memories of mrs renee baard

50 year reunion

An integral part of Riebeek College was the bus service that transported most of the pupils, staff & locals in Uitenhage for many years. This company - Hennings Bus Co. was run by my great -aunt , Sylvia (nee Rudman) & her husband, Cecil Henning! I'm sure there are plenty of interesting stories that could be told about those trips to/from school, and about the eccentric, fascinating character who ran this service like a 'general marshalling his troops' - i.e. Sylvia!!  She is seen below in her school blazer - a pupil of Riebeek in her youth.
The next photo is of her niece- my Mom - Zita Rudman/Van Rooyen who also attended Riebeek & was a border from a very young age. Those days the hostel was on the cnr of Cannon & Church Street. The photo was taken 1944/5. Needless to say - I - her daughter (Renee van Rooyen/Baard), matriculated at Riebeek in 1967!  Thereafter, my daughter, Carine Baard, attended & matriculated here as well (1994).
The 3rd photo is of my mom's sister- my aunt- Myrtle Rudman/Gouws (2nd from right, back row). This was the netball team in 1943 - she was then in Std 6 & later wrote her matric in 1947!  
Myrtles' daughters - Beverley Gouws/Loenen, and later, Janis Gouws/Van Aardt attended Riebeek as well from Std 2 - matric.
The list of cousins who originated from this Rudman family - farming in Karoo (Kleinpoort area) is extensive & too many to mention -( could probably fill a whole class, or two, on their own!)- and the girls/daughters all attended Riebeek College at various times.  Carol Rudman/Dunn & her daughters, Vicky-lou & Melody - our cousins are but a few more I can mention.  In fact, one of my previous teachers - Mrs Barnes-Webb - was related to us, & her daughters (Leonie & Sheila) are part of that 'tradition' as well!
I am sure there must be other ex-pupils with a quite a list of family who went to our school, but feel certain that it would take a lot to beat our long line of 'history'!  
One thing is for sure - all those 'Rudman' girls I had the privaledge of knowing, and still know, carried the "Ora et Labora" close to their hearts
and did their school proud!
I wish all those who have any history with Riebeek College - including staff - all the very best and congratulate Riebeek on their amazing contribution to educating generations of pupils - and 'opening doorways' & opportunities for them to pursue. 
Love xx Renee van Rooyen/ Baard
In particular - to our BUSY BEE GROUP - class of 1967 - Congratulations on our 50th anniversary!! We honour those who are, sadly, deceased and will miss seeing those who cannot attend the Reunion, but celebrate on everyones' behalf the friendships, memories & bonds made over the years!! It's been hard work, but also rewarding to liaise & organise our class reunion with these lovely bunch of ladies! Stay well, stay strong , be busy and stay in touch. Xx
Renee van Rooyen/Baard- Coordinator


message from karen van der merwe warneke

Class of 1982  - 35 year reunion

“School is but a phase, albeit a very tumultuous and sometimes difficult one, so don’t let your schooling define the wonderful woman you can become.
These are  the lessons I live by –
Strive to always better yourself and never measure your worth against others.  DARE to be different, DARE to accept challenges, DARE to go out of your comfort zone.  Better to be a complicated original than a simple copy.
Remember to appreciate everyone who helps you along your life journey. 
Do things that make you happy, and are good for your soul.
Don’t give advice unless asked for, and learn to listen.
You are unique, you are special, and you are worthy.
Lead by example in all areas of your life
Never put off for tomorrow what you know you can do today
Be the friend you wish you had.
If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all
Live your life honestly.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Be kind. 
Laugh, A LOT!

 Memories of Gail Gillmer/Ehbel

50 year reunion

Our Class of ’67 celebrates its 50th Reunion at Founders Day this year.  As part of a small but dedicated team working towards this occasion, I was given the portfolio of creating a poster which would be on display in the school foyer on Founders Day.
What a trip down memory lane I had as all the photographs came flooding in from the Class of ’67.
Class photos from Sub A to Std 10 – how wonderful it was to scrutinize all the girls and the Class Teacher for each year.  Also of interest were photos showing the school uniform in 1967 (both the summer and winter version).  Sports photos were sent in which included teams for netball, hockey, tennis and swimming.  School dance photos which brought back memories of all the preparation work leading up to the actual event.  Photos of an Operetta “Pearl the Fishermaiden” put on by the school in 1967.  We have group pictures of our 20th, 25th, 30th and 40th class reunions.  These were treasured times which gave us the opportunity of catching up with each other’s news and circumstances. Other pictures of interest which I received were of groups of Riebeek girls who attended the Hosking Ballet School which included girls taking part in shows/concerts as Glow worms, Brownies and ballerinas.
What a privilege it was growing up in Uitenhage and attending Riebeek College.  All the photos collated indicated how important a holistic approach to bold education is.  I was the School Dux in 1967 but I do not remember there being stress or pressure put on me to gain academic recognition – there was always a balance i.e. a time to work and time to have fun.  I have such wonderful memories of times such as rehearsing for our school operettas/plays which brought together so many girls of varying ages.  This taught us about dedication and team work.
 Accolades go to the dedicated teachers and staff who fostered in us values such as responsibility, commitment and accountability.   “Ora et labora” will always stand the test!
Gail Gillmer/Ehbel

latest headlines at riebeek:

Grade 8 orientation 2018

BY Mrs R. Meyers

On Wednesday, 17th January the Grade 8s were officially welcomed into our school with a 2 hour orientation programme presented by  Miss R. Meyers (Grade 8 Grade Head and 8C Register Teacher), Mrs J. Myburg (8G Register Teacher), Mrs H. Ferreira (8R Register Teacher) and Mrs K. Stear (Principal).
The presentation was interactive with the purpose of informing the Grade 8s of the rules and regulations of our school, the Riebeek way of life and to prepare them on a practical basis for the transition from junior to senior school.
Amongst the topics discussed were: “How to achieve academic success”; “Conflict resolution in the classroom”; “The power of peer pressure”; and “The importance of extra-curricular activities”.
Mrs Stear also spoke to the girls about our new initiative called “Spirit of the College”, this initiative encourages learners to participate in school activities and to be part of  Riebeek life. The school’s vision for 2018 was also shared: “Ubuntu”. We explained to the girls that we would like our school to be a place where our interactions are based on our inter-connectivity, where the Riebeek Tribe practice compassion, kindness, generosity, respect, honesty and conscious awareness and asked them assist in achieving and sustaining our goals because Riebeek is a special place with a great spirit.
We would like to thank Mrs K. Stear, Mrs S. Gerber, Miss R. Meyers, Mrs J. Myburg and Mrs H. Ferreira for their immaculate input in ensuring that the Grade 8 orientation programme would be a huge success, and it was. Lastly, WE would like to thank the Grade 8s of 2018 for their amazing school spirit, being hopeful and excited to start their high school careers. May your new journey at Riebeek College be far and beyond what you imagined.

 January 21, 2018
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peter Pan team building

BY Drew MInter

The club committees got together on Friday 19 January and took a trip around Riebeek’s very own Neverland as the annual team building afternoon’s theme was Peter Pan.  The event was filled with spirited Peter Pans and Captain Hooks  enthusiastically searching for Grade 9s dressed up as characters. Cultural Board  was placed in first place, Interact in second place and Computer Club was placed third. Because of the humidity, the teams then moved to the hall to test out their beautiful karaoke voices. Drama took everything to the next level and won the Best Spirit Award while Phly Thread won best dressed as crocodiles. The atmosphere was filled with laughs and team banter followed by spectacular team work uniting all committees. Thank you to Mateenah Langford and the Cultural Board, with the help of Mrs Gerber, for the well organized event. The  Technical Crew are thanked for stepping in when the heat became too much and turned this year’s Team Building into an afternoon of absolute fun for us all to enjoy. Well done to the Grade 8s who joined teams to fill gaps and earned the first Spirit of the College signatures to contribute towards their awards.  Well done to the Grade 9s who were our hidden characters and dressed up so well.

 January 21, 2018
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Sport and Society - an introduction

BY By Sinovuyo Madlavu

The annual Sports and Societies’ Fair was a wonderful way to start off the Riebeek cultural calendar. It is always amazing to see the excitement throughout the high school during this event. Sports and Societies’ fair is used as a platform to promote all the different clubs and sports in the school and to encourage learners to become more involved. This year, we are excited to announce the introduction of 2 new sports – volleyball and netball, as well as 2 new clubs – Band and Chess. We are also starting a grade 8 initiative called, the “Spirit of the College”. This was brought in to involve the younger grades more in extra mural school life, as most club committees can only be joined from Grade 10. Spirit of the College is a way for the Grade 8s to get recognition for their contribution and participation in societies and school life. There are several rewards for this participation; the highest of these being awarded a “Spirit of the College” badge that learners may keep until matric. There are truly no downsides to being involved at Riebeek!  This will help girls when they apply for committees to prove that they have shown an interest and deserve to be considered for committees and for awards. The heads of societies are congratulated on the decor of their tables and their ability to answer hundreds of questions in a short time. With 18 societies and 6 sports (including Chess), there is something for everyone!

 January 21, 2018
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