Today I would like to introduce you to a new group that we have established here at Riebeek. This group is called the TRANSFORMATION TASK TEAM, or TTT for short.
The long term goal of this team is bring about Transformation at Riebeek. There are girls from many different cultures and backgrounds here at Riebeek, and we want to recognize all those cultures.
Our short term goals for this team is to create Cultural Awareness and an air of tolerance in both learners and staff. We would like to create an open relationship between teachers and learners and between learners and learners. We do not want any one of our cultural groups to feel bullied by another or side-lined
This team is, at the moment, made up of 11 Riebeek Girls: Fatima Mahouassa, Hasti Pansuriya, Danita Prag, Karena du Plessis, Robyn Minaar, Lisakhanya Daniels, Amy Higgins, Lisakhanya Ntantiso, Noluntu Macanda, Mihlali Magobo and Khazimla Salamntu.  Then there are 3 teachers: They are: Myself, Miss S du Preez and the team is headed up by Miss Meyers. I am now going to hand over to Miss Meyers.
Note from Miss R. Meyers:
In paraphrasing Dr Adam Habib, current vice-chancellor of Wits University, Riebeek, just like South Africa, is a melting pot of world class education. We are starting to understand what it means to be diverse in the reality of our South African context.
The philosophy of the TTT is positive not negative. Meaning, it isn’t just here to deal with complaints, but rather to look at our challenges, addressing them by creating solutions that is most appropriate, practical and effective for our school. The TTT is here to assist in creating initiatives that celebrate our diversity, creating true understanding of who we are as human beings and how we relate to one another. We function in the world of Riebeek in relation to our society, our country. We invite you to take ownership with us of what happens at Riebeek and what it means to be part of this institution. We need to be responsible for what and who we represent.
Join us on this journey of social and educational transformation at Riebeek. Be part of this historical shift taking place at OUR school.
Listen out for more information, come and talk to any one of us. Share ideas, suggestions, be active participants in making Riebeek a truly great place to be….
We celebrate our differences as much as we celebrate our similarities. May you be inspired by the cultural medley we have prepared, illustrating, that when we work together…finding unity in our diversity, we are capable of creating something tremendously beautiful.


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