Busy Bee certificates:
Kay-Leigh Wilmot
Lynn-Marie Nel

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spirit of the college certification4
spirit of the college certification5
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spirit of the college certification7

spirit of the college august 2018

Spirit of the College Busy Bee Certificate for participation in 20 events: Fatima Mahouassa
Spirit of the College Certificate for participation in 30 events: Miacarla Tee
Spirit of the College Certificate and Badge for participation in 40 events: Amahle Ntabeni, Pholisa Madlavu, Musa Daweti, Chwayita Hanabe, Liqhawe Nogampula, Aphelele Toyis, Sarah McFarlane


Spirit of the College Certificate for participation in 30 events: Miacarla Tee


Spirit of the College Busy Bee Certificate for participation in 20 events: Fatima Mahouassa


Spirit of the College: The First to get rewarded!

The first recipients of the Spirit of the College Busy Certificate for 20 events are Pholisa Madlavu and Roshaan May, both in Grade 8C. We are so very proud of these young ladies.


Helping at junior hockey

Spirit of the College Grade 8 participation: Grade 8s keeping up the spirit and assisting Mrs Chrysostomou at junior U/14 hockey fitness. Kindness and the spirit of ubuntu abound at Riebeek.


spirit of the college - the first participants

The first Grade 8s to kick off the Spirit of the College recognition for involvement in school life by obtaining signatures for participating in the Team Building afternoon.


spirit of the college busy bees certificates

Liqhawe Nogampula and Musa Daweti

Sarah McFarlane, Aphelele Toyis and Kay van Niekerk

Thabiseng Jonga, Amahle Ntabeni, Miacarla Tee and Chwayita Hanabe


Grade 8: Suggestions for obtaining signatures towards Spirit of the College Awards
Arrange with a teacher doing an extra mural on a pre-organised day, you can go pick up litter and meet her at 3 for a signature when you show her a full packet. Only available as an option if there is litter in the grounds.
Read a library book in the library for one hour when it suits Miss du Preez and by prior arrangement.
Offer to help in the library with dusting and checking books are in correct order, if Miss du Preez agrees.
Find out from the teacher in charge of the house how many favours he or she wants you to achieve in order to get a signature and then strive to get that many favours.
Visit the recycling team when they meet and make a contribution to Going Green – see Miss du Preez.  Find out how much recyclable material you need to bring to qualify for a signature – ask Miss du Preez.
Ask Mr Weidemann if you and a group of friends can organise a cyberhunt or computer competition for juniors in the computer lab.
Get a signature for every two races you swim at inter-house gala.
Find out if you can attend hockey fitness even if you cannot play hockey or won’t qualify for a team.
Try out volleyball.
Swim in a inter-school gala.  See Mrs Myburg to find out if you can.
Bring buckets, cleaning detergents and cloths and clean a teacher's classroom for 1 hour by arrangement with a teacher willing to assist your cleaning offer.
If u are good at a sport and teacher in charge of a junior sport will allow I, you can get signatures for helping at practices.
Ask Ms Barnard if you can go with on the school bus to support debating at a league fixture -  if there is place.
If you are brilliant at a subject, you can offer your services to a junior school teacher to mentor a struggling learner after school. Must be on day that that junior school teacher has an extra mural.
Find out if you can get a signature if you contribute to the next cake sale.
Offer your help for the hockey festival.
Take photographs at an event or during a special lesson, write an article about it and submit to Mrs Gerber.
Hand in typed and checked creative writing to your grade head for the website and the school magazine.
Find out from your sports coach if you can get a signature for every consecutive two practices. (2 practices = 1 signature)
Help clean old stickers off the back of the chairs that are stored in the hall storage room – ask a teacher to help you organise it.
Bring 4 litres of water a day (grey water not tap water) and show it to a teacher at start of day for 5 consecutive days. Go pour the water over thirsty plants.
Write articles for the website.
Offer to help sort the photographs and registers in the archives room – see Mrs Gerber.
Undertake acts of kindness and charity – when you are planning it then see a teacher to find out if it will qualify for a signature. 
Take part in a writing, art, photograph or other competition (must be a competition where you have to produce something not just a random competition) – show your entry form to a teacher to get a signature. 
Take part in an Olympiad.
Support tennis matches, quiz and debating fixtures.
Try out Chess, a sport you have not played before, attend social debating, support the Interact Easter egg collection in a big way.
Attend Entrepreneurs Club – ask Mrs du Plessis how many consecutive times you should attend to get a signature.
Ask Mrs du Plessis if you can help in the book room with anything.

Spirit of the college signing form

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