First day back 

First Day Focus through the lens of Mr Weidemann with the media club putting words to the feelings of the day:
Written by Romesa Muhammad
Information gathered by Inganathi Konono and Candice Rossouw
The first day of school was a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, anxiousness and dreading the upcoming workload of homework and tests. The early morning of the first day was full of joy; girls hugging one another, recalling tales about their holidays and ready to rise up to challenges of school life.We students were excited and happy to see our friends again . . . and of course to learn as well (education is important too).
Almost all the students can agree that although the holidays seemed longer when looking at the calender, in reality it actually felt much shorter. “The holidays went by way too fast, but I am ready and fully prepared to face what this matric year has in store for me,” said Tarryn Barry. Mihlali Majola was ecstatic to be back at school but she was highly apprehensive about academics and its pressure.
A new school year has begun with new goals and challenges at Riebeek College. For the Grade 4’s and a few others- it is the start of their journey at Riebeek and its loving atmosphere. For the rest of us- it's a fresh start as well and the same process of settling into our new places. The corridors are once again filled with busy bees heading towards their hives to start their paths to a sweet success. And for all us- it is a welcome to a wonderful world of Riebeek College.


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