Meet The Senior Prefects 2022

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Senior Prefects 2022
Our hopes for the future because our hope floats!
The Head-girl: Nobuhle Moyo
“As we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” By Marianne Williamson.
I started school at Ankervas Primary school in grade RR then joined the Riebeek College family in 2018 as I began the high school journey. I served as the Head Girl of Ankervas in 2017 and I am honoured to be the Head Girl of Riebeek for the year 2022.
Music is my passion and it influenced me to become a chorister in the Riebeek choir and to be a member of the Eastern Cape Youth Choir. I am a debater and a public speaker because I love engaging in conversations and love learning more about human nature. I am interested in law, ethics, mathematics, the study of music, gaining new knowledge through articles and documentaries, machine learning, poetry and food making. I am an advisor for the choir committee , in the media committee ,Cultural Board and I am the Deputy Head of debating.
I hope to instill confidence in the Riebeek learners. I hope to be an inspiration that will empower the Riebeek learners to become significant women in power. My hope is to strengthen the bond that the Riebeek family has, through inclusive activities. My dream is to give young children that spark that allow them to reach their fullest potential. My biggest dream is to invent health care systems and machinery that will assist African countries save lives. I am looking forward to being a friend, a sister, and a mentor to all my fellow learners. May the Almighty lead me in this new journey that I'll embark on.
The Deputy Head Girl: Pholisa Madlavu
What I look forward to most about being a prefect is the memories we will make as a prefect body. I look forward to the meetings and team building opportunities. I'm excited for the discussions we will have when ideas just flow, and we will all be able to build from one another's ideas. If there is one thing that I would like to be known for as a prefect is my willingness to help someone in need. "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" C.S. Lewis
Racheal Akilo
I have been given the privilege and honour of being selected as one of the perfects of Riebeek College for 2022. I am aware that being a prefect is very difficult and comes with many responsibilities, while requiring discipline and dedication as well. I am willing to put in all the hard work and hope to bring joy to everyone around me. My favourite quote is a verse from the Matthew 7:12 in the bible and goes as follows: “Do to others as you would have them do unto you." This verse shall be my motto for the upcoming year and will help me strive to fulfil my goal of leading by example and treating others, not as a person in a position of power, but as one of their own. I am truly excited to take on this role of leadership and hope to make everyone proud.
Zenande Daniels
I hope to be an ideal example of all the fine qualities of a prefect while staying true to myself but also being unbiased to learning along the way. My future plans consist of studying Biokinetics as I am quite intrigued by how the human body moves and how it is able to heal itself through a prescription of rehabilitative exercises. Surprisingly, my interests include making timetables that I ultimately never follow because they make me feel better about my procrastination. “Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional” -Chili Davis. This is my favourite quote because I channel my inner child a lot and it has helped me control stressful situations I encounter in my life. My hopes for the world are endless but one that instantly comes to mind is that people in our society become more conscious of their actions and how those actions affect others around them. Hope is waking up and making today a tad bit better than yesterday. I am currently the dramatic Head of Drama and a proud member of the Cultural Board, and I am appreciative of every moment and opportunity that comes my way.
Chwayita Hanabe
My interests are reading, singing and sports. I am in the SCA and Deputy head of Cultural board. My hopes for the world are a better quality of life for everyone, finding a more sustainable way of life and access to good health care for rural areas.
Avery Leigh Kayster
I hope to be a prefect that is always willing to help and encourage others. I would love to learn many more things about myself through this role I've been given. once I have completed my matric year, I would like to further my studies and study education. I would love to be a foundation phase teacher one day. My hopes for the world are to help, motivate and encourage children as much as I can. I am so grateful that I've been chosen as a prefect for 2022 and am very excited for this journey.
Iviwe Majweta
"Don't let your mind stop you" by Steve Harvey is one of the quotes I try to implement on a daily. My hopes for 2022 is to try to make my last year of High school more positive and joyful, for myself and my fellow students as well. I also plan to motivate my fellow students to not give up on their goals. My hope for the future is to try and use my purpose to make a positive difference in the world
Sarah McFarlane
I hope to be... an approachable, optimistic, and kind leader. I hope to honour God in all I do and serve others above myself. I love baking, building puzzles, being outside and spending time with the people I love! My favourite quote is one said by Mother Theresa, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." My hopes for the world... that we will overcome Covid-19 together and that we will laugh a lot more, hopefully experiencing lots of joy! Hope is... knowing that in the midst of darkness, there is always light. I am a member of SCA, Cultural Board and I am the Head of Interact. I enjoy playing sports and working with my peers in various manners.
Amahle Ntabeni
I hope to be a prefect that my fellow peers can trust and rely on to be there for them whenever they need. I hope to be successful and content with the things that I have in my life. I hope to achieve my goals and not be discouraged by those who fail to see or understand my vision. I trust that this will happen because I will have the Lord walking beside me. I hope for a world that is supportive of one another. I hope for a world filled with passionate and driven people. I hope for a world where we all accept each other and make people feel proud of being unique and being themselves. I hope for a world filled with unity and genuine love and respect for each other and our diversity. I am a prefect, deputy head of interact, member of SCA committee . I am interested in learning new skills and languages, trying out recipes, reading self-help books, helping others "You are not small. You are not unworthy. You are not insignificant. The universe wove you from a constellation just so, every atom, every fibre in you comes from a different star. Together you are bounded by stardust, altogether spectacularly created from the energy of the universe itself. AND that is the poetry of physics, the poetry of YOU."
Georgia Ownhouse
I hope to be a prefect that makes a difference at Riebeek College, not only in the girls lives but also in the staff . I want to leave a legacy of leadership. I hope that my radiant light shines through people’s lives and I hope that people experience the love of Jesus through me. My hope for the world is that everyone lives in harmony peace and unity. I also hope that one day gender equality becomes the “norm” as it should and that one day my daughters will be able to feel safe in this world. I hope to see a revival in the SCA committee as more girls are eager to be involved and serve Jesus Christ. My favourite quote isn’t really a quote but a scripture that has helped me through so many mountains I’ve faced in my life and is something I remind myself of everyday. It goes “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me “- Philippians 4:13
Megan Potgieter
During my time as a prefect, my goal is to represent the interests of students and contribute towards positive, meaningful change. Favourite quote: “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” — William Faulkner.
Candice Rossouw
My hope for my time as a prefect is to learn as much as I possibly can about leadership. There is no set manual to leadership which will make this journey interesting. I also know that I will come to learn a lot about myself during this time. My favourite quote of this year so far must be "enjoy the beauty of becoming". We're always in the process of becoming different versions of ourselves and it reminds me that my identity does not have to remain fixed. So, I can truly enjoy striving to be a better version of myself every day and I think that's beautiful.
Jameelah Sirkhotte
My goal as a prefect is to support my peers. My hope for the world is that people will be accepting of others & not judge & enforce violence upon others who have different beliefs. “It is not what we think or feel that makes us who we are. it is what we do. or fail to do” - Jane Austen
Miacarla Tee
To save one is to save the world -Lale (from the book tattooist of Auschwitz) would be one of my favourite quotes. I am an artistic, positive, hardworking, and easy-going young lady. I enjoy being behind a camera, I’m happiest when the sun is shining and I ironically, actually love to drink tea. I hope to be someone people can lean on for advice in our School. I hope to make a difference in someone’s life one day. I hope that in my position as head of media, deputy of SCA, a member of cultural board and a senior prefect, that I could inspire and guide the girls of Riebeek College.
Aphelele Toyis
Hi I am part of the prefect body of 2022. My goals as a future prefect is to great unity at school amongst the girls and I want to be an inspiration to the girls at school especially the ones in the younger grades. I want to create an environment of peace and I want the girls at school to not be afraid to ask me for help as I am willing to help with anything and wherever I can. My favourite saying is ‘You can achieve anything that you put your mind to’ … I believe in that quote because it has helped me accomplish many things together with being determined and persistent. I believe that if someone is hungry for something and wants to achieve it, they will work their way up no matter the challenges that may arise. My favourite interests/hobbies are modelling, hockey and helping people.
Bilqees Vawda
I foresee the coming year being very busy. I will want to perform my prefect duties to the best of my ability whilst performing well academically to get accepted into university. For my grade 12 year, I hope to be a superhero to my peers and would like to end the year as a pupil that Riebeek College will be proud of. "Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are granted with." - Iron Man

 November 19, 2021
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