matric profiles

Caitlyn Bagley
SAFARI GOALS: travel the world, visit Bora Bora
AIKHONA: chewing loudly, being ill-mannered
VIVA! : achieving my Grade 4 dream of learning to drive
Carryn Bhange
I AM: bubbly, weird
BECAUSE WE ARE: as motivated as Rihanna to not care what others think
MY TRIBE: my mom
Shannon Blignaut
I AM: compassionate, determined
BECAUSE WE ARE: 1st Team Hockey
MY TRIBE: buddies who make life easier, especially Gitaney van Staden
VIVA! : 3 years of 1st Team Hockey, provincial colours for darts
Aziwe Booi
I AM:  supportive, witty
BECAUSE WE ARE: Debating (Head), Cultural Board, School Prefect, Dance Committee
MY MANDELA: Steve Biko because he inspires me love the skin that carries me to bed everyday
SHOSHOLOZA: becoming a psychologist, as there is great need for mental health champions in black communities
Keziah Brandt
I AM: warm-hearted, easy-going
BECAUSE WE ARE:  Computer Club, Cultural Board, Phly Thread, 1st Team Hockey
MY TRIBE: Sinovuyo Madlavu for always giving the best advice and being my support system
SAFARI: travel abroad, visit Europe and Australia
MY MANDELA: my mom because of her strength and unfaltering compassion
LESSON LEARNT: everything comes at its right time, hard work always pays off
Carleen Braun
I AM: sophisticated, consistent
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Media Committee, Evolutio Committee
VIVA! : being part of the winning Woolworths group in 2014, singing with Johnny Clegg
AIKHONA: peanuts, overly shiny make-up
SHOSHOLOZA: studying a BCom is General Business Management at NMU, dominating a male-dominated career field
Shannon Butler
I AM: witty, soft-hearted
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Dance Committee, Interact, SPCA, School Prefect
SAFARI: sailing the Swiss glacial lakes, seeing the Northern Lights in Greenland
AIKHONA: developing blisters from a cute pair of shoes, lip balm that wears off too quickly, burnt popcorn
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Biomedicine at NMU or Physiotherapy at UCT
Tamaryn Coombes
I AM: inquisitive, energetic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Computer Club, Swimming Team
SAFARI: travel to Tokyo or Japan to attend their anime festivals
SHOSHOLOZA: study IT and go on to be an anime producer or game designer
Shaakirah Cornelius
I AM: loyal, attractive
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band Committee (Head), Cultural Board, First Aid, School Prefect, Fusion Mixed Martial Arts
AIKHONA: hypocrites, slow walkers, people who stare at me for too long
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Sound Engineering in Cape Town or Johannesburg
Silindokuhle Daka
I AM: genuine, spontaneous
BECAUSE WE ARE: Volleyball, Chess
MY MANDELA: my mom for how she single-handedly raised my brother and me 
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Audiology at UCT, later opening my own Audiology Clinic
Aton de Vos
I AM: spontaneous, perfectionist
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Senior Choir (Deputy Head), Dance Committee, Interact Committee (Deputy Head), SPCA Committee, 1st Team Hockey, School Prefect, House Captain (Eleanor), RCL, Tennis
AIKHONA: peas, slow-walkers, moths
SHOSHOLOZA: studying in the medical field, either in Johannesburg or Cape Town; finding a way to cultivate my passion – art
Siphesihle Dikana
I AM: supportive, humble
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir
MY MANDELA: my dad, because of his inspiring humility and wisdom
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Bcom (Law) in Durban or Johannesburg
LESSONS LEARNT: our teachers only want what’s best for us
Olwethu Dlutu
I AM: whimsical, imaginative
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Computer Club (Deputy Head), Cultural Board, Dance Committee, Drama, Evolutio (Head), Quiz Committee and League, Riebeek Technical Team
LADUMA: proud my commitment and work in all my societies; cultivating my passion for IT
SHOSHOLOZA: studying IT and being a trailblazer in the field
LESSONS LEARNT: never wear too much neon coloured clothing as you will end up looking like a walking highlighter, believe me
Ayandiswa Douw
I AM: ambitious, confident
BECAUSE WE ARE: Choir, Team Tennis
AIKHONA: immature adults, nasty people, arrogance
LESSONS LEARNT: the truth in the words, “Do not raise your voice; improve your argument”
Lesray Ferendale
MY MANDELA: my late father because his success and character as a family man is something I truly admire
AIKHONA: cats, ungrateful people, quitters
LADUMA: proud of my spiritual growth and perseverance through the tough times
SHOSHOLOZA:  studying Education at Wits and become a foundation phase teacher
FUNNY MOMENTS: when Eudene Kettledas arrived at school in civvies on a non-civvies day
Michaela Fritz
MY TRIBE: my parents for all their sacrifices and my friends for the random outbursts of laughter that always make my day
SAFARI: visit Paris to see the L’arc du Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower
SHOSHOLOZA: studying at UCT to become a foundation phase teacher
Khanyisile Gayika
I AM: ambitious, inquisitive
AIKHONA: disrespectful people, mustard and tomatoes
SHOSHOLOZA: become a successful psychologist and open my own practice
Ongezwa Goso
SAFARI: travel the world and visit Spain especially
AIKHONA: dishonesty, cheese, pizza
LADUMA: proud of my resilience and personal growth
SHOSHOLOZA: study Aviation or Law in Cape Town
LESSONS LEARNT: nothing comes easy and you must work hard for everything that you want in your life
Hlomla Gwaxula
I AM: impulsive, free-spirited
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir Committee, RCL
MY TRIBE: my older sister, Hlombe because she is a piece of magic in my life; always making me smile
SAFARI: travel to Italy to experience their food, culture and to see the Trevi Fountain
LADUMA: proud of the dedication I have put into my work this year and I am determined to be able to say the same thing when I receive my matric certificate
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Pharmacy in Pretoria, marrying an Italian with a thick accent
RECORD MEMORIES: When my Grade 11 Life Sciences class moved to Ms de Beer’s class, we took the liberty of adding a new, fake pupil to the class, named Asanda, who was always guilty of talking in class and demerits not handed back, taking the blame for the actual culprits.
Asiphile Jack
MY TRIBE: my parents for being my pillars of strength and inspiring me to work hard
AIKHONA: empty promises, people who are bad influences
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Social Work, Food Tech or HR in Cape Town
FUNNY MOMENTS: When Mrs Metcalf kept telling us to use our adult or inside voices when talking in class but somehow we always managed to become too loud
Tammy Jaftha
I AM: passionate, easy-going, funny
BECAUSE WE ARE: Dance Committee, SCA, 1ST Team Hockey, School Prefect
AIKHONA: dishonesty, people who drag their feet when walking, people who don’t respect personal space
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Physiotherapy at UCT and thereafter working part-time at a hospital while starting my own practice
RECORD MEMORIES: Mr Calitz’s requests for “5 second silence” and when it’s not done, he would start timing us and taking the time away from our break
Robyn Japtha
I AM: vibrant, eccentric, energetic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Senior Choir, Interact, Phly Thread, SPCA
SAFARI: visiting China to explore the exquisite history and different cultures it has to offer
AIKHONA: cats, food on my plate touching each other, people who take life too seriously
EISH! : forgetting my school shoes in George after the choir tour, and having to come to school in black pumps
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BA (Law) at NMU to become a child advocate
Octavia Johannes
I AM: compassionate, optimistic, brave
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Senior Choir, Cultural Board, First Aid (Deputy), Interact (Head), SCA, 1ST Team Hockey, School Prefect, House Captain
AIKHONA: failure, vegetables, not finding my size in clothing stores
SHOSHOLOZA: studying to become a Paediatrician at UCT or Stellenbosch University
Liyema Ka-Siphiwo
SAFARI: visiting Milan to immerse myself in the fashion
AIKHONA: liars, broken promises, drama and hypocrites
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law at UCT
RECORD MEMORIES: Mrs Gerber calling me “Miss Hudson” when I first arrived at Riebeek in term 3 of Grade 11.
Chevonne Kasmed
I AM: passionate, polite, respectful
BECAUSE WE ARE: Swimming Team
SAFARI: visiting England, France and Australia to see Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and Le Louvre
MY MANDELA: my sister, as she inspires me to always do good in the world and to focus on bettering my future
SHOSHOLOZA: either attending Photography School in Port Elizabeth, as professional photography is a dream of mine; or studying sports management to become a personal trainer at ETA College.
Eudene Kettledas
I AM: calm, humble and straight-forward
MY TRIBE: my parents – I am truly thankful for them because they are my backbone
SAFARI: going back to Switzerland and Paris and possibly getting to explore Spain too
AIKHONA: unexpected visitors, marmite and doing grocery shopping
SHOSHOLOZA: becoming a patent Attorney
Vuyolwetu Keye
I AM: genuine, funny, loving
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir
MY TRIBE: my mom because she is phenomenal woman
SAFARI: definitely going shopping in Dubai
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Educational Psychology at UCT or NMU; my dream is to take care of my family
LESSON LEARNT: not everyone is going to like you, and that doesn’t matter – just be yourself
Kimberley Kingsley
I AM: hardworking, funny, shy
BECAUSE WE ARE: Interact Committee
MY MANDELA: my dad, because he always faces life’s challenges with enthusiasm and never lets obstacles deter him from his goals
AIKHONA: slow-walkers, arriving late for events
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Psychology in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town
FUNNY MOMENTS: when Aton De Vos fell down the stairs because her shoe got stuck
Naqeesha Koester
I AM: kind, bubbly, responsible
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Chess
VIVA! : being awarded for comportment, and crowned Miss Personality at Miss Riebeek 2016, 2ND Princess at Miss Riebeek 2018 and a Miss East Cape Tee 2017 finalist
SAFARI: visiting Disneyland to see the princesses that I grew up watching and traveling Northern Africa to help feed the hungry children
MY MANDELA: Mrs Stark, as she has inspired me to be “be-you-tiful” and taught me never to compromise my happiness to please others. I admire her confidence and the class and elegance with which she does everything
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BEd and BPsych to become a teacher who can really connect with the learners
Phelisa Kosi
I AM: independent, self-motivated, eager, charismatic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Computer Club, Drama, Media Committee, Chess, Senior General Tennis, Band
AIKHONA: pretentious people, people who blindly follow the crowd
SHOSHOLOZA: obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Film, television and entertainment production
from UCT
Carison Kramer
I AM: outgoing, compassionate and a good listener
BECAUSE WE ARE: Evolutio, First Aid, Media, Phly Thread, SCA, RCL (Grade 11)
SAFARI: traveling Europe and attending any of my favourite bands’ concerts and Coachella
AIKHONA: racists, people who feed off negativity, people who touch me with their feet
SHOSHOLOZA: taking a gap year to either Au Pair or do missionary work and thereafter, studying Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Education.
Sibongile Kulati
I AM: compassionate, driven and loving
BECAUSE WE ARE: Chess, RCL (Grade 9)
AIKHONA: involving myself in arguments, being belittled
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Psychology at Stellenbosch University or NMU
LESSON LEARNT: always be tolerant of others
Phumelela Kwanini
I AM: courageous, opinionated and optimistic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Drama (Head), Cultural Board, RCL (Grade 11)
AIKHONA: dishonesty, judgemental people, fruit and vegetables, waking up in the morning
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law or Marketing at NMU
Mateenah Langford
I AM: independent, determined, enthusiastic
BECAUSE WE ARE:  Alpha Leo Club, Cultural Board, Dance Committee, Phly Thread (Deputy), Quiz (Deputy), SCA (Head), 1st Team Hockey, Swimming Team (Captain), School Prefect
SAFARI: visited Europe (Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Prague) and want to vacation in Bali
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law in Pretoria or Cape Town
Valentina Longari
I AM: Cultural Board, Evolutio (Head), Media (Deputy), Quiz, Swimming Team, School Prefect
VIVA!: being published in English Alive
SAFARI: hiking Matchu Pitch, visiting Thailand, Hawaii and New Orleans, touring Europe
LADUMA: my Riebeek Legacy and knowing that I have worked hard to achieve my dreams
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BCom Law and specialising in Corporate International Law, doing a few writing courses
RECORD MEMORIES: being in Mr Jonas and Mrs Peltason’s classes, as they have taught me so much more than what was in the textbook
Siphelele Mabombo
I AM: kind, realistic, funny
BECAUSE WE ARE: Chess, Netball
MY MANDELA: Sinovuyo Madlavu because she always does things by the book, is trustworthy and a determined girl who will not be deterred by any obstacle
AIKHONA: running, liars, being late
EISH!: in Grade 8, I was caught on my phone in Mrs Myburg’s class and when she questioned me, I said it was a calculator. The class laughed and my phone was confiscated
SHOSHOLOZA: studying at NMU to become a teacher and later on studying Law
RECORD MEMORIES: at the end of a PT lesson, we were instructed to leave the pool but Ahlumile Nkume was floating on her back singing and did not hear the instruction. When she realised that she was alone in the pool, she screamed and the whole class laughed
Olwethu Mahlinza
I AM: calm, boisterous, finicky
BECAUSE WE ARE: Computer Club, Media Committee
SAFARI: vacationing in the Bahamas and Hawaii
MY MANDELA: Chriselda Lewis because her dedication and passion for her journalism inspires me
SHOSHOLOZA: matriculate with a bachelor’s pass in order to study Journalism, ideally at Rhodes University
Zamakhuma Makwabe
I AM: adventurous, bubbly, bold
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Dance Committee, Debating
MY MANDELA: Mrs Gerber because she is an amazing mother and the best History teacher, while still managing to run the social sphere of the school brilliantly - a true role model
AIKHONA: selective discipline, lairs, hypocrites
LADUMA: being the Dance Committee representative and being awarded the best cameo performance at the Inter-house plays
RECORD MEMEORIES: my entire classing breaking out in the Phineas and Ferb theme song while Mrs Metcalf was out of class
Phumza Mandla
I AM: generous, hard-working, enthusiastic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Senior Choir, Dance Committee, Debating (Deputy), Phly Thread, School Prefect, House Captain (Elton), RCL (Grade 11), Hostel Monitor
AIKHONA: fake people, green peas and people who think they are superior to others
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BCom Law at Wits or Rhodes and later, studying live performance part-time at AFDA while working
RECORD MEMORIES: Monalisa’s group bringing a chicken and sticks tray as their Technology project in Grade 9
Cwayita Maneli
I AM: mischievous, caring and funny
MY TRIBE: my squad, “The Crazy 8”,that got me through my grade 12 year in one piece and my supermom for being my hero
SHOSHOLOZA: pursuing a career in media
RECORD MEMORIES: breaking out in Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj rap throwbacks with my girls in class
Denovo Mankanku
I AM: energetic, impulsive, funny
SAFARI: travelling to Switzerland, for the delicious chocolate, and to Disney Land, Germany, Jamaica and Hawaii
MY MANDELA: my parents because they grew up with nothing and now they’ve made something of themselves and I cannot help but want to make them proud
AIKHONA: people that stall and can’t take no for an answer
SHOSHOLOZA: studying financial management at UCT
Simangalisiwe Mankayi
I AM: adaptive to change, reliable, optimistic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Drama (Deputy), Library, Chess
AIKHONA: chaos, lies, being told to do something that I was already going to do
LADUMA: my poetry and dance performance on Youth Day at the Lilian Ngoyi Hall
SHOSHOLOZA: au pairing or working on a cruise liner for a while to earn money to open a rape crisis centre; studying Psychology 
LESSON LEARNT: accept your mistakes graciously and laugh along
Yolisa Mankayi
I AM: introverted, humble, considerate
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Netball
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Business Logistics or Financial Management t NMU, UCT or UWC to become a Chartered Accountant
LESSON LEARNT: through hard work, you will always succeed in the end
Farryn Mapaling
I AM: vibrant, loud and kind
BECAUSE WE ARE: Evolutio, Interact
SAFARI: visiting Egypt
AIKHONA: lizards, rude people, butterflies
Zenande Matikinca
I AM: sensitive, free-spirited, loud
BECAUSE WE ARE: 2ND Team Hockey, Netball
SAFARI: going to Disneyland because that’s where dreams come alive
SHOSHOLOZA: studying screen acting, stage acting and musical performance at AFDA and thereafter starting an education fund to help under-privileged children in the Eastern Cape
LESSON LEARNT: not everyone is going to like you but you’ve got to carry on with life nonetheless and be happy
Lumka Matutu
I AM: talkative, energetic, soft-hearted
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Dance Committee
SAFARI: visiting Canada for a day, just to see how things work there and the beauty of the country
AIKHONA: rude people and being compared to other people
EISH!; laughing during serious moments
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law or Chartered Accounting at UCT or UWC
Chulumanco Mayi
I AM: ambiverted, selfless, honest
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Senior Choir, Cultural Board, Dance Committee, School Prefect
SAFARI: going to the West Coast of America to experience the “life of the party”
EISH!: mispronouncing English words
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BA (Law) at UCT or UWC and later specialising in family law
LESSON LEARNT: work hard and become self-reliant
Ropafadzo Mazorodze
I AM: confident, persistent, loyal
SHOSHOLOZA: receiving 3-4 distinctions at the end of matric and move on to UCT to study Economics or Marketing Management
LESSON LEARNT: every day is a very special one with many unexpected things; for example homework and demerits
Mikhayla Michaels 
I AM: smart, outspoken, mischievous
BECAUSE WE ARE: First Aid, SPCA Committee
AIKHONA: hamsters
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Media and Communications in Port Elizabeth
BEST MEMORIES: sitting in detention (first and last one), with Monalisa Williams and ever since then, we’ve become inseparable
LESSON LEARNT: no matter how smart you think you are, never study the day before for a test – you will regret it
Charney Minnies
I AM: spontaneous, supportive, hard working
BECAUSE WE ARE: Evolutio, 2nd Team Hockey
VIVA!: receiving EP and SA Colours in Karate
MY TRIBE: my father because he supports me in all that I do and loves me unconditionally
MY MANDELA: my mother because she has endured a lot and yet come out a stronger person for it; she’s soft yet strong
AIKHONA: lazy people, green beans, carrots
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Business Management at UCT, UWC or NMU and thereafter traveling the world
Drew Minter
I AM: reliable, compassionate, outspoken
BECAUSE WE ARE: Dance Committee, Media, SCA, School Prefect
SAFARI: having travelled to Europe and visiting 5 different countries; visiting Berlin again and seeing the Thailand beaches
MY MANDELA: my pastor because he has such a big heart for everyone and surrounds himself with grace, which is a goal of mine
LESSON LEARNT: when someone is crying, sometimes simply being there, not saying anything, can mean the most
Entle Mnyango
VIVA!: finally overcoming my shyness and fear of communicating with large audiences
MY MANDELA: my mother because as a single parent, she ensured that I always had anything I ever needed and she inspires me to become a superwoman, just like her
LESSON LEARNT: don’t mess around while the teacher is out of class, simply because everyone is doing it, because if you get caught, you will get into trouble alone
Qhamisa Mnyazi
I AM: vibrant, free-spirited, loud
BECAUSE WE ARE: Debating, Quiz, Chess
VIVA!: being awarded the GA Schmidt Cup for sustained effort and progress
SAFARI: visiting Greece to explore the beauty of the place and the culture
AIKHONA: waking up early, vegetables, running
SHOSHOLOZA: pursuing a career in the commerce field as, business and accounting are passions of mine
Ameerah Mohamed
I AM: caring, helpful, artistic
SAFARI: seeing Mexico because I would l love explore the beautiful culture the country has to offer
SHOSHOLOZA: pursuing a career in Graphic Design because art is my passion and what I want to do for the rest of my life
Leilah Mohamed
VIVA!: Ironman volunteer, swimming in the river mile, completing Ironman Corporate
MY MANDELA: my mother because she has been through so much and never failed to persevere; she continually gives of her best in all that she does
AIKHONA: bugs, cooked carrots, running
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Social Work or Nursing at NMU because my goal in life is to help others
LESSON LEARNT: be careful who you choose as your friends
Mpumelelo Mpshe
I AM: determined, responsible, witty
BECAUSE WE ARE: Computer Club, Evolutio, Library, Team Tennis, School Prefect
VIVA!: receiving an All Rounder award and becoming a 1st Team Tennis player
SAFARI: traveling throughout Africa and seeing the pyramids and Victoria Falls especially
AIKHONA: waking up early for school
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Computer Science in Scotland or at UCT
RECORD MEMORIES: every moment spent with Olwethu Mahlinza was a funny and memorable one
Lara Naidoo
I AM: helpful, compassionate, introverted
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Interact, Phly Thread (Head), SPCA (Head), 1st Team Hockey (Vice Captain), School Prefect
MY TRIBE: Sinovuyo Madlavu and Keziah Brandt because they always brighten up my day
MY MANDELA: my mom because she is the most hard working and independent woman I know; she sacrifices so much for the people that she loves and sets a good example for me
AIKHONA: negative people, public speaking, people touching my face
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Occupational Therapy or Nursing; being successful and making my parents proud
LESSON LEARNT: never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday
Sinothando Ngxoweni
I AM: ambitious, considerate, conservative
VIVA!: being awarded for Comportment in grade 11
SAFARI: exploring Africa and meeting new people and learning about their different cultures
Lilitha Njokweni
I AM: God-fearing, opinionated, talkative
BECAUSE WE ARE: Drama Club, Quiz
VIVA!: winning a trophy for the second best actress at the Inter-house plays in 2017
LADUMA: having done extremely well in both the Inter-house Plays and Drama Production
SHOSHOLOZA: studying in Johannesburg to become a Chartered Accountant, to be able to support my family fully
RECORD MEMORIES: ripping my winter pants while trying to dodge the ball in dodgeball; Mrs Vermaak giving R10 to the first few girls to wish her a happy white rabbit day on the first of each month
Ahlumile Nkume
I AM: versatile, communicative, caring
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Cultural Board, Library (Head)
SAFARI: visiting Greece to study Greek history and see the beautiful beaches and ancient buildings
MY MANDELA: Angela Davis, a black feminist and civil rights activist, because she’s a huge inspiration to me
AIKHONA: closed-mindedness and intolerance
Laduma: my service to the Senior Choir, since grade 8
SHOSHOLOZA: studying LLB at Wits or Philosophy in Political Studies, like Mbuyiseni Ndlozi
LESSON LEARNT: it is not how you start the race but how you finish it that matters
Anesipho Nono
SAFARI: going to Dubai and Canada, seeing the Great Wall of China
EISH!: wishing I could go back to grade 4 and start afresh
SHOSHOLOZA: becoming a lawyer in Johannesburg or Cape Town and being an independent woman
RECORD MEMORIES: When Asiphile Jack and I played hockey in grade 4, but we didn’t qualify for first and second team and Miss Smith decided to put us on the elephant and buffalo team, which did not exist, and said we were very good players
Vuyisa Ntshoko
SAFARI: visiting Germany because my mom has been there and describes it as the ideal country for an escape from reality
AIKHONA: eggs, arrogant people, “cool kids”
LADUMA: getting through high school because there were moments when I honestly considered dropping out
RECORD MEMORIES: when, during one of our outside lessons, the class hid Mrs Metcalf’s shoe and she spent the rest of the day searching for it
Natalie Petzer
I AM: sensitive, patient, happy
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Computer Club, Cultural Board, First Aid, Swimming Team
SAFARI: traveling the world and finally settling in New Zealand
AIKHONA: judgemental people, people that don’t respect authority  and spitefulness
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Sound Engineering or Software Development in New Zealand
Khanyisa Phillip
I AM: strong, intelligent, outgoing
BECAUSE WE ARE: Volleyball, Chess, RCL (Grade 8)
VIVA!: Academic Colours in Grade 10
SAFARI: travel overseas because it is a completely different world to the one we live here in South Africa
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Accounting at Rhodes University to become a Chartered Accountant
Sisipho Phillip
I AM: enthusiastic, optimistic, hard-working
BECAUSE WE ARE: Netball and Volleyball
MY MANDELA: my uncle because he is always willing to help anyone who needs it and looks for the best in people at all times
AIKHONA: people’s frustrations being taken out on me, making others feel inferior, falling behind in anything
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Psychology at NMU; being successful enough to be able to take care of my family
LESSON LEARNT: through hard work and determination, there is success at the end
Lunambitho Pikini
I AM: creative, bubbly, passionate
SAFARI: visiting Jamaica to immerse myself in the culture
SHOSHOLOZA: study Media Studies or Live Performance at AFDA
RECORD MEMORIES: being thrown through Miss Inggs’s classroom window to unlock the door for class waiting outside
Kelly Pullen
I AM: bubbly, sarcastic, talkative
SAFARI: touring Europe and visiting the Love Lock Bridge
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Media and Communications at UCT and thereafter travel Europe and South America
Alizwa Qhalo
I AM: kind-hearted, crazy, creative
BECAUSE WE ARE: Evolutio, Library (Monitor), Team Tennis, Netball
MY TRIBE: my mom because she always gives me hope when I have none
SAFARI: visiting and staying at the water villas in Bora Bora
AIKHONA: spiders, avocadoes, eggs sunny side up
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Information Technology in PE, Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg, and thereafter studying Psychology
Hallé Rayners
I AM: faithful, wise, brazen
BECAUSE WE ARE: Interact, General Swimming
MY MANDELA: my mother because she is the strongest woman I know and I marvel at the way she handles any tough situations we may face
AIKHONA: labels, negativity, prejudice
SHOSHOLOZA: becoming a philanthropist in order to be able to travel the world and help people in need; learning the Bible in Greek
Joanne Saaiman
SAFARI: going to Scotland to see the nature there and learn more about the culture
AIKHONA: tomatoes, meaningless music, spiders
SHOSHOLOZA: completing bridging courses in Maths and English and thereafter studying Software Development at Varsity College
Mégan Sampson
MY TRIBE: all my friends because we have great, memorable times together
MY MANDELA:  my parents because they have taught me the most valuable life lessons
AIKHONA: peanuts, exercising, ginger ale
SHOSHOLOZA: perhaps studying Psychology at NMU, but still weighing the options
Leigh-Ann Schoultz
MY MANDELA: my daddy because he is such a hard worker and never gives up on himself or anyone else, even in the toughest moments
AIKHONA: spiders, snakes, anything that flies or crawls
LADUMA: the decisions I have made in my life and the person I have become as a result of those decisions
SHOSHOLOZA: studying nursing at Lilitha College and thereafter pursue a doctorate and finally work and settle down overseas
Claudia Slambee
I AM: witty, talkative but shy, loving
MY TRIBE: Farryn Mapaling because she always manages to make me smile
SAFARI: exploring Bora Bora and Cuba and visiting the Black Beaches of Hawaii
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law at NMU
Buhle Somandi
I AM: optimistic, funny, generous
BECAUSE WE ARE: SCA, Chess, Netball
MY TRIBE: Busisiwe Setlai, for always being able to make me smile, even in the most difficult situations
SAFARI: visiting Santorini in Greece
MY MANDELA: my mother – I admire her because as a single parent, she does more than two parents ever could; for that, I’ll always be immensely grateful
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Psychology at NMU
Yolisa Sompuku
I AM: God-fearing, supportive, ambitious
BECAUSE WE ARE: Computer Club, Library, Media, Team Tennis, Netball
VIVA!: represented Riebeek at the IsiXhosa praise poetry competition held by the department; Eleanor house play director
SAFARI: going to Venice, Italy and seeing all the beautiful buildings
LESSON LEARNT: no event is a miracle; it is either a blessing or a lesson
Siphesihle Stuurman
I AM: hard working, fun, ambitious
BECAUSE WE ARE: Debating, Chess, RCL
VIVA!: achieving 100% for my first business test, after having only switched to the subject 3 days prior
MY MANDELA: my grandma is my daily motivation because she has been through so great struggles and worked very hard to get to where she is now
LADUMA: my academic progress because I have been getting prizes at Prize Giving since Grade 8 and I’ve only improved from Grade 10, achieving merits and positions for my subjects
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Tourism Management at NMU or UP so that I can spend my life touring the world and I plan to own a couple of businesses too
Jade Tarentaal
VIVA!: being ranked in the Top 10 in the national Afrikaans Olympiade
MY MANDELA: Ellen DeGeneres because she inspires me to accept myself and I try to live by her motto, “Be kind to one another”
AIKHONA: sports, hypocrites, summer
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Business Management at NMU
RECORD MEMORIES: walking in late and finding the class laughing, only to later find out that Mrs Stevens referred to me as “the girl that sits so weird in my class”
Ababalwe Tati
I AM: ambitious, competitive, considerate
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir
MY TRIBE: my two best friends, Vuyolwetu Keye and Siphelele Mabombo because they always look out for me
MY MANDELA: Advocate Thuli Madonsela as she inspires me to stand uo for myself and for what is right despite the consequences
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law at UP or Wits to become an advocate in order to be able to fund all my planned overseas trips
Athaba Tize
I AM: driven, friendly, enthusiastic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Chess, RCL
SAFARI: travelling to Dubai and Australia to learn about the fascinating cultures, different languages and witness the beautiful sites
MY MANDELA: my mom, because despite being a single parent, she still manages to provide me with everything I need and want and her strength in adversity is beyond admirable
SHOSHOLOZA: studying BCom Accounting at Stellenbosch University and pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy
Sinethemba Toba
I AM: honest, loving, passionate
AIKHONA: pretentious people, being lied to
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Law at a top South African University
RECORD MEMORIES: being the only Grade 4 that arrived at school in civvies on a non-civvies day
Camryn Van Aardt
MY TRIBE: my brother because he always helps me realize my mistakes and determine how to rectify and learn from them
SHOSHOLOZA: pursuing a degree in Psychology or Animation Creation because I have a passion for art and for helping people
LESSON LEARNT: you cannot replace your reality with false hope; you will only end up hurting yourself
Meagan van der Merwe
I AM: supportive, caring, optimistic
BECAUSE WE ARE: Media Committee
SAFARI: visiting Russia in the winter to feel the snow
MY MANDELA: Miss Potgieter because she has always blown me away with her unfaltering maturity and integrity
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Occupational Therapy at UCT
Kyla van Deventer
I AM: ambitious, persistent, reliable
BECAUSE WE ARE: Library, SPCA, School Prefect, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ballet
VIVA!: EP Colours for Rhythmic Gymnastics
SAFARI: traveling to Italy, Bali, Thailand and Paris 
LADUMA: being placed 3rd in South Africa at the SAGF for Rhythmic Gymnastics; being elected a school prefect
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Pharmacy at NMU and after attaining my Master’s, working and settling down overseas
Gitaney van Staden
I AM: caring, smart, supportive
BECAUSE WE ARE: Band, Swimming Team
SAFARI: visiting Greece, Switzerland, Hogwarts Wizard School
AIKHONA: waking up in the morning, waiting for new series to begin, homework
SHOSHOLOZA: going to George or NMU to study Game Ranch Management
Sarah Werth
I AM: dependable, adventurous, resourceful
BECAUSE WE ARE: Computer Club, Cultural Board, Evolutio, First Aid, SCA, SPPCA, Swimming Team
MY MANDELA: Nick Vujicic because despite having no limbs, he stillmanages to live his best life, with a smile
AIKHONA: crowds, waiting
LADUMA: achieving in my swimming; improving the technical skills  
Bernadine Williams
SAFARI: going overseas to America to pursuing my dream of becoming an artist, like Kelly Rowland
AIKHONA: bullies, sweet potatoes, chicken liver
SHOSHOLOZA: studying to become a teacher and later pursue my true dream, by entering Idols SA
Buhlebezwe Williams
I AM: creative, compassionate, reliable
BECAUSE WE ARE: Senior Choir, Evolutio, Team Tennis
MY MANDELA: Maya Angelou because of her courage paved the way for other female poets to arrive on the scene and her poetry has influenced and shaped so many people, including myself
AIKHONA: lavender scent, weetbix, mediocrity
SHOSHOLOZA: becoming skilled in painting or playing the piano; having my poetry published someday and hopefully it will inspire someone out there
Monalisa Williams
I AM: bubbly, optimistic, talkative
MY TRIBE: my mom because she has always given up everything for me and I am eternally grateful to her
AIKHONA: falling behind on anything, making others feel inferior
EISH!: showing up to school in formal two-piece suit in Grade 6
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Business Sciences in Cape Town or Johannesburg
RECORD MEMORIES: not realizing I had lost my tooth in Miss Johnson’s class until she saw it and asked, “Who’s tooth is this?” and I excitedly yelled out, “It’s mine”
Ziphelele Willie
I AM: bold, enthusiastic, bubbly
AIKHONA: quitters, condescending people, dishonesty
LADUMA: joining the church old age care giver organisation, and thereby helping the elderly people in my church and community
SHOSHOLOZA: being a matron, while looking for the best nursing college because my dream is to help people
Omhle Bissett
I AM: amazing, observant, independent
BECAUSE WE ARE: Cultural Board, Dance Committee, First Aid, Library (Deputy), Phly Thread, Chess, School Prefect (Deputy)
VIVA!: becoming Deputy Head girl; representing the Eastern Province at nationals of the iNkosi Albert Luthuli Competiton in 2016
SAFARI: going to the UK, Ibiza, Cuba and the USA
AIKHONA: hypocrites, caramel, bullies
EISH!: the way my voice becomes squeaky when I speak at assembly
SHOSHOLOZA: studying Medicine, hopefully in the UK or in South Africa; become a model
LESSON LEARNT: you cannot control everything and sometimes you just need to let go
Sinovuyo Madlavu
I AM: resilient, zealous, bold
BECAUSE WE ARE: Alpha Leo Club (Representative), Cultural Board (Head), Dance Committee, Media Committee, Quiz (Head), 1st Team Hockey, School Prefect (Head)
VIVA!: receiving All Rounder’s Awards in 2016 and 2017, Academic Colour s and Academic Honours in 2016 and 2017, being awarded Top Academic Achiever at the end of Grade 10 and 11,being awarded for Comportment
MY TRIBE: Keziah Brandt because she is the only person I’ve met who understands and accepts me fully, giving me nothing but unwavering love and being my daily ray of hope and sunshine; never asking for anything in return
MY MANDELA: Rupi Kaur because she has endured more hardship than most do in a lifetime and yet manages to find the beauty in it all through writing. Reading her poetry has become my awakening, my escape and my healing.
LADUMA: my long and whole-hearted service to Riebeek; being able to stay true to who I am and to keep going despite sometimes not wanting to
SHOSHOLOZA: pursuing a BBusSc in Actuarial Sciences at UCT
LESSON LEARNT: Grace is learning not to envy someone else’s blessings

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