Choir Performance at Assembly


Click on the image to see the videos of their performance on our special Choir Page.

U11 Hockey


The U11 B hockey team played an exciting game against Summerwood.  Although they lost, there was a lot of laughter, fun and a sense of victory as the team knew they tried their best.  They really enjoyed themselves on and off the field.  Special mention must be made of Michaela Klassen from the senior second team who kindly umpired the game.  Mrs Stroebel is justifiably proud of her team!  Good effort, girls, keep it up.

Grade 4 Entrepeneurs 


Amy Wesso, Michelle Harmse and Michayla Erasmus in Grade 4 delighted Mrs Skeates with the extra trouble they went to with their project choosing to make the items that their project was based on with help from the family at home.  Well done, girls, we are proud!

JTC Meeting


Junior Hockey 

The Junior Hockey First Team at the Collegiate Hockey Festival.


Fire Drill

Thank you, Mr Jonas and the Uitenhage Fire Department.





Here we feature the snippets, the gems, the lessons, the highlights, the events that got us all abuzz...

Grade 10 Consumer Prac

Master chefs at work


Our Librarians @ Muir

Mrs Nel, the teacher librarian of Muir College, invited our librarians to attend a librarian course on Wednesday, 28 August.  The following girls attended: Sanelisiwe Mrubata, Sinovuyo Mnyazi, Ziphozihle Antonie, Yolanda Mni, Tamryn Blignaut, Courtney Norman.  The girls were spoilt with wonderful eats and juice after the course.  


Phly Thread - Anti Bullying Workshop

The Grade 10s on the Phly Thread Team held an anti bullying campaign for the Grade 4s in the student centre yesterday afternoon. The girls presented a slide show and presentations based on what a bully is and how to deal with bullying. The Grade 4s took part in fun activities and were given activity books at the end of the session.


Mrs Panayiotou's Hockey Team

Celebrations abounded when Mrs Panayiotou's Hockey Team received cupcakes for a great season.  


The U14B Junior Hockey team with captains Keziah Brandt and Phumelela Njokeweni played Sundridge in a home game and lost but were victors in the improved performance of the team!  Megan Gunter, Phumelela Njokweni and Athaba Tize displayed endless enthusiasm and determination.  The girls played a tough game and played their hearts out.  Congratulations to Lilitha Njokweni who scored the goal with help from Aphiwe Ngona.  Mrs Panayiotou spoiled the girls with cupcakes to congratulate them on their efforts!

Last Match of the Season for the First Team

In the howling and icy gale, our First Team played against Despatch in an away game. Well done, First Team and Miss Potgieter, on a great and proud season. Thanks, Mrs McFarlane, for the stunning action shots!


Grade 5 Life Skills


The grade 5s created posters for Life Skills. The poster had to be about any religious festival of their choosing. Here are some of the beautiful posters.
Back from left to right:
Danita Prag, Meledy Jones,Jessica Crail
Front from left to right:
Karena du Plessis, Jade Rudman, Cameron Zeelie
Well done, Mrs Panayiotou and the Grade 5 girls. Beautiful work!

The Matric Jackets!


Baby Drama Queens

The Grade 8s in their first drama rehearsal for the Grade 9 section of next year's drama production "faces and places... where geography and psychology collide."


Drama Talent Show


RCL Aids Assembly

JTC visits the SPCA

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Chef Gemma


Gemma Voster took part in the Eastern Cape round of Spar Junior Chef. She came third and won lovely prizes. The standard was high and the mystery dish was chocolate brownies.

Poetry at Dusk


The u11B hockey team


Although the girls lost to Sundridge, they had a lot of fun.  Coach Mrs Stroebel is very proud of her wonderful team.

Smarties Winner

Mrs Pelason's weekly competition to encourage vocabulary improvement


Trash Fashion Show

Organised by the RCL for Going Green

Debating against Grey: Girl Power in Action

Our senior league debate team faced Grey High School on the proposition of "The paparazzi have a right to make a living". Mr Calitz (an Old Grey Boy) said, "For the second consecutive year Riebeek schooled Grey in exactly what girl power in debating is!" It is not only the speakers who carry a debate and therefore recognition must also be given to Sumeera Musa, Imkhita Mani and Yolanda Mni for their part in the team’s preparation. The team consisted of Micaela White, Jaydene Harris and Inge Laubsher.

Assembly Address for Freedom Day

Seize the Day

By Mrs M. Woods


 Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 verses 7 to 9:  “Seize life!   Eat bread with gusto, drink wine with a robust heart.   Oh yes – God takes pleasure in your pleasure!   Dress festively every morning.   Don’t skimp on colours or scarves.   Relish life with the spouse you love each and every day of your precarious life.   Each day is God’s gift.”

We talk about living life to the fullest.   We want to get up every morning filled with enough enthusiasm to give it our all.   We want to, but we more than often, don’t.

Why?   Most of us would say because we have to face reality.   We have to go to work, to school, raise little children and visit sick friends.   The idea of eating our bread with gusto doesn’t seem right then!

The teacher in Ecclesiastes had the same issues we have.   He too had to face the realities of life.   He had to keep trusting in God’s love, mercy and grace.   Yet, he survived all that and he reminds us that each day is God’s gift.   We can accept life’s challenges with a joyful heart because God is with us each day!

Thank you to all of you who are dressed up to celebrate Cultural Day, which is tomorrow, the 27 April.   Tomorrow is the 19th birthday of our freedom from apartheid and a celebration of the first ever election in 1994, where everyone over the age of 18 was allowed to vote, regardless of who they were, and be counted as equals.      It is a day of celebration for all South Africans.   On this day we remember that freedom and human rights are for all human beings regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or social status!   We celebrate our precious freedom and democracy and we also honour all the heroes and heroines of all different races, who made personal sacrifices in their fight for democracy.

We all need to live up to the aspirations of the liberation struggle where all the people of South Africa live in peace and friendship.   Individually, we each need to play our part, by living our lives in the correct way and embracing the values of our Constitution, and at Riebeek College, the values that we try so hard to uphold.   Our annual themes depict our sincerity in our striving to uphold a values-based school.   We have been trying to count our blessings every year now, and this year, the attitude of gratitude is the buzz word.

LET US PRAY:   A taste of Joy:  Lord, hep us to remember that You meant for us to enjoy life.  Bless us today and tomorrow while we celebrate our special Freedom Day in South Africa, and help us seize the day!

Shayna Kooverjee


Technical Workshop


SPCA Cake Sale and Civvies Day

Well done, Loren Buchner, and her team.


Dance Committee Summer Raffle


Teachers assembly 

Happy World Teachers’ Day. Here is a summary from Taryn Balie, deputy headgirl, of what the special Friday assembly covered in honour of the Riebeek teachers: 

Today we will take a few minutes to recognize and appreciate the tireless efforts of all the beautiful women and handsome gentlemen who make Riebeek tick.

Teaching is not a job for the faint-hearted. Not only are teachers expected to stand on their feet all day long or repeat themselves in terms of the important things they teach us, but they are also expected to be our mother or father away from home. They teach us valuable organisational and leadership skills within our various committees. They’re our personal trainers on the sports fields where they also teach us the importance of teamwork. Their job even entails being psychologists, which is rather challenging in a school filled with girls who have unpredictable mood swings. 

Thank you to our teachers for working tirelessly to help us be the best people that we can be and create the best future we can have.

To our teachers: From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you dearly! 

The assembly was lively as the hall was filled with laughter, loud cheers and music. Each teacher got a beautiful certificate and a rose. It felt good, from any learner’s perspective, to see your teachers receive the thanks and recognition they so rightfully deserved!


Asisipho Tsotsa

Asisipho Tsotsa, Grade 11, submitted an essay “What My Father Means to Me” to the Front Page Father Campaign, a National Essay Contest that forms part of the International Men’s Day Celebration 2013, an initiative of SAVF FAMNET’s Front Page Father Media Campaign. Asisipho’s essay came in the top 50 in the country. She receives a Certificate and the school also receives a Certificate.

Fun With Props

A group of Grade 7s have been helping to sort and neaten our props room. Thank you to the following girls for their efforts: Ameerah Mohamed, Aarifah Liberty, Mishka Moosa, Zeenat Lukie, Razaan Baderoon, Nuraan Kasmed, Genelleen Govender.

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Congratulations all Conquesta Winners


Congratulations to Shannon Blignaut, Sarah Werth, Melissa Scott and Megan Sampson among others  who participated in the Conquesta competition


Phly Thread Workshop

Another exciting workshop was hosted by the Phly Thread team to teach juniors about bullying and coping mechanisms.  This empowering workshop enforces the notion that "prevention is better than cure"and that talking about it will ensure that Riebeek remains a safe and secure place for all.  Well done, Miss Potgieter and the Grade 10s on this venture.

Gideons Bibles

Gideons Bible Association Members Lettie Theron and Dennis Strydom visited Riebeek to hand out Bibles to the Grade 8s.


PHLY thread
Today was the launch of Phly Thread - an anti-bullying campaign led by Miss Potgieter with a bunch of talented young ladies who will be offering mentorship and help to girls in need. An incredible assembly was held to show girls how negative resorting to fighting is and providing girls with information on how to get help.   
PHLY THREAD is all about providing help and building awareness amongst youngsters. We doing our best at being ambassadors of change by fighting bullying and equipping learners with the skills to deal with challenging situations.

Mr Hoare's Drama Workshop

The Riebeek girls who attended the Drama Workshop this afternoon were fortunate to receive tips and guidance from one of Uitenhage's legends in dramatic arts. Thank you, Mr Hoare. 

Grade 11 assembly

Magazine Committee at Work


Parent Teacher Meetings - July 

Grade 5 writers

Grade 7s - comprehension in class

The Stark family celebrate the graduation of daughter, Catherine.


Iron Kids - Grade 6


Linley, daughter of Mrs Myburg, on her wedding day.


Alex Debating Festival

Our team won both their debates!


Prizegiving photographs


Senior Prize Winners


Junior prize winners 





Friday Afternoon and our Headgirl is hard at work

flashback to 2013

Christmas Party


flashback friday

Staff in School Uniform for Quiz Afternoon


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