Academics in 2014

A Successful Year: Comments by Mrs M. Woods

A summary of the Matric Class of 2014 results are as follows:

  • 89 ladies wrote the examination
  • 83 received Bachelor Passes (Able to attend a university ”“ 93%)
  •   4 received Diplomas
  •   1 candidate’s results were incomplete
  •   1 candidate will be having 2 subjects re-marked
  • This results in a 97,75% pass rate

The pass rate from Grade 4 to Grade 11 was 99,8%

The thankless, exhausting and continual follow-up work and interventions put in place to help all of our young ladies, has paid dividends.   I salute the staff and say a huge thank you also to the ladies who always give of their best and their families and parents who support both their daughters and the teachers.   TOGETHER we can hold our heads up high, with dignity and pride.


matric results 2015

Mrs Woods, the SGB and the staff of Riebeek College are incredibly proud of the Class of 2015 and want to congratulate them on their excellent results:

7 distinctions: Ziva Isaacs
6 distinctions: Nicole Louw, Yolanda Mni
5 distinctions: Kelly-Lee McEwan, Kauthar Ravat, Saeedah Sirkhotte
4 distinctions: Tamzen Burke, Carla Ferreira, Stacey Jacobs, Demaine Jansen, Clair Malgas, Lindsay McFarlane, Courtney Norman, Zurisana Ntshangase, Anovuyo Selani, Robyn Thomson

A-Aggregates: Carla Ferreira, Ziva Isaacs, Stacey Jacobs, Nicole Louw, Kelly-Lee McEwan, Lindsay McFarlane, Yolanda Mni, Courtney Norman, Zurisana Ntshangase, Kauthar Ravat, Saeedah Sirkhotte

B-Aggregates: Lesedi Adams, Sibonokuhle Baart, Michaela Balie, Kim Bickoo, Tamryn Blignaut, Tayla Boscombe, Tamzen Burke, Sanele Danster, Chesné de Vos, Wamkelwa Dyantyi, Tiffany Frost, Demaine Jansen, Sinoyolo Jantjies, Sinovuyo Jantjies, Carin Lewis, Clair Malgas, Kauthar Moosa, Siphosethu Ngqamfana, Asemahle Nkume, Zethu Phongoma, Lisa Relling, Busisiwe Rooibaard, Anovuyo Selani, Robyn Thomson, Cleo-Laine van Aardt, Carlyn van der Westhuizen

Exceptional subject achievements (above 90%): Michaela Balie (LO: 91%), Tamryn Blignaut (LO: 90%, History: 97%), Tayla Boscombe (History: 90%), Tamzen Burke (History: 91%), Olonathando Dlutu (History: 90%), Carla Ferreira (Afrikaans FAL: 90%, Accounting: 94%), Tiffany Frost (LO: 90%), Ziva Isaacs (Afrikaans FAL: 91%, LO: 98%), Sinoyolo Jantjies (LO: 91%, History: 90%), Sinovuyo Jantjies (LO: 92%, History: 96%), Pumela Jikani (LO: 90%), Nicole Louw (LO: 90%), Kelly-Lee McEwan (LO: 97%, History: 93%), Lindsay McFarlane (LO: 98%), Yolanda Mni (Maths: 93%, LO: 95%, Accounting: 93%), Siphosethu Ngqamfana (LO: 95%, History: 90%), Asemahle Nkume (History: 93%), Courtney Norman (Maths Lit: 93%), Zurisana Ntshangase (History: 92%), Kauthar Ravat (LO: 96%, Accounting: 96%), Lisa Relling (LO: 97%), Saeedah Sirkhotte (LO: 95%, Accounting: 90%), Christen Subramanien (LO: 95%), Robyn Thomson (LO: 93%), Carlyn van der Westhuizen (LO: 94%)

Number of candidates: 88
Total subject distinctions: 157
Bachelor passes: 80

“I never dreamed about success. I worked hard for it.”- Estee Lauder. This vibrant, ambitious and dedicated group of girls have certainly proved that if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards.


Mrs Woods at conference


Mr Andre van Staden (Pearson), Mrs Gill Robinson (Collegiate Primary) and Dr Peter Manser (Alexander Road) at The International Principals' Conference in Helsinki, in Finland, where the theme was LED - Leading Educational Design

leadership review: 2-15


STAFF 2015


4th row: Mrs J Skeates, Miss J van der Westhuizen, Mrs J Frost, Mr A Reynolds, Mr N Hoare, Mrs C Swanepoel, Mrs L Stroebel, Miss H du Preez

3rd row: Mrs G Bean, Miss K Potgieter, Mrs C du Plessis, Mrs V Stevens, Miss C Panayiotou, Mrs A Elie, Mr B Jonas, Mrs H Ferreira

2nd row: Mr A Calitz, Mrs M Stark, Mrs X Mapoma, Mrs D Barnard, Mrs J Myburg, Miss J Hattingh

Front row: Mr K Weidemann, Mrs L Boscombe, Miss A Johnson, Mrs T Woods, Mrs J Panayiotou, Miss A van Aardt, Miss S Arthur

Seated: Mrs D Nel, Mrs C Snyman, Mrs M Woods, Mrs K Stear, Mrs S Gerber

Absent: Dr R Boucher, Mrs B Viljoen, Mrs J Hickson, Mrs A Peltason


Junior Prefects

Back row: D Prag, J Craill, A Rockman

Front row: R Muhammad, G Sirkhotte, A Dennis, J Boswell, A Afrika

Seated: N de Booi (Deputy Head Girl), Mrs M Woods, Mrs C Snyman, R Minnaar (Head Girl)

 Senior Prefects

Back row: R Thomson, S Jantjies, K Moosa, L Relling, C Ferreira, Z Isaacs

2nd row: T Boscombe, K McEwan, M

prefects junior 006
prefects senior 007

leadership review: 2-15


senior prefects' induction



senior Head Girl and Deputy 2015

Yolanda Mni and Lindsay McFarlane



Robyn Minnaar and Naomi de Booi


Buite Burger en Cape Union Mart: Fotokompetisie: Miacarla Tee, Grade 5 C, entered a nature photo competition in the local Burger newspaper.  She was chosen as a finalist.  The winners will be announced on the 18th November 2015 in Cape Town. Please see photo that she entered in the gallery.  We are very proud of her. 


Ziva Isaacs

Matric of the Year Finalist at the University of the Orange Free State

Afrikaans olympiad achievers

img4947 110
img4954 117

SPCA Raffle

 SPCA Fundraising: Cake Sale Certificates were handed out to classes for the amount of money collected.  The top three classes were: 3.  Grade 4C 2. Grade 7R and 1. Grade 6C.  Chocolates were handed out to the girls who sold the most raffle tickets:  Lifa Mtshikwana, Jesse de Vos, Caitlyn Miller, Megan Roos, Lauren Kibble, Nastassja Bezuidenhout, Yibanathi Mjoli, Mihlal

mr calitz is a regional winner



GREAT NEWS about Celebrate our Real Heroes Teacher’s Day Competition: Each year, the Woolworths Educational Programmes and the MySchool Fundraising Programme look forward to celebrating World Teachers’ Day on the 5th of October. The annual Teachers’ Day competition provides an opportunity for schools to celebrate OUR REAL HEROES to raise awareness, in school communities, about the vital role teachers play in the lives of South African children. They wrote: 'We hope that your learners will participate in this year’s competition by acknowledging and appreciating the teachers who have touched their lives in a special way. Woolworths believes this competition will inspire greater awareness of, and gratitude for, the role that teachers play in shaping the lives of future generations.' Riebeek is proud to announce that one of our learners, Mthunzikazi Scott in Grade 11, nominated Mr Calitz for the competition as he was a hero to her in encouraging her to get involved in debating and encouraged her to reach her full potential. Mr Calitz is a regional winner and will fly to Cape Town with his wife for the next round. Mr Calitz receives a laptop, Woolworths Gift Card and the trip to Cape Town. Mthunzikazi receives a Woolworths Gift Card and the school receives a cash prize.

iron kids and iron man


Tamryn - darts championships

Tamryn Blignaut attended the Zone XI Darts Championships held in Namibia on the 24-26 August 2015. She was made captain of the girls team and led them to a gold victory. Tamryn obtained the following medals:
*Two gold medals for coming 1st in the girls team event
*One silver for coming second in the girls doubles
*And a medal for throwing the most 140s in the girl section.


Mapwork competition

The Province of the Eastern Cape Education Mapwork Quiz Competition for Grade 6 and 9 was held at the  Steve Biko Foundation, King Williams Town.  Omhle Bisset came 3rd out of the 23 participants .  On Tuesday afternoon, Omhle Bisset left on her journey towards King Williams Town, whereby she represented the school with her integrity and aptitude. &nb


spelling bee competition

Congratulations to the following Grade 5s who took part in the Ed Dept spelling bee competition and finished in the top seven: L Nogampula, Z Daniels and G Ownhouse. The former two have made it into the next round. Well done to them. Thank you to Miss Arthur for entering the girls in the competition and accompanying them.


art competition

Cheyanne Castelyn in Grade 5R took part in the Madiba Day Art Contest sponsored by Eberspacher South Africa.  She won second prize in her grade and won a suprise goodie bag, her framed picture and the school received a cash donation.


miss riebeek


Miss Riebeek Second Princess: Ziva Isaacs. 
Miss Riebeek First Princess: Carmynn Collins.
Miss Riebeek 2015: Jade Gerts

Miss Personality is Lilitha Dyala


The Junior Miss Teen is Lara Naidoo, 1st Princess is Ropafadzo Mazorodze and 2nd Princess is Erin Muller.

Miss Riebeek Junior 2015.... 2nd princess is Kate Lynn Forbes. 1st princess is Siyavuya Moyake. Crowned with the title of Miss Junior Riebeek... Tenique Boswell.

Choir wins gold at atkv applous

Winning gold, a norrowly contested third position and the best ethnic song is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations to everyone involved and especially Mrs Zietsmann for her commitment to Riebeek College and Mr Timothy O'Reilly for his willing assistance.


Mrs Woods overseas

In August Mrs Woods attended the International Principals' Conference in Finland




Lenae Naidoo in Grade 11 was the first under 18 - competing against fellow male and female racers - to complete the 50 km bike race in the Knysna Cycle Tour on 5 July. Carin Lewis participated in the WIKA World Championship in June in the Netherlands and received a bronze medal for KATA and a bronze medal for KUMITE in the girls brown-black belt for 16-18 years old division. Kayla Minnaar took part in the Pro Series Indoor National Tournament in Cape Town during the June holiday and her team was placed second in the tournament.

Interact Collection for the Rape Crisis Centre.


alpha leo reaches out


The Riebeek Alpha Leo Club Members have helped a struggling family in Rocklands by donating groceries, hoping to show a little support to those in need during this cold winter.

wedding in the hoare family

Mr Hoare with his two beautiful, successful daughters - both Old Girls - at the wedding of his youngest. The wedding took place on 22 May in the town of Rugby, England. Mr Hoare can be so proud of his wonderful family.


holiday hockey

This is the U14 hockey practice of 16 July. 


english Olympiad achievers

 Our results this year were good,  considering the fact that few of those writing were experienced Olympians. Of the group of 14 who wrote, Lisa Relling and Anovuyo Selani achieved Silver, Saeedah Sirkhotte and Sisanda Nyati, Bronze; Ziva Isaacs, Tayla Boscombe, Sinovuyo Jantjies, Danelle Basson, Carla Ferreira, Nicole Louw, Lindsay McFarlane and Kelly McEwan achieved Merit. 

img4925 088
img4928 091

Spelling achievers

What a lovely way for the Grade 4s to end the term. The last spelling test of the year for the Grade 4s was written and these girls all got full marks for their tests and they received a Spelling Award each. Well done, girls. We are proud of you! Amy Higgins took the photograph and helped out the certificates for Mrs Skeates.


miss arthur's photography

Miss Arthur's photograph was selected as the Weekend Post HOT SHOT photograph.


Enviro Quiz competition

The following girls took part in the Enviro Quiz Competition:  Kay Hansia, Tiffany Jackson, Erinn Kettledas, Lerisha De Kock, Caitlin Peters, Wale-Lee Muller.  They completed Round 2 and we are proud of them.  They each received a certificate, a medal and a cash prize.


Eastern Province Rhythmic Gymnastics 


Kyla van Deventer took part in the Eastern Province Rhythmic Gymnastics Trials on 5 September. She won four gold medals for her routines and also won a gold medal for over-all u15 girls. She will be representing the Eastern Province Rhythmic Gymnastics team at the South African Gym Games in Johannesburg from 5-10 October.

SPCA Collection


The SPCA held a fundraising event for their furry friends.  A BIG congratulations to Mrs Woods’ class, the 5Rs, who were the first class to hand in all their raffle sheets.  Their integrity shines through their charity as they were able to collect R1600!  Mrs Woods (headmistress) gave permission to top class Grade 5R to wear Civvies to school today, 28 Aug. 15, as a reward for their participation. Special mention must be made of Natassja Bezuidenhout who sold 11 raffle sheets!

junior oratory competition

The followers learners took part in the annual inter-house junior school competition:  Zoe Craill of Grade 4 spoke on "Murphy's Law". Makagonaishe Rwodzi of Grade 4 spoke on "The true meaning behind pursuing success". Ammaarah Allie of Grade 5 spoke on "Being a Kid". Amy Reed of Grade 5 spoke on "My Family". In Grade 6, Kay Hansia spoke on technology and Jesse Meyer spoke of "Our Country". In Grade 7, Khiran Butt spoke about bullying and Danita Prag spoke on the topic "Taking Things for Granted". The winner of the Van Vuuren Trophy for Grade 4 and 5 was Ammaarah Allie and the Van Heerden Trophy for Grade 6 and 7 was awarded to Jesse Meyer.


Eskom expo for young scientists

Malakhiwe Hoffman took part in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists and won a gold medal at the prizegiving of 19 August.  She will be part of the group representing the Eastern Cape at the International Science Fair in Johannesburg to be held from 6-9 October.  She writes of her nervousness during the ceremony:  "My family was telling me that I did a good job with my project on load shedding, and they gave me encouraging words.  I had won  two years in a row and was scared that this year I would not.  I felt like fainting!  When they announced my name, I wiggled myself off my seat and stepped up to the staircase. There were tears on my cheeks and the flashes from the cameras were lighting up.  I was happy all the way home."


prof jansen visits riebeek

Thank you Riebeek College Girls High for keeping the memory of your teacher, Jade Panayiotou, alive. I remain inspired by your example of courage! Thank you too for making me feel at home.  It is seldom that a school affects your humanity in such a profound way. Thank you, Riebeek.


read prof jansen's article

Click here

An article in the Times newspaper described Riebeek as an excellent example of integration, success and enthusiasm, so said prof Jansen.


mental maths

Chrizney Butler (Grade 5), Caitlin Peters (Grade 6) and Phillipa Nelson (Grade 7) took part in the second round of the Mental Maths Challenge at the Uitenhage Science and Technology Centre. Chrizney Butler came third place in her age group and Phillipa Nelson came first place in her age group


Woolworths MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Sing With Us Competition '15


These stunning, humble and gracious young ladies have worked tirelessly with Mrs Woods to create a special message for girls - to embrace your inner beauty and not seek to fulfill an unrealistic vision of what beauty is. Their efforts are amazing and inspirational. The video has been entered into the Woolworths MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Sing With Us Competition '15 which, this year, featured the brief of providing an inspiring song. The girls are LUNAMBHITHO PIKININI, CHULUMANCO MAYI, UTHIMNA HOBONGWANA, LILITHA MALI, AMBESA DANIELS, LELONA MYIRA, YONELA MAPELA, PUMELA KONDILE, LESLYNNE KAYSTER, BABALWA NTANTISO

fair lady top schools survey

Riebeek made it onto the Fair Lady list of top schools in South Africa.


first aid course


eco bricks

Eco-brick project
Mrs Hickson’s grade classes and senior Natural Sciences and Life Sciences classes, have made eco-bricks. These eco-bricks are used as building material, and will be donated to a crèche that is using this method to rebuild a classroom.


accounting winter school


Yolanda Mni, Kauthar Ravat, Zurisana Ntshangase, Zethu Phongoma, Yolanda Mantewu, Lesedi Adams, Khanyisile Williams, Olonathando Dlutu and Pumela Jikani attended The NMMU Accounting Winter School powered by Deloitte. These ladies clearly put all the knowledge they had aquired from the week to good use as Zurisana Ntshangase won a prize for being the most enthusiastic and engaging the most in her tutorial group, Khanyisile Williams received a R250 Greenacres voucher for showing the greatest improvement and Yolanda Mni who won a R1000 Greenacres voucher for placing 2nd over all. The girls would like to express their gratitude to the NMMU Accounting staff and tutors, Deloitte and their staff as well as Mrs du Plessis entering them into the programme.

Principal's report 2015


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