Ubuntu connects at Riebeek

Riebeek College celebrates Nelson Mandela’s centenary year with the theme of Ubuntu.  Ubuntu means “I am because we are”.  Said Head Girl Sinovuyo Madlavu: “I am proud because we are Riebeek!” Since 1877, the school has nurtured and cherished young ladies from Grade 4 to 12, producing individuals who make the world a better place.
The spirit of Ubuntu was in abundance when the Class of 2017’s results were announced. The thrilled 80 girls celebrated a 100% pass rate, with an average of two distinctions each. The school has extended its extramural programme, with five sporting codes and 18 clubs that focus on fostering team spirit and inter-connectivity. The learners are at the centre of Riebeek’s ‘we care’ approach, with an on-site psychologist and a team of teachers who know it takes a village to raise a child. The energetic Riebeek staff started the year with a seminar on neurodiversity in line with the maxim: no child left behind. Presented by Sandra Gerber of the School’s Management Team, it dealt with the love and mystery of raising and educating a special needs child. A very special Nelson Mandela Legacy project is planned for 2018 – a year already exploding with echoes of Ubuntu on the playground and in the corridors and classrooms. The school’s home-away-from-home hostel epitomises community spirit with a close-knit sisterhood of boarders and day care students.  Please contact the school should you wish to apply for hostel placement in 2019.
Principal Kieran Stear recorded with pride in the school’s 2018 Vision Bucket: “Riebeek is a special place with a great spirit. In a world where one can choose to be anything, at Riebeek we choose to be kind, compassionate, generous, respectful, honest and inclusive. The greatest gift we give to our learners is a sense of belonging and the knowledge that each one of us can make a difference in the world.”


welcome to riebeek college

At Riebeek College, school life is exciting!

Tucked away in the Eastern Cape town of Uitenhage is the much acclaimed educational gem: Riebeek College Girls’ High School. Here, steeped in tradition, the busy bees of Riebeek, for the bee is our emblem, create a hive of activity. Girls ranging in ages from the enthusiastic grade 4s to our elegant  matrics find themselves involved and committed.


Riebeek is equal to the best. A fee-paying school, with a boarding facility for weekly boarders, and a day-boarding package, Riebeek provides parents with a safe, supervised environment for their treasured daughters.


Racial and religious tolerance, compassion and charity are entrenched. The carefully designed Pocket Code of Conduct is underwritten by principles which are rooted in morality and spiritual fruitfulness. Riebeek nurtures and cares.


Riebeek is famed for its award-winning choir. Competing in the advanced category, they win golds at national choir competitions. In 2014, a group of our girls featured with Johnny Clegg on Top Billing, having won a national song and dance competition. In 2015, Riebeek featured in the top 25 schools in South Africa in the Fairlady survey.  Professor Jansen in the national press praised the school in June 2015, and followed this up later by identifying Riebeek as a top SA school in terms of combining character building and academic excellence.


Many of the staff are Old Girls, proving the faith they have in the unique education offered by our Alma Mater.


The school continues to offer future generations what is truly best about the past while adapting to changing times. The Riebeek ladies walk in integrity with an attitude of gratitude while displaying a passion for  tolerance, mental and physical energy and knowledge.

Our buzzing calendar exudes passion for play, compassion for charity, craze for cultural activities and a love of learning. Founded in 1877, this progressive school provides holistic education in a happy, safe and stimulating environment to ensure that every learner is equipped to face the challenges of a changing world. The school has convenient, caring boarding and aftercare facilities. As the first public school in South Africa to vote to open its doors to all races, the school appreciates the diversity of the Riebeek family. Matriculants are perfectly prepared to enter tertiary institutions with the skills and work ethic to succeed. 

As an all-girls school with Grade 4 to 12 occupying the same building, we have the opportunity to mould, over a school career, ladies who can contribute positively to society: “To seek the good in others and always do our best”, as our school song indicates. 


our mission statement


The Riebeek Journey

riebeek leading schools feb 2017

Riebeek Marvels at her Superheroes

Riebeek College Girls’ High School celebrated its 140th birthday in 2017 with a power punch of achievements to marvel at.
Principal, Mrs Kieran Stear, and deputy, Mrs Cheryl Snyman, are worthy guardians of the school. They know too well Superman’s dictum that with great power comes great responsibility.
It is said that heroes are ordinary people who make them themselves extraordinary, and Riebeek Old Girls prove it. Recently, Hlomela Bucwa (Class of 2010) was sworn in as the youngest South African parliamentarian and Noni Mafani Mbete (Class of 2008) was crowned Mrs Africa World. Zikhona Bali (Class of 2007) lights up our television screens starring in productions such as IS'THUNZI. Linley Myburg Fourie (Class of 2006) is the author of the recently published The Smile Smile Book.
The Class of 2016 obtained a 100% pass, a fantastic 90% Bachelor Pass rate and 107 subject distinctions from a class of 78 girls. Natheera Sirkhotte and Martez Meyer attained 5 distinctions each. Martez Meyer, deputy head girl, said, “The best tip that I can offer for success is to believe in yourself - you are destined for greatness.”
On the sportsfields, in the classrooms and in societies; Riebeek empowers her girls to find superpowers and make an impact.

Riebeek College is 140 years young and celebrates bold education with the resilience, compassion, loyalty, success and happiness that embody a Riebeek education.  At the progressive Riebeek College, over 700 girls are nurtured and loved as they embrace life and learning.   From Grade 4 to 12, girls are groomed to spread their wings. Along the way, every girl is taught that she is valued, that she belongs and that she is receiving a quality education on a journey where purpose drives the school’s programme.
On Founder’s Day annually, Old Girls will fill the hall and corridors with laughter and reminiscing.  When these chickens come home to roost, it is a loud affair.    A packed hall of “girls” agree wholeheartedly that Riebeek’s teachings take you far. They speak of the calibre of staff who have directed them on the straight and narrow with their passion and care.  They reminisce about stay-awakes, memorable lessons, inter-house rivalry, hockey tours, piles of donated goods for a cause and they all respond to the angelic voices of Riebeek’s legendary choir.  They remember  bright and timid Grade 4s and the farewell tunnel at the nostalgic Valedictory Service. 
Professor Jansen, former Vice Chancellor of the University of the Orange Free State, listed Riebeek as one of his top ten South African schools in combining character building and academic excellence.  Riebeek featured in the Old Mutual and Destiny Magazine  Good Schools Report and in Fairlady as a school of excellence.
Hlomela Bucwa (Class of 2010) was sworn in as the youngest South African parliamentarian and Noni Agcobile Mafani Mbete (Class of 2008) was crowned Mrs Africa World. Zikhona Bali (Class of 2007) lights up our television screens starring in productions such as IS'THUNZI. Bernadette Maguire is a Carte Blanche producer. The Class of 2016 obtained a 100% pass, a fantastic 90% Bachelor Pass rate and 107 subject distinctions from a class of 78 girls.
On the sportsfields, in the classrooms and in the cultural and service societies; Riebeek lives out the mission statement of our school to prepare our learners face to the challenges of a changing world in a happy and stimulating environment.

 Passionate parents, lively and successful Old Girls and supportive staff and loyal learners are definitely what makes Riebeek fly high.
Is there something about Riebeek? Is it the way a teacher takes a learner under her wing,? a hunger for success, a “early bird catches the worm” enthusiasm, a sense that a duckling can be a swan or that attitude will determine altitude, a determination to soar above the rest? It’s not one thing really. It is the keeping their heads out of the sand and embracing change to fly the Riebeek flag high… always.  They are a happy brood at Riebeek in spite of challenges and by choosing to always do that which is honourable and right,   
 “To seek the good in others and always do our best”.
And that is why we soar above the rest. Riebeek … you wings.

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