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Dear Class of 2015

Do submit a good luck message for the matrics or tell them about your best memories of them.

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   Matrics ...
All of the best with the Finals and for the future.
You are all capable of reaching great heights.
Make us proud!    
Martez Meyer
October 20, 2015 06:14:56 AM

Picture it - it is your reunion in 2025

What memories of Riebeek in 2015 or before will you be discussing as you visit your Old School as an OLD GIRL?

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Break times

By Loren Campbell

The first three lessons were a bore, and as I was sitting in register class, with my eyes barely open, I looked back in hindsight and realised that watching the late night movie after completing my homework was not a good idea. Oh, how I loathe the necessity of sleep!

When the breakbell finally rang, my classmates rushed into the corridor, similar to the way we would excitedly push each other out of the doorway when we were in Grade 1. I guess break is the best part of the schoolday for learners of all ages.

It was almost 32°C that day and it felt as if I would collapse onto the ground before I reached my friends’ usual spot. However, I managed to drag my feet to the shady spot I usually sit in. I slumped down with a loud groan. Despite my agitation, brought on by heat and sleep deprivation, I was eager to see my friends and tell them about a really funny joke I saw online. But as the conversation progressed, the joke completely slipped my mind. 

I would not make it through the day without nutrition. I pulled my lunch out from my bag and was once again disappointed by the remarkable monotony and predictability of a cheese and tomato sandwich. I tapped my shirt pocket and heard a cheery jingle. I had just enough coins to buy myself some sour jelly beans (my favourite).

Though the walk to the tuckshop drained me of energy with each step I took, and the queue was restless and seemingly endless, I had retrieved my small, colourful, tasty treasures and it was worth it.

I was enjoying my friends’ crazy, hilarious, bizarre stories, when the dreaded sound of the bell banged against my eardrums, signalling the end of break. My friends and I reluctantly stood up and picked up our bags. We greeted each other with smiles and see-you-laters and reported to our respective classes.

Second break could not come fast enough!


If you are an Old Girl, what memorie do you have of break time?

If you are a present Riebeek Girl, what do you do at break?

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What are your RIEBEEK 2015 RESOLUTIONS?

Tell us a bit about your plans, hopes, fears and resolutions for the splendid year that 2015 will be at Riebeek.

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   The Media Workshops have been delightful so far. They teach so much about photography and journalism that benefits you greatly in your media skills. The last workshop I attended was the Write Right Workshop where Loren Campbell gave a stunning presentation. I'm proud to be a Media Committee member and looking forward to future workshops this year!    
Angelique Tee
February 26, 2015 08:31:14 PM
   Well my new years resolution is to get good grades and be more active at school functions   
February 20, 2015 08:28:21 AM
   to get higher this year than last year   
yonela mali
February 20, 2015 08:24:09 AM
   I am overjoyed that our first event as Quiz committee went well. I think we make a great team of ladies. I like to think of ourselves as puzzle pieces, we're all different, but the one is as equally important as the other and our "puzzle" is only complete when we all work together. I hope we'll have a wonderful year with many more successes to come :)   
Ambesa Daniels
February 19, 2015 07:52:44 PM
   I am excited about this year and the theme, "Walk in Integrity". The theme for this year basically summarises my resolutions. They are to give 110% to everything I do and to have accomplished the qualities of integrity by the end of 2015.    
Martez Meyer
February 15, 2015 04:38:58 PM
   I am really looking forward to the year ahead and I am so thankful for being given the opportunity to participate in so many cultural activities. I am also really excited to build my leadership skills.
Thank you, Riebeek.   
Courtney Norman
February 02, 2015 09:08:16 PM

Life of a grade 4

By Valentina Langori

When the Grade 4s were asked what they like most about their new school they replied with a multitude of answers such as sport, Stay-Awake, the helpful teachers and the new friends they have made.

Of course, there are always those gut clenching moments and the first day at a new school is no exception. On arrival the Grade 4s did not know what to expect, the matter of being the babies at a new school after leaving their Grade 3 kingdom must have been a change. They were met with new, loving, caring teachers that helped them with all their problems no matter how big or small, but when asked what they found most intimidating it wasn’t the subjects or the work load but the seniors.

As the Grade 4s sat and watched the seniors walking around what they, on their first day, knew to be an alien school, their expectations grew to unimaginable heights.  When asked what goals they were setting for themselves to achieve before they leave Riebeek they replied prefects, named every committee, said they wanted to rule the school, but at the end of the day the one thing they want most is to just have fun. 


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What does it mean to be a grade 10?

By Heather Wilkinson

A day in the life of a grade 10 is very uneventful indeed.


A mad dash to school and a clumsy sprint to the first lesson starts off our uneventful day. When you reach the first lesson before the first bell has rung you breathe a sigh of relief and gratefully sink to the floor to animatedly inform your friends of yesterday’s events. However, your eyes wonder to the open books and notes encircling your friends and they ask the dreaded question, “Have you done the homework?” Your heart sinks to the floor and you frantically start scribbling down answers which you know are wrong. Just as you see a light at the end of the tunnel, you hear the words “Ladies, please get out of the corridor!” echo mercilessly in your ears.


When first break finally arrives, you collapse in heap in the nearest available shade and seriously reconsider your subject choices. You already have your new subjects in mind when all too soon the bell rings and the screech of the siren pierces your ears as you prepare for round two of lessons.


By second break you have already re-evaluated what you’re going to do with your life and have decided that because you are going to drop your subjects there is no need to do the mountain of homework you have been assigned. Who needs to study for a test when you’re going to drop the subject tomorrow? Yet again, the bell sounds and you gracelessly stand up in preparation for the knockout blow in round three of lessons.


The final bell sounds and you gleefully shove all your work into your bag before flinging it around your shoulders. You stride out of the gates towards freedom and give not a second thought to the worries that have been plaguing you throughout the day. You then repeat this cycle for the next day”¦ and the next”¦ and the next.


So as you see, a day in the life of a Grade 10 is quite uneventful indeed. 

Comment on Grade 10:

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   So very, very true! Your writing skills are of professional standards, Heather. :P Great job.   
Loren Campbell
February 27, 2015 03:23:10 PM
   Well done on an excellent article Heather :) I totally agree with it.   
Anjali Karsan
February 21, 2015 10:00:22 AM
   Congratulations on an excellent article, Heather.    
The Media Team
February 19, 2015 10:01:24 PM

What does it mean to be a grade 9

By Valentina Longari, Grade 9, 2015

On the first day of Grade Nine I couldn’t help but smile because we weren’t the babies of the high school anymore. We made it past the first hurtle, but then reality set in. Grade Nine was going to be fun, but it was not going to be easy.

We were warned by the Grade Tens and Elevens that if we thought that Grade Eight was tough; we would never survive grade nine.  We thought they were joking or trying to scare us, but two weeks in and I was dead sure they weren’t. Grade Nine went on the attack all at once, like a train smash. We had projects coming and going like rockets, essay ideas popping into our dreams, we were reciting the periodical table as if it was our favourite song and homework”¦ homework every day.

School work was much and hard, sport time consuming and social lives building up. Though our plates were full we still somehow found the time to attend the societies fair and jot our names down at each available table. We found time to attend movie nights, dances and coffee bars all the while managing to find time to sleep in between our television series. I found this mind blowing: Riebeek was not just teaching us how to be ladies, but also how to be multitasking superheroes!

When we left Grade Eight and arrived in Grade Nine, we knew it would be more difficult. What we didn’t realise is how much our mind set had to change. We could no longer leave boat loads of homework for the morning before class or use the excuse: it was my dog, I did the work he just ate it. No grade nine was a completely different ball game and excuses are not going to cut it.

To all the juniors and Grade Eights, listen to the warning signs, they’re there for a reason. Don’t stress yourself out, just take a deep breath, do what you have to do, socialise on the weekends only and you’ll fly right through.

What are your thoughts on Grade 9?

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   Excellent article.   
The Media Team
February 19, 2015 10:01:59 PM

What are your thoughts on the new design of our website?

Please comment here:

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   Love the new look of the webite: beautiful and well put together.   
Clair Malgas
October 29, 2014 08:35:50 PM
   Fabulous: well done on all the hard work media committee: user friendly and not too cluttered with information!   
Ingrid McFarlane
October 18, 2014 11:58:47 AM
   The website is is beautiful in a truly timeless sense. The layout is simple, tasteful as well as functional, as it makes the web page a dream to manouver.    
Nicola McEwan
October 18, 2014 11:16:58 AM
   I love the new layout. You dont have to go through everything to find what you are looking for. Perfect ❤   
Mandisa Witbooi
October 12, 2014 10:35:05 PM
   I love,love,love the new website !! I think its inviting and easy to use. I especially love the photos that show how fun school can be when you go to Riebeek :)   
Busi Rooibaard
October 12, 2014 08:55:44 PM
   The website is looking great! There is so much to look at and a wonderful reflection of the variety of activites that go on at Riebeek College!   
Ann Norman
October 12, 2014 06:05:32 PM
    I prefer the new layout, it is easier to follow and it looks neater.   
Courtney Norman
October 12, 2014 05:30:57 PM
   The new web design looks amazing and I think its great that everyone is getting involved in show casing our amazing school.   
Lelethu Ntshangase
October 10, 2014 12:12:11 PM
   It is amazing! It is easy to find what i am looking for. The website looks even better than it did and even then it looked great. Well done!   
Martez Meyer
October 10, 2014 10:46:18 AM
   I'm very impressed. It is beautiful and easier to use.   
October 09, 2014 11:20:25 PM
   I'm very impressed! It's simple and easy to find what I'm looking for, while still being able to enjoy the "be-you-tiful" website put together by very talented people! You should all be proud!    
Lisa Relling
October 04, 2014 07:05:30 PM
   Congratulations to the Media Committee on your hard work.   
Admin -
September 30, 2014 08:23:46 PM




Reviewing 2014

Tell us about the best parts of 2014 at Riebeek.

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   The best part was having the Induction dinner.
It was my personal favorite. Having everyone dress up and the tea party made me feel so special.
It reminded me of how special it is to be in a girls' school.    
Mandisa Witbooi
October 12, 2014 10:44:51 PM
   The best part of Riebeek is that we actually represent a family and it brings a sense of belonging. I also agree with Lisa Relling that the RCG Jammers was a 2014 highlight!   
Martez Meyer
October 10, 2014 10:54:26 AM
   The leadership seminar, was my personal favourite. It was an amazing afternoon, where we learnt many wondrful lessons about leadership from the great leaders of our school. It was a great learning experience for me and I think I have become a better leader because of it! Thank you to all those who were involved in the organising, it was a very successful afternoon!   
October 09, 2014 11:15:23 PM
   I think many would agree that a huge 2014 highlight was yesterday's debut of the RCG Jammers! Hope to hear more of our skilled and talented band members again soon!   
Lisa Relling
October 04, 2014 07:15:37 PM

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