29 january

The media club is proud to present the first Oscars of 2018.  The Oscar for Journalism goes to Sinovuyo Madlavu for her article on Die Burger Youth Leadership Conference in Cape Town.  The Oscar for Photography goes to Carleen Braun for a wide range of photographs at so many events this year, including being at the Grade 4 Welcome to take photographs, and capturing priceless moments.


March oscars

The Media Club is proud to present the Oscar Awards for photography and journalism for March. The Oscar for photography goes to Romesa Muhammad for her spectacular photograph of the South African flag through trees at the Donkin Memorial and her photograph of a pebble on the palm of a hand taken at the Grade 10 outing. The Oscar for journalism is awarded to Chwayita Hanabe for her spirited and entertaining Senior Gala article which had no errors on the first submission. Excellent work, girls!


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