Clubs, Societies and committees at Riebeek

Go Green

Recycling is the responsible thing to do ... and the Riebeek girls take saving the planet very seriously.  Special bins are allocated for the various items that can be recycled and these items are collected periodically.  The sorting of this material is done by a dedicated group of Grade 7 juniors. 


The SPCA Committee is a passionate committee devoted to making an active difference in the lives of animals. This group organises various activities to raise a phenomenal amount of R10 000 or more, which is handed over to the SPCA on an annual basis. These activities include regular cake sales, civvies days and raffles. Tinned food is collected throughout the year. In addition, the girls help out at the SPCA by walking the dogs and spending time with the animals.

Computer Club

Cyber hunt competitions once a week, flat screen monitors, fast computers, Computer Club girls on hand to help with how to print and how to crop and every query in between ... This is the air conditioned Computer Room.  Always busy, always vibrant.


The library is open at breaks and after school.  New books are purchased regularly.  The librarians assist learners with accessing research material and suggesting good reads.  The library books are catologued on a computer programme and good controls are in place.  This venue is also a quiet and suitable venue for studying and homework.

JTC Alpa Leo

The Alpha Leo Club consists of various schools within the Uitenhage and Despatch area who are committed to sowing the seeds of love. Two learners from each Grade 10 to Grade 12 class are elected to serve on the JTC, thus each school has six representatives on the Council. The annual activities include tin collections, clothing collections, soup kitchens and many fundraising events. At the end of the year, a Debutante Ball is held to showcase the year’s activities and hand over a phenomenal amount of fundraised goods to a worthy cause.


The Interact Board is devoted to "service above self." The annual activities include an Inter-class Easter Egg Competition, cake sales, civvies days, Christmas parties at the SANTA TB Hospital and awareness drives for Polio and Cancer. In addition, the Interact Board controls and organises the tuckshop for all sports and cultural events.  They also help with litter clean-ups.


A lively group of argumentative and persuasive learners gather for social debating and to prepare for league fixtures.  These girls show the power of persuasion.  Riebeek participates in the local league competitions and in festivals.



 The SCA Committee is responsible for the Junior and Senior Christian activities of the school. The annual events include the Grade 8 Welcome with Muir College, the SU Camp, regular prayer meetings and youth bashes. The committee prayer is that each Christian Riebeek learner goes from strength to strength, continuing to be a shining light in this world.



 Riebeek’s National Award Winning Choir is renowned for their exceptional performances guaranteed to wow audiences. We are extremely proud of our choir girls. All their hours of dedicated practice, sacrifice and commitment certainly earns them the hearty applause they receive whenever they perform.


Cultural Board

This is a crème de la crème society of the school as it acts as an umbrella body for all the clubs and societies. The Cultural Board consists of elected members (executives) and all Heads of Societies. The Cultural Board is the highest level of leadership in the cultural and service clubs and it is therefore an honour to serve on this society. The aim of this Board is to promote the school activities and foster a spirit of co-operation. The members of this society must at all times set an example of correct procedures, decorum and traditions of the school. Annual events include a team building afternoon, induction party, cultural assembly, societies fair, voting day, cultural week and a leadership seminar.


Dance Committee

This committee consists of a group of Grade 11 learners who strive to organise various events throughout the year with the aim to raise funds for the Matric Farewell. Their activities for the year include a civvies day, cake sale, Miss Riebeek Pageant, Valentines Dance, numerous raffles and the Matric Farewell. The girls organise all these events and truly put in a lot of effort to create unique ideas.



 The Drama Committee plans a jam-packed year filled with dramatic experiences for all involved. The annual events of the Drama Club include a Drama Production, Theatre Dinner, Inter-house plays, Poetry at Dusk, drama workshops and a talent show. The Drama Production involves hours of committment as the learners script the show themselves and are responsible for all the aspects of the play. These include lighting, sound, backstage, ticket sales and promotion.


First Aid

 The First Aiders, our school paramedics, are always to the rescue whether it be on the sports field, classroom or playground.  The learners on this committee are required to complete the certified First Aid Course to ensure correct procedures at all times. The First Aiders are present at all sports events and constantly ensure that the first aid kits are updated and fully equipped.


General knowledge is alive at Riebeek College especially since the Quiz Club is active and innovative. The annual events for the club includes the Inter-schools Quiz, Grade 8 Welcome, Inter-house and Inter-grade Quiz competitions, Varsity College Competition and the popular Quiz Afternoon. The Quiz Afternoon is an exciting event whereby various teams dress up and decorate their table according to a theme, and then the quiz title is battled out. Quarterly quizzes are written by the entire school at the end of each term.  The Quiz Club also participates in the local Quiz league.  There are also Quiz Whiz competitions every two weeks with a different theme each time.


Media Club

The school magazine is a learner enterprise where the learners are involved in the entire process of compiling the school’s year book of happenings, THE RIEBEEK. Passion, committment, creativity and time management skills are a must for all the learners on the Magazine Committee. The girls learn many skills especially since they are exposed to conceptualising articles, taking photographs, editing, fact checking, doing interviews, design and layout. The magazine is a major project which is worked on during the entire year.  The girls also assist with taking photographs and working on the d6, website, instagram, youtube clips and the Riebeek facebook page.

PHLY Thread

Change is not something that happens on its own accord; sometimes ‘change’ needs a little help.  At Riebeek College Phly Thread hopes to be in the face of ‘changing’, perhaps one life in a day, a week or even a year; as a victory over change can be no less significant whether the number effected is small or astronomical: change has been brought about.  In an attempt at promoting anti-bullying behaviour, Phly Thread hosts G2G (girl to girl) evenings  for all grade 10-12 learners.  The aim of the evening is to show the value of common ground amongst girls; that they all share heart ache, disappointment, trials and diversity as emerging adults.  With these common grounds Phlythread wanted to develop understanding and support amongst those present and so discourage any negative behaviour associated with bullying among those present. Social Media workshops and awareness is another focus of this group. Phly Thread hosts  Grade Workshops to promote the value of friendship.  Numerous activities, presentations, games and naturally sweets, ensure the grade learns and enjpys the value of being friends. The difference of change can be made by one individual action; this is what Phly Thread stands for and hopes to ignite in the minds and actions of others. 


The artistic and creative meet for movies, discussions, to share poetry and ideas and to mingle with like minded individuals who question and ponder. Mrs Peltason heads up this dynamic group.


The band are a hip, cool and creative group.  They perform at various events and when they perform at school, it is a loud affair as their performances are thoroughly enjoyed by the girls.

Entrepeneur Club

Mrs du Plessis has started this club to develop skills for the girls that will equip them in their careers.


Chess at Riebeek is fun, challenging and co-operative.  The girls help each other improve their game and these analytical ladies are admired.

Committees 2017/2018:

Carleen Braun Yolisa Sompuku Siyamthanda Mbanga Olwethu Mahlinza Sinovuyo Madlavu Phelisa Kosi Valentina Longari Carison Kramer Malakhiwe Hoffman Drew Minter Meagan van der Merwe Qhamisa Mata
Deputy Head: Valentina Longari Head: Malakhiwe Hoffman
Valentina Longari Tarryn Barry Alizwa Qhalo Olwethu Dlutu Carleen Braun Carison Kramer Charney Minnies Casey Els Mpumelelo Mpshe Farryn Mapaling Khiran Butt Ameerah Mohamed Malakhiwe Hoffman
Deputy Head: Tarryn Barry Head: Valentina Longari
Alpha Leo
Mateenah Langford Sinovuyo Madlavu Amila Thys Zeenat Lukie Chaneal Labercensie Jordan Oldham
Emihle Zweni Sima Mankayi Thimna Mandla Kelebogile Douse Sindisiwe Mbhele
Deputy Head: Sima Mankayi Head: Emihle Zweni
Shaakira Cornelius Siba Mene Emma Rwoodzi Shannon Butler Natalie Petzer
Deputy Head: Siba Mene Head: Shaakira Cornelius
Chevelle Ludeke Keely-Ann Maritz Kyla Harvey Malakhiwe Hoffman Nuraan Kasmed Carish Dolf Amy Higgins Lerise Johnson Maceyla van Huyssteen Shannon Butler Aton de Vos Khanyisile Gayika Mikhayla Michaels Lara Naidoo Monalisa Williams Emma Rwoodzi Melissa Scott Kyla van Deventer Sarah Werth Robyn Japtha
Deputy Head: Sarah Werth Head: Lara Naidoo
Computer Club
Sibabalwe Storm Yonela Cakwebe Tamaryn Coombes Mpumelelo Mpshe Gabrielle Ownhouse Keziah Brandt Yolisa Sompuku Olwethu Dlutu Natalie Petzer Olwethu Mahlinza Liyabona Mgushelo Zaraa Isaacs Naseehah Dolley Malakhiwe Hoffman Sarah Werth
Deputy Head: Olwethu Dlutu Head: Sarah Werth
Going Green
Amy Schambril Maceyla van Huyssteen Monique Balie
Deputy Head: Maceyla van Huyssteen Head: Amy Schambril
Monique Balie Tarryn Barry Kelebongile Douse Amee Exford Amy Higgins Malakhiwe Hoffman Jordan Oldham Gabrielle Ownhouse Busisiwe Setlai Tamia Smith Amila Thys Maceyla van Huyssteen Jamie Kayser Zhane Meintjies Sibabalo Mene Mateenah Langford Sarah Werth Octavia Johannes
Deputy Heads: Amee Exford and Maceyla van Huyssteen Head: Gabrielle Ownhouse
Dance Committee
Amila Thys Gabrielle Ownhouse Busisiwe Setlai Nuraan Kasmed Kezley Rayners Taryn de Klerk Natheerah Sataar Sibablo Mene Zezethu Mtirara Maceyla van Huyssteen Qhamisa Mata Lisa Ndyenga Sibabalwe Nogampula Tamia Smith
Lisakhanya Daniels Alexandra Dennis Kelebogile Douse Thimna Mandla Lisakhanya Maseti Sindisiwe Mbhele Romesa Muhammad Mihlali Rasmeni Ganeefa Sirkhotte
Deputy Head: Kelebogile Head: Romesa Muhammad
Sihlumile Majombozi Esihle Madikane Lisakhanya Daniels Thimna Mandla Khanya Mtyingizane
Deputy Head: Esihle Madikane Head: Sihlumile Majombozi
Prefects: K. van Deventer A. Nkume O. Bissett E. Rwodzi M. Mpshe Y. Sompuku S. Mankayi T. Smith A. Thys
Monitors: A. Qhalo T. Jam M. Rasimeni R. Minnaar S. Storm A. Rockman K. Douse
Deputy Head: Omhle Bissett Head: Ahlumile Nkume
Phly Thread
Omhle Bisset Keziah Brandt Robyn Japtha Nuraan Kasmed Carison Kramer Mateenah Langford Zeenat Lukie Phumza Mandla Lara Naidoo Gabrielle Ownhouse Busisiwe Setlai Maceyla van Huyssteen
Deputy Head: Mateenah Langford Head: Lara Naidoo
Chulumanco Mayi Ababalwe Tati Athaba Tize Aton de Vos Siphelisiwe Dikana Naqeesha Koester Hlomla Gwaxula
Deputy Head: Aton de Vos Head: Chulumanco Mayi
First Aid
Natalie Petzer Emma Rwoodzi Carison Kramer Shaakirah Cornelius Octavia Johannes Kezley Rayners Kelly Pullen Claudia Slambee Eudene Kettledas Naytuan Matill Amee Exford Amy Schambril Omhle Bisset Sarah Werth Mikhayla Michaels Tarryn Barry
Deputy Head: Octavia Johannes Head: Natalie Petzer
Shannon Butler Taryn de Klerk Aton de Vos Malakhiwe Hoffman Robyn Japtha Octavia Johannes Jamie Kayser Kimberly Kingsley Chaneal Labercensie Farryn Mapaling Keely-Ann Maritz Alwaba Mbusi Lara Naidoo Talitha Ngcanga Ganeefa Sirkhotte
Deputy Head: Aton de Vos Head: Octavia Johannes
Cultural Board
Sinovuyo Madlavu Omhle Bissett Mateenah Langford Monique Balie Nuraan Kasmed Olwethu Dlutu Robyn Japtha Zama Makwabe Aziwe Booi Phumza Mandla Casey Els Busisiwe Setlai Liqhawe Nogampula Carleen Braun Keziah Brandt Lisakhanya Daniels Head of Interact Octavia Johannes Head of SPCA and Phly Thread Lara Naidoo Head of Computer Club Sarah Werth Head of Quiz Romesa Muhammad Head of SCA Gabrielle Ownhouse Head of Library Ahlumile Nkume Head of Going Green Amy Schambril Head of Evolutio Valentina Longari Head of Band Shaakira Cornelius Head of Drama Emihle Zweni Head of First Aid Natalie Petzer Head of Debating Sihlumile Majombozi Head of Choir Chulumanco Mayi Head of Media Malakhiwe Hoffman
Deputy Head: Omhle Bissett Head: Sinovuyo Madlavu


cultural, service and events


Learners are responsible for the behaviour of guests they bring to school functions
Tickets are not sold at the door for school functions
Learners may not chew gum at school functions
Learners must hand in an excuse note prior to a meeting or event if they were required to attend or had indicated they would be attending
A learner may not attend a school function or meeting in the afternoon or evening of a day the learner has been absent from school due to illness
In general, learners need to stay involved in a club or society to matric in order for this to be recorded on their testimonial from the school
Learners selected to committees may not randomly drop out – a meeting with the teacher in charge is required to discuss the possibility and this will only be permitted in certain circumstances
Learners visiting the school during exam time when blocking for the purposes of club meetings or to see to club responsibilities are required to wear school uniform
Learners who are in possession of badges must be responsible for these badges and ensure they are returned at the end of their term of office

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