our ubuntu shirts


winter woollies

Some of our Riebeek families sent winter woollies to school and asked us to distribute. Mrs Woods did a clean up at home and donated a huge box of clothing. Miss Hattingh accepted the items on behalf of her mom, Mrs Terry van Vuuren Hattingh, director of the EP Children's Home.


Mrs stark's kindness

As the Grade Head for Grade 10, Mrs Stark undertook an act of kindness when she realised that one of the learners in her care would benefit from having an item of medical equipment at home. With the help of Miss du Preez and the Interact Board, Mrs Stark was able to assist a Riebeek learner and make a difference.


Riebeek secured a donation of chicken from Sovereign Foods

It was distributed to the Uitenhage Mental Health Society (mom of Sarah Werth in Grade 12 assists this charity), the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development (selected as a beneficiary by Miss Du Preez and our Interact Club) and the Guttharte family who run local soup kitchens (selected as a beneficiary by Mrs Myburg and the Alpha Leo Club). Thank you to Mr Gerald Walter of Sovereign Foods.



We bid a sad farewell to two of our student teachers who were with us for Term 1 and 2. These gentlemen volunteered to assist at our evening functions and went beyond their course requirements in every sphere of the school. They certainly crept into the hearts of the Riebeek staff! We will be watching their futures with a keen interest and pride. Go well, Mr Lukhanyo Boligello and Mr Oliver Chant.


general knowledge quiz term 2

Ashlin Arnolds - Eleanor, Natheerah Sataar – Eleanor, Omhle Bisset - Elton, Caitlin Peters –Elton, Mpumelelo Mpshe –Eleanor, Aziwe Booi _ Eleanor, Amy Schambrill – Elizabeth, Aarifah Liberty – Elizabeth, Sarah McFarlane - Elton, Lerise Johnson – Elton, Carleen Braun - Elizabeth
Top Grade 8- Sarah McFarlane 
Top Grade 9 - Caitlin Peters 
Top Grade 10 - Mbali Ngqondi 
Top Grade 11- Ashlin Arnolds 
Top Grade 12 - Omhle Bisset


first aid certificates

Congratulations to the following girls and staff who successfully completed the First Aid level 1 course.
Oluwakemi Akilo 
Q-lynn Davids 
Lerisha de Kock 
Casey Els 
Michayla Erasmus 
Rayna Gajjar 
Sara Gopal
Keesha Haynes 
Inganathi Konon
Achongwa Nkumanda 
Lethabeleng Ntshiyane 
Hasti Pansuriya 
Natalie Petzer 
Natheerah Sataar
Ayesha Tiry
Bilqees Vawda
Miss Hattingh
Miss Barnard 
Mrs Viljoen
Miss S du Preez 
Mrs du Plessis
Mrs Woods


coffee bar

Riebeek SCA, in collaboration with Muir SCA, hosted a Coffee Bar at Elim Assembly of God on 21 June. The theme was "I am who you say I am" and guest speaker Pastor Julius Kirsten's message was one that truly made an impact on the Grade 8 to 12 learners in attendance. The event was a great way to end off the term. Thank you to Pastor Ownhouse for allowing the SCA committees to host the event at the church and to Elim Praise and Worship Band for making the evening extra special. Thank you to Gabrielle Ownhouse, the SCA committee, Miss Meyers and Miss S Du Preez, the Muir SCA committee, Mr Jones and Mr Jonas, for making the event a success.


jet setters

Our very own jet setters! Paige Barnes of grade 5, Miss Hattingh, Lana Peters and Tyler Brink of Grade 6R are on their way to Dubai, Dublin and Paris respectively  ✈


the incredibles

Uitenhage Baptist School visit to Riebeek to promote Holiday Club.



Mrs Woods visted Riebeek to adjudicate the inter-house oratory contest


Thank you, mr reynolds

The Team Swimmers thanked Mr Reynolds for his dedication during the term as well as his enthusiasm with early morning training! Thanks, coach!


interact winter box collection


off to switzerland

Mr Lukhanyo Boligello, one of our student teachers, has been selected to participate in a Switzerland Student Exchange Programme from 4 - 29 July. Congratulations, Mr Boligello.


2 minute noodles

The Grade 4s collected 2 minute noodles when they presented their grade assembly earlier in the term. 155 packets were handed over to Mrs Quinette Goosen and her team from the Mula Recycling Shop.


donation to mobile clinic

Elands River Mobile Clinic donation to be distributed by Sister Erica Swart, Class of 1986


exam time


hospital packs

Our student teachers are undertaking an act of kindness of preparing hospital packs for needy patients from the kind donations of the Riebeek family.


Well done, lynn-marie

Lynn -Marie Nel in Grade 8 took part in the Western Mounted Games at Greenbushes on 27 May. She represented Riebeek. They had 5 games. Lynn got first position in Barrel race, Birangle, Quadrangle and Keyhole. Dragonfly was very stubborn when it game to Hurry Scurry and just refused to jump. Lynn was the overall champion for the day for her category High School level 0 games. We are very proud.


SCA Outing

Riebeek SCA attended the opening session of Father's House Church's Echo Youth and Young Adult Conference in Port Elizabeth, Thursday 24 May. The guest speaker was Australian born Joel Ramsey, all the way from Durban. The evening was filled with fellowship, good food and exciting games. A special connect session was held at 17:30 for all youth and young adult pastors and leaders . The programme was officially opened for all at 19:00, starting with incredible praise and worship and an awakening message and concluded by transcending worship. It was ofcourse also a pleasant surprise that we bumped into our brother school, Muir College SCA members and coordinating teachers Mr K. Jones and Mr A. Jonas accompanied by our very own Miss van der Westhuizen who is not only involved with SCA but also with Elim Church Youth Ministry called Fuel. We thank Miss Meyers for co-ordinating the outing and driving us safely to and back. It was indeed a revitalising , fun and inspiring evening.


spirit of the college - third and fourth learners to receive


Congratulations to Liqhawe Nogampula and Musa Daweti who attained the prestigious Spirit of the College Busy Bee Certificate of Achievement.



Eighteen Riebeek learners in three teams took part in the Sasol Forever Resorts ENVIRO Quiz Competition 2018 at Handhaaf Primary School on 10 May:
1. Rebecca Wilkinson
2. Dayna Dennis
3. Hlumelo Lucas
4. Ashleigh Scharnick
5. Linathi Nkomo
6. Poshika Ramsamy
7. Tazmia Bosman
8. Buhlebenkosi April
9. Tracey-Anne August
10. Anika La Bercensie
11. Lana Peters
12. Lithemba Ngqamfana
13. Isenathi Tom
14. Angela Miles
15. Gabriella Hardman
16. Jazlyn Crowley
17. Aphelele Jack
18. Liyanda Jack






These are the girls who will attend hockey trials for U/12 on Sunday 13 May at Collegiate from 9-11. We wish them good luck and hope that they will make it to the next round. At the back: Doné September, Poshika Ramsamy, Rebecca Wilkinson, Dayna Dennis, Angela Miles, Amy Muller. In front: Tatum-Paige Bosch and Linathi Nkomo.


Spirit of the College: The First to get rewarded!

The first recipients of the Spirit of the College Busy Certificate for 20 events are Pholisa Madlavu and Roshaan May, both in Grade 8C. We are so very proud of these young ladies.


Grade 5 relief features models


choir at feathermarket hall



alpha leo

The Alpha Leos donated bath sponges and under garments to the Rape Crisis Centre. Thank you to the Riebeek family for the monetary donations.



Thaakirah Dolley – Gr7, Jasmine la Bercensie – Gr5, Anika la Bercensie – Gr6


grade 5 assembly

The Grade 5 s presented an assembly with an important messsage - Kind words.  It was ably presented by S. Daniels, C. Elie, C. Booysen, J.Daba, L. Labercensie, A Tshunungwa, L. Dobha and R. Mistry. 


Interact Winter Box Collection handover:

Mrs Stear, Miss du Preez, Mrs Segal, Mrs Gamiet, Robyn Jaftha, Shanon Butler, Octavia Johannes, Lara Naidoo gathered for a photograph when the winter boxes were collected for distribution,


carleen braun

Photography Workshop


toy collection

Mandela Day project


mrs skeates' birthday and armoed family generosity

Keira-Lee Armoed is delighted that with the help of her mommy, Charné Armoed, she is able to bless the little patients at the Provincial Hospital in Uitenhage. Thank you for your kindness.  Both Grade 4 classes enjoyed celebrating Mrs Skeates' birthday and were spoilt with delicious cupcakes which were kindly supplied by Mrs C Armoed, Keira-Lee's mom. Thank you to EVERYONE who had a hand spoiling Mrs Skeates.


staff appreciation

Mrs Stear and Mrs Snyman spoilt the staff at the end of term 2.


EP country and district team competing in Durban. They are on top of the log and played in the semi finals.  Old Girls in the team and Mateenah Langford, 2018 school prefect in the team, make Riebeek proud!


The Sasol - Forever Resorts ENVIRO Quiz Competition 2018.

The following team, called "Busy Bee's 3", of six Gr 6 learners has qualified for the semi-final round. They are in alphabetical order:
1. Jazlyn Crowley
2. Gabriella Hardman
3. Aphelele Jack
4. Liyanda Jack
5. Angela Miles
6. Isenathi Tom


mrs klassen receives donations


happy birthday, miss riebeek

Lara Naidoo turned 18 on 1 June.


redhouse primary school

Book donations 


Oranges and sarmies

Oranges and sandwiches were handed over to a primary school today. The sandwiches were from volunteer donors and the oranges were arranged through Habata situated in Kirkwood, and were from Allan Dale farm (kindly donated by Janus Viljoen).



Margot Keys visited Riebeek on 9th May. She is a recovered drug addict and she gave the senior school a motivational speech on life and consequences. She told her life story with humour and anecdotes. She spoke of her achievements in sport and her successes. She spoke beautifully of her family and children. Her sincerity and realism appealed to the audience who could relate to her insights on the challenges of being a teenager She warned the audience about the dangers that are out there in the real world while giving a story of hope and perseverance. There was laughter and tears, followed by a standing ovation and warm applause


Mini Hockey of 8 may

The mini hockey girls played their very first match against Lorraine today. Unfortunately, we did lose both matches but both teams played their best. Mrs Woods and Miss van der Westhuizen would like to thank all the parents who supported. We really appreciate it!


hospital packs

Caitlyn Kent-Brown (left) and Alerique Leibbrandt (right)
These two friends sat together yesterday at home making their own personalised hospital packs. What an inspiring act of kindness!!!


thank you, Valentina

The Grade 7s would like to thank Valentina Longari for her wonderful act of kindness. Valentina assisted Mrs Woods in a Natural Science practical, where the Grade 7 learners needed to compare the boiling points of water and juice. Valentina set up all the neccesary science equipment and volunteered to help the girls while doing their practical. Valentina showed the girls some of the Grade 12 Science experiments and even taught them about the elements. Reutloue Dunywa said: " I can't wait to do Physical Science in Grade 10 because Valentina showed us that Science is fun."



The SCA session of 26 April was presented by Gabrielle Ownhouse, SCA Head. Her message was about not relying on what you think is best but rather to cast your burdens unto Jesus. #riebeeksca


junior chess

April Fun


Grade 4 Initiative

The Grade 4 learners are very excited to play their part in making Riebeek a litter free school. 
With their kind hearts and enthusiastic nature, each Grade 4 learner picks up a piece of litter before school or during break time and uses it as an "entry fee" when they enter class. 
There is no doubt that by the trend that they are moving...pretty soon there won't be any more litter to pick up. 
Thank you for being such a good example. So proud of you! 


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