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At Riebeek College, 724 girls are nurtured and loved as they embrace life and learning. From Grade 4 to 12, girls are groomed to spread their wings. For the Riebeek staff it is a privilege to be part of this nine year process in which the girls take to heart the caring ethos of the school and the annual themes. This year’s theme is #TEK and embodies the characteristics of a virtuous mind: tolerance, energy and knowledge. The principal, Mrs Marilyn Woods, retires at the end of 2016 and will leave a legacy of care, energy, moral rectitude and tolerance as she has put her heart and soul into the school. Mama Woods, as she is known to many, has amassed a mighty 56 years at Riebeek as school girl, teacher, head of department, head of the Junior School, Deputy Head and, from 2007, principal extraordinaire. When Professor Jansen, Vice Chancellor of the University of the Orange Free State, listed Riebeek as one of his top ten South African schools in combining character building and academic excellence, it was due recognition of a nurturing school. Riebeek College is celebrated for its resilience and compassion, the loyalty and success of Old Girls, its consistently strong academic results, its modest school fees and for its extraordinary programme and heart.   Nelson Mandela said, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”  Riebeek College is a formidable school with strong leadership and a lot of heart.


House Executives:
Eleanor: Captain Siviwe Tole, Vice Captain Nadene Chetty, Sports Captain: Samantha Jones, Play Director Mthunzikazi Scott (and birthday girl), Secretary Leslynne Kayster. 
Elton: Captain and Sports Captain Shanice Pietersen, Vice Captain Martez Meyer, Play Director Mandisa Witbooi, Secretary Anelisa Ngojoba.
Elizabeth: Captain and Play Director Aphiwe Sango, Vice Captain Kristen Hunt, Sports Captain: Natheera Sirkhotte, Secretary Anesipho Makina


cultural assembly



Matric Jackets

Matric Jackets

inter-house plays

inter-house plays

Grade 6 hard at work

Grade 6 hard at work

choir tour


july activities

new committee voting

new committee voting

voter education drive

voter education drive

Eleanor Beenie Day

Eleanor Beenie Day

senior oratory contest

The Senior School were educated, entertained and challenged as the senior oratory competition saw the delivery of thought-provoking, well delivered speeches. Thank you to Yonela Mali and the Cultural Board for their organisation, Mrs Peltason for engendering a love of the English Language among the learners of Riebeek and co-ordinating the event, masters of ceremony Aphiwe Sango and Carmen Collins, our photographer Siviwe Tole and our adjudicator Mrs Woods of Alex. Congratulations to all the speakers who can be justifiably proud of their efforts. The winners were: Junior section – Genneleen Govender, Senior section – Lilitha Mali


happy birthday

Q-Lynn Davids in Grade 8 celebrated her 14th birthday today spoiling her classmates with cake. Happy Birthday, Q-Lynn.


A visit from the university of the orange free state


The Grade 12 classes were visited by Mr Rynhardt Smit of the University of the Free State

learning is fun

Grade 5 group Geography relief features project


april civvies day


Grade 7s enjoying the start of term 2.


Grade 4 welcome

Siviwe Tole, Head Girl 2016, reports on the Grade 4 welcome: Having over 70 enthusiastic, lovely and energetic grade 4s was a fun experience as the Senior Prefects held a Grade 4 welcome . The purpose was to make the learners feel part of the Riebeek culture and it was truly accomplished. A game 'find the leader' was played in which all the young ladies seemed to enjoy. They had to find certain leaders and learn a rule of the school in order to move to the next station. They truly learnt a lot in an exciting way. In the end lovely treats were eaten which brought bigger smiles on their faces. We would like to thank Mrs Woods, Mrs Snyman, Mrs Skeats and Mrs Viljoen as their involvement could not go unnoticed.


staff development outreach

Mrs Selana, Mrs Woods and Mr Hopa at the professional development seminar of the Staff of Hombakazi Primary School in KwaNabuhle.


Grade 12 #hAPPY WEEK


special spca cake sale treats


first day of school


dance committee cake sale


prof jansen compliments riebeek

img 20151202 wa0002

welcome grade 4s


The Kim clements foundation band

Riebeek Girl Power Band


Mr Caltiz and a lively team have formed a band with instruments donated by the Kim Clements Foundation.

committees 2015-16

Committees ‘15

Computer Club: Yonela Mali, Lazola Moolman, Mumtaaz Lukie, Sandisiwe Caga, Megan McAuley, Kwanda Sigonyela, Mamme Mends Brew, Munira Natha, Olwethu Dlutu, Sajiadah Hoffman, Benathi Douse, Robyn Leigh Cloete, Waseema Salie

Deputy-Danielle V.Rensburg

Head - Kristen Hunt

Media Committee: Martez Meyer, Megan McAuley, Valentina Longari, Megan MacGorman, Natheera Sirkhotte, Angelique Tee, Heather Wilkinson, Chiara Rossi-Falcon, Taybah Teladia, Nicole Rhodes, Tirrell Hobbs, Claire van Rensburg, Lisakhanya Duruwe, Jessica Schoeman

Head- Jessica-Jane du Pisanie

Deputy-  Kristin Hunt

First Aid Committee: Munira Natha, Octavia Johannes, Kelly Pullen, Meagan V.D. Merwe, Megan De Beer, Khanyisa Gqubule,

Shaakirah Cornelius, Heather Wilkinson, Natalie Petzer

Head- Mihlali Gana

Deputy- Natheera Sirkotte

Dance Committee: Loren Campbell, Claire van Rensburg, Angelique Tee, Okuhle Somandi, Khanya Jantjies, Mumtaaz Lukie, Uthimna Hobongwana, Lilitha Mali, Aliziwe Tshayna, Heather Wilkinson, Liyema Douw, Ondela Nkumanda, Siphosethu Banzi, Alulutho Mdlokolo, Asemahle Gqubule

SPCA: Lara Naidoo, Mateenah Langford, Sarah Werth, Ciara Rossi Falcon, Kayla-Anne Pretorius, Aarti Gajjar, Jessica Schoeman, Anjali Karsan, Megan de Beer, Natalie Harvey, Samantha Jones, Mandisa Witbooi, Megan McAuley, Lenae Naidoo, Kristen Hunt, Natheera Sirkhotte, Tirrell Hobbs, Jessica Jane du Pisanie

Deputy:  Lenea Naidoo

Head: Natheera Sirkhotte

Quiz: Sinovuyo Madlavu, Mateenah Langford, Lilitha Njokweni, Drew Minter, Carison Kramer, Olwethu Dlutu, Valentina Longari, Omhle Bisset, Qhamisa Mnyazi, Tammy Japhta

Deputy: Mateenah Langford

Head: Sinovuyo Madlavu

Debating: Aziwe Booi, Khanya Jantjies, Zama Makwbe, Phumza Mandla, Qhamisa Mnyazi, Zintle Momo, Ondela Nkumanda, Vuyisa Ntshoko, Emihle Prince, Sibabalwe Prusenti, Thabang Rini, Sinoxolo Sango

Deputy: Zintle Momo

Head: Emihle Prince

Evolutio: Olwethu Dlulu, Carleen Braun, Valentina Longari, Mpumelelo Mpshe, Sarah Werth, Alizwa Qhalo, Farryn Mapaleng, Casey Els, Carison Kramer, Charney Minnies

Deputy: Carleen Braun

Head: Olwethu Dlutu

Cultural Board: Martez Meyer, Tharwat Mohamed, Megan de Beer, Lenae Naidoo, Desire Ferguson, Nadene Chetty, Mthunzikazi Scott, Yonela Mali, Aphiwe Songo, Yonela Mapela, Mandisa Witbooi, Sanelisiwe Jobela, Nicole Rhodes, Grade  8 rep ”“ Robyn Minnaar, Grade  9 rep ”“ Nuraan Kasmed, Head of SPCA ”“ Natheera Sirkhotte, Head of Drama: Ondela Nkumanda, Head of Choir ”“ Ambesa Daniels, Head of Magazine ”“ Jessica Jane du Pisanie, Head of Evolutio ”“ Olwethu Dlutu, Head of Debating ”“ Emihle Prince, Head of Interact- Martez Meyer, Head of Library ”“ Emihle Prince, Head of Phly Thread ”“ Siviwe Tole, Head First Aid Committee- Mihlali Gana, Head of Quiz ”“ Sinovuyo Madlavu, Head of SCA - Angelique Tee, Head of Interact: Martez Meyer, Head of Computer Club- Kristen Hunt

Deputy: Megan de Beer

Head of Cultural Board = Martez Meyer

JTC: Mateenah Langford, Sinovuyo Madlavu, Carmynn Collins, Samantha Jones, Ambesa Daniels, Angelique Tee

Drama: Mthunkazi Schott, Ondela Nkumanda, Aphiwe Sango, Yonela Mali, Anelisa Nqonjoba, Khanya Jantjies, Olwethu Dlutu

Deputy: Olwetu Dluthu

Head: Ondela Nkumanda

Library: Prefects: Yonela Mapela,  Jessica Du Pisanie, Sanelisiwe Jikeka, Uthimna Hobongwana, Emihle Prince,  Chwayita Cuba, Shaye Jones / Monitors:  Sesam Davids,  Yolisa Sompuku,  Mthunzikazi Scott, Khanya Jantjies, Mpumelela Mpshe,  Buhle Ralo,  Samantha Jones, Benathi Douse,  Emma Rwodezi,  Ahlumile Nkume

Deputy: Sanelisiwe Jikeka

Head: Emihle Prince

Phly Thread:  Jamie-Lee Daniels, Sesam Davids,  Benathi Douse,  Natelie Harvey, Khanya Jantjies, Sanelisiwe Jikeka, Anjali Karsan ,  Mumtaaz Lukie, Okuhle Somandi, Siviwe Tole, Claire Van Rensburg

Head: Siviwe Tole

Interact : Tharwat Mohamed, Nadene Chetty, Tirrell Hobbs, Siviwe Tole, Shanice Pietersen, Munira Natha, Sisanda Nyati, Heather Wilkinson, Anjali Karsan, Martez Meyer, Ciara-Rossi Falcon, Alyssa-Jane Moritz, Taybuh Teladia, Octavia Johannes, Loren Campbell

Deputy- Tharwat Mohamed

Head- Martez Meyer

Choir Committee: Yonela Mapela, Pumela Kondile, Siphesihle Pepeta, Lilitha Mali, Leslynne Kayster, Ambesa Daniels

Deputy: Leslynne Kayster

Head : Ambesa Daniels

SCA: Mateenah Langford, Claire van Rensburg, Okuhle Somandi, Yonela Mapela, Angelique Tee, Lilitha Mali, Saneliswe Zitho, Carison Kramer, Leslynne Kayster, Tirell Hobbs, Asemahle Gqubele, Buhle Somandi

Deputy: Claire van Rensburg

Head: Angelique Tee







geography outing

10 August


Grade 5s visit elands  river nursery


Grade 5 technology


Geography outing

Aton de Vos provided a lovely report and great photographs of THE GEO OUTING: On the 23 June , the grade ten geography class went on an excursion . They learnt new and interesting things at the weather station in Port Elizabeth . "I really enjoyed my time spent at the weather station because it broadened m knowledge", says Halle Rayners. We would like to thank Mrs Bean and Mr Reynolds for sacrificing their time in order for us to to go on the excursion. We had a blast!


Riebeek - where kindness abounds

Message from Mrs Woods: Thanks to Lenae Naidoo for providing divine cupcakes for the prefects' meeting even though she was sick and absent from school. Our sincere thanks for her spirit of generosity and kindness!


miss johnson's birthday


grade 7 outing to cuyler manor


congratulations, megan

Megan MacGorman is a member of the Voortrekkers, an Afrikaans version of Scouts. She attended the yearly Voortrekker camp at Boknes and was the only English speaking girl in the group of 4 girls and six Grade 9 boys. They spent their day learning how to survive in a beach environment. They built shelters, learnt how to find fresh water, make fire and collect food. They witnessed the grade 11s catching and killing an octopus. Megan achieved her Strandvirnif badges.


Gideons' bibles

Riebeek was visited by Mr Gryling, Mr Slabert and Mr Strydom from the Gideons' Bibles team. The girls were asked: "When is the best time to accept the Lord as your saviour?" The answer was NOW. Their message to have a saving knowledge as that is the most important thing. Riebeek thanks them for addressing the seniors and for donating bibles to the Grade 8s.


Grade 10 Consumer studies



Riebeek College proudly handed over a donation to the Uitenhage Child Welfare.


matric dna practical - life sciences


start of year - painted classrooms


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