
Mrs Kieran Stear, principal of Riebeek, said, “Education faces challenges. We need to be steadfast in pursuing our mission with the right blend of a sense of belonging, tradition and transformation.  I have a dream of our school maintaining its reputation as a prestige school. We live in negative times. That should not make us angry, but should inspire bold dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The school has beautiful dreams and a wonderful future because, when a million dreams converge on the school each year, Riebeek embraces the opportunities to design the world according to the dreams of the girls who pass through her doors.  Since 1877, Riebeek prides itself as being the maker of designer dreams.  


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An exciting place to be!

Tucked away in the Eastern Cape town of Uitenhage is the much acclaimed educational gem: Riebeek College Girls’ High School. Here, steeped in tradition, the busy bees of Riebeek, for the bee is our emblem, create a hive of activity. Girls ranging in ages from the enthusiastic grade 4s to our elegant  matrics find themselves involved and committed.


Riebeek is equal to the best. A fee-paying school, with a boarding facility for weekly boarders, and a day-boarding package, Riebeek provides parents with a safe, supervised environment for their treasured daughters.


Racial and religious tolerance, compassion and charity are entrenched. The carefully designed Pocket Code of Conduct is underwritten by principles which are rooted in morality and spiritual fruitfulness. Riebeek nurtures and cares.


Riebeek is famed for its award-winning choir. Competing in the advanced category, they win golds at national choir competitions. In 2014, a group of our girls featured with Johnny Clegg on Top Billing, having won a national song and dance competition. In 2015, Riebeek featured in the top 25 schools in South Africa in the Fairlady survey.  Professor Jansen in the national press praised the school in June 2015, and followed this up later by identifying Riebeek as a top SA school in terms of combining character building and academic excellence.


Many of the staff are Old Girls, proving the faith they have in the unique education offered by our Alma Mater.


The school continues to offer future generations what is truly best about the past while adapting to changing times. The Riebeek ladies walk in integrity with an attitude of gratitude while displaying a passion for  tolerance, mental and physical energy and knowledge.

Our buzzing calendar exudes passion for play, compassion for charity, craze for cultural activities and a love of learning. Founded in 1877, this progressive school provides holistic education in a happy, safe and stimulating environment to ensure that every learner is equipped to face the challenges of a changing world. The school has convenient, caring boarding and aftercare facilities. As the first public school in South Africa to vote to open its doors to all races, the school appreciates the diversity of the Riebeek family. Matriculants are perfectly prepared to enter tertiary institutions with the skills and work ethic to succeed. 

As an all-girls school with Grade 4 to 12 occupying the same building, we have the opportunity to mould, over a school career, ladies who can contribute positively to society: “To seek the good in others and always do our best”, as our school song indicates. 

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our mission statement




If a movie critic reviewed Riebeek College, there would be 5 stars, because life at Riebeek is just like an award winning film – a feel good movie worth watching, featuring character development, a fun plot, great twists and turns and a star studded cast.  Principal Kieran Stear made her directoral debut in 2017 and has overseen staff training in special needs education, study skills workshops, multi purpose courts, outdoor chess, in-house psychologist collaboration, spirit awards and sports expansion. Any good movie cues music. Riebeek’s awesome choirs continue to make beautiful music with a gold at the ATKV regional round. Recently, two talented teachers wowed with their rendition of Adele’s “When we were Young” with the girls singing along, “It was just like a movie…It reminds me of when we were young.”  Luckily, the school stays young and celebrated 141 youthful years at the 30th Founder’s Day ceremony in May. Riebeek’s Mandela100@Riebeek100 Acts of Kindness led to superhero roles for the girls, staff and parents of Riebeek. Riebeek encourages happily ever afters, being a main character in your life and supporting characters in the lives of others. Nominations for our Old Girls Oscars include Hlomela Bucwa, the youngest South African parliamentarian, and  Dr Debbie Collier Reed, UCT Law associate professor who served on the minimum wages panel reporting to Cyril Ramaphosa. When the credits roll, the list is long.  The 100% matric pass rate, the sparkling academic, sporting, service and cultural performances all happen because of teachers, the Governing Body, parents and learners who believe, like Nelson Mandela, that: “None of us, acting alone, can achieve success.”  And the Oscar for Bright Futures goes to ….Riebeek College.  

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