Choir 2013

Choir in Bloemfontein 2013


Riebeek College’s Senior Choir has certainly made a name for itself in the country featuring on Morning Live and excelling at the ATKV Choir Competitions. 


The Choir meets every Wednesday from 2 to 4 and it is a disciplined and talented group that make many sacrifices in order to sing as beautifully as they do.  Mrs Zietsman, a teacher at Strelitzia High School, is the choir conductor. 


Mbulelo Nzo, grandfather of Zoleka Mtila, writes original, traditional songs for the girls to perform.  The group performs at our Founder’s Day ceremony, the Senior Prizegiving and a number of local and national competitions.  An annual Choir camp is also held.  Annually the girls participate in a Potpourri Evening at the school with choirs from other schools and guest performers.  The Choir also participates in our annual Carols Evening.


Choir Performance 2013

Choir Performing Traditional Song 2013

Riebeek on TV 2010

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