Stear                                                                                                                January 2020
Approximate price list of clothing obtainable at school clothing shop. 
Prices rise per size.
Skirts                      R130                       Blazers                              R800-R920
Shirts (summer)       R140                       T-shirts                             R100
Golf shirts               R210                       Tracksuit top                     R280 – R330
Tracksuit pants        R210 – R230           Jerseys                             R200 – R280
Pocket badge          R  30                       Pullover                             R160 – R230
Tie (long)                R100                       Sports caps                       R60
Tie (elastic)             R100                       Winter socks                     R60
Hockey socks          R  60                       White socks                      R30
Hockey skorts         R210                       Shorts                               R100
Togbag                   R170                       Suitcase                            R300
Costumes                R150                       Scarves                             R60
Swimming Caps      R70,R90,R110         Ladderless stockings          R70
Grey socks              R  40                       Aprons                              R130
Chefs cap                R  90                       Black skirts                        R240
Tunics                     R360/R380/R400
Stationery packs
Grade 4                   R540                       Grade 5                             R260
Grade 6                  R300                       Grade 7                            R240
Grade 8                  R500                       Grade 9                            R420
Pencils                    R3                           Rulers                               R3
Pens (Blue)             R3                           Eraser                               R3
Contact                   R80                         Pens (Black)                      R10                                                       
Clothing Shop hours:
Tuesdays:   12:00  to  15:00
Thursdays:  12:00  to  15:00
Special Times:
November 2019: 25th,26th.27th and 28th: 12H00 to 15H00
January 2020 : 8th,9th,10th, 13th and 14th: 09H00 to 15H00
*Learners admitted from 2020 are required to purchase the new TUNIC.
*In order to purchase the Riebeek uniform, learners admitted for 2020 are requested to bring their acceptance letters as proof of acceptance.
*Parents are to ensure that they are accompanied by learners to fit clothing as sizes vary.
Please note that we do have credit card facilities

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