The SPCA committee supported a coin collection drive in aid of the SPCA. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and almost filled all their tins!


Grade 12 Science learners visit the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre


Riebeek T-Shirt Learner Challenge
Once again the school will be giving you a t-shirt. As we did last year, we shall be running a competition where you get the opportunity to design the front of the t-shirt. Remember our theme ‘What a Wonderful World’ ‘#RgoodvibesC’ ‘#RgoodnewsC .
Vuyisa Ntshoko won the competition in 2017, Agcobile Gqubule in 2018 and Zoe Craill won last year.
The winning designer may have her name printed on the t-shirt.
The competition will close on 13 March 2020.
Entry forms can be fetched from the office.


Debating 26 February 2020
Riebeek 2 won against Cape Recife by forfeiture
Riebeek 1st team won against Muir 2nd team
*Riebeek 1:*
- Pholisa Madlavu as 1st Speaker
- Candice Rossouw as second speaker
- Fatima Mahouassa as 3rd Speaker
*Riebeek College 2:*
- 1st Speaker: Inganathi Mantewu
- 2nd Speaker: Thimna Tshayana
- 3rd Speaker: Unathi Butsaka


Congratulations to the Executive of the RCL:
Tristanne August (Secretary)
Nangamso Pepeta (Treasurer)
Anda Mbola (Deputy Chairperson)
Elihle Jantjies (Chairperson)


Riebeek College 2nd tennis team played a match against Framesby High School. The girls did exceptionally well for their first match of the season. The results were as follows:
Kay-Leigh Wilmot won her singles match and her doubles match with partner, Teneal Rudman.
Allyson Cunningham and Chulummanco Nkohli won one of their two doubles matches.
Riebeek College won the match 3 - 2

In the district, the isiXhosa First Language teachers set a target to reach 30% distinctions per school. Riebeek College attained 29% distinctions, followed by Marymount and Soqhanyisa in Motherwell. We are proud of Riebeek's Class of 2019 and Mrs Mapoma for being top of the list.


The UTH Baptist Church (Vector Kids Club) visited us in the hall. The girls were filled with excitement as they got to dance along to a song and learn about trust.
Vector Kids Club starts 7 February 2020 and it‘s for children between the age of 5 and 13.
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm.
It is FREE!


Library Duty.


Leya Bosman and Keely-Ann Maritz after the 3rd Age Group Gala.


The Grade 4 Welcome, hosted by the Senior Prefects, took place on Friday, 24 January 2020. Under the theme, "An Outer Space Adventure", the newest addition to our Riebeek Family were given a glimpse as to what their exciting years as Riebeek Girls will be like. Our Grade 4s had made a huge effort to dress up in their best alien outfits, with an enthusiasm proving second to none. Coach Kurt from Soccer Starz, alongside mascots Starski and Ballski, had opened the event through showing and allowing the Grade 4s to partake in the theme-related ball skills activities they had planned. Thereafter, our game of "Hot Space Rocks" had brought the event to a close, while the Grade 4s were awarded with treats for their great energy and spirit. We would like to thank Coach Kurt and his team from Soccer Starz for their effort and enthusiasm in every activity they planned for the girls. A special acknowledgement goes to Robyn Minnaar, Romesa Muhammad, Chaneal Labercensie and Alexandra Dennis for assisting me greatly in the organizing of this event. We hope that the Grade 4s look forward to their years to come, and that they are willing to undergo even more out-of-this-world adventures hereafter.
By Head Girl, Azraa Rockman


PARENTS - Green Fingers and Great Ideas Outdoor Lovers - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We want our school grounds to be wonderful and are seeking parents who would be willing to assist with planning, ideas, landscaping and gardening to create a beautiful school and make the world a little greener.
Please make contact via or 041 9922442 to indicate your willingness and TO provide contact details.


Megan Mac Gorman of the Class of 2019 popped in at school today to distribute tokens of appreciation for teachers who had taught her or inspired her. We were thrilled to note how perfectly the gifts matched our 2020 theme of What a Wonderful World! and the teachers were thrilled to be acknowledge and validated. It felt like a Oscar Winner moment.

Our upgraded bathrooms and change rooms at the back of the hall look amazing. We appeal to all our girls to keep the bathrooms looking pristine and neat. We can be so grateful and proud of the upgrade, and this pride should make us want to keep them perfect and sparkly for a long time. #goodnews #wonderfulfacilities


It is a wonderful world when our girls are safe as they arrive and depart from school. Please, drivers near our school, do not park on the pedestrian crossing , make u-turns in the immediate vicinity of the school (circle on both ends of North Street for changing direction) or use the main entrance driveway for dropping off or changing direction. Our girls are special and deserve to have law abiding drivers around them.


Prefects' Assembly


2020 Representative Council of Learners (RCL)
8C - Lucy van Heerden
8G - Angela Miles
8R - Taytum-Paige Bosch
9C - Zodidi Gomomo
9G - Liyabona Meke
9R - Khazimla Tebeka
10C - Tristanne August
10G - Rachel Akilo
10R - Lihle Thabatha
11C - Elihle Jantjies
11G - Sinobom Lupondwana
11R - Bernice Donker
12C - Anda Mbola
12G - Nangamso Pepetha
12R - Zaraa Isaacs


Riebeek College's Media Club started off the year with an amazing Photography Tips and Tricks workshop on 21 January. Mr Weidemann, who presented this workshop explained various techniques and aspects of photography including the importance of balancing the ISO, aperture and the shutter speed when taking a photo. He also explained the rule of thirds, to look for lines that lead to the object you want to take a photo of and how symmetry can make a beautiful photo. We learnt how photography can make a great hobby and that there are various types of photography such as abstract, fashion, black and white, long exposure and Ariel photography. We would like to thank Mr Weidemann for presenting this workshop and Miss Mxoli fand Mrs Gerber or overseeing the workshop. Well done to Head of Media Club, Kiara Brink, on promoting the event. Thank you to the many girls who supported - it was a great turnout.
-Chanté Potgieter


For a clean school, we want to ensure that our girls learn from young that it is important to pick up litter. Grade 4 learners understand the importance of having a clean environment and that our school will be a better place. Every day after breaks we pick litter in the quad and sports field. We place the litter in our classroom bin. The girls enjoy it and we call it a "token of appreciation" for being in Mrs Mukie's class. We want to try and educate the girls to be responsible citizens and to protect the environment as we do the 3 Rs they were taught in Grade 3. REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE ♻


traffic alert

We have noticed cars doing U-turns across the pedestrian crossing in North Street and then driving off in the opposite direction to the way the car was facing. Our girls are precious and we cannot have their safety put at risk by traffic violations. Please follow the rules of the road. There is a turning opportunity at the end of North Street. Please use that and not any other place to turn in the road.


A huge thank you goes to the prefects for the awesome Grade 4 Welcome on Friday afternoon.


Grade 8 and 12 Parents' Evenings


 The SPCA Grade 5 cake sale was a great success! A big thank you to the Grade 5s and their parents for the generous donations of the delicious treats!


Elton House: Sneaker Day - the girls enjoyed showing off their colourful, name branded sneakers in an effort to raise funds for the needy.


Chante Potgieter did her Grade 5 Trinity College London Musical Theatre exam on 7 November 2019 and achieved a 90% which gave her a distinction and was placed on the top achievers list in the Eastern Cape.


Textbook drive and some general reminders 

The deadline for the covering of textbooks and books has arrived. Textbooks are expensive. To reduce our carbon imprint, we want textbooks to last. Textbooks are very expensive and we plead with our learners and parents to take good care of these valuable assets as we cannot afford to keep replacing textbooks because of negligence on the part of the learners. We also want to encourage our girls to always be neat and to check their appearance to ensure it upholds the good name of our school.
Some general reminders of our valued rules:
Front door for matrics, adults and staff only, foyer area and patio not for sitting there or loitering at
Cell phones not permitted – if you have it with you then off and hidden – no earphones in at any time
No eating or drinking in passages or classrooms
Windbreakers only worn when wind or rain and only outdoors not in class
Learners should not interrupt teachers at staff room at second break
Please ensure parents obey traffic laws outside school – no u turns in school driveway or at pedestrian crossing
Earings, bristles and plasters over earings not allowed
Jersey not worn as outer garment off school premises
On assembly days leave bag outside classroom where you are for lesson 3, go to hall with subject teacher and find your place in hall – no talking in hall – do not go to quad first, go straight into hall
Stand aside for those older than you
No wearing of badges not issued by Riebeek, no fundraising without permission of principal
Once dropped off at school in morning, you may not walk to the shops

Leadership 2020


Riebeek College 2nd tennis team played a match against Framesby High School. The girls did exceptionally well for their first match of the season. The results were as follows:
Kay-Leigh Wilmot won her singles match and her doubles match with partner, Teneal Rudman.
Allyson Cunningham and Chulummanco Nkohli won one of their two doubles matches.
Riebeek College won the match 3 - 2


Riebeek fielded 2 senior teams at the Alex Debating Festival. Of four debates, the Riebeek team won 3. Riebeek Team 1 won its first round debate against Grey. Unfortunately, the team lost the debate against Pearson in the second round. Riebeek Team 2 defeated Uitenhage High in a first round debate and Muir in the second round. Candice Roussouw won a Best Speaker award.


In the district, the isiXhosa First Language teachers set a target to reach 30% distinctions per school. Riebeek College attained 29% distinctions, followed by Marymount and Soqhanyisa in Motherwell. We are proud of Riebeek's Class of 2019 and Mrs Mapoma for being top of the list.


Library Duty.


First day back 

First Day Focus through the lens of Mr Weidemann with the media club putting words to the feelings of the day:
Written by Romesa Muhammad
Information gathered by Inganathi Konono and Candice Rossouw
The first day of school was a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, anxiousness and dreading the upcoming workload of homework and tests. The early morning of the first day was full of joy; girls hugging one another, recalling tales about their holidays and ready to rise up to challenges of school life.We students were excited and happy to see our friends again . . . and of course to learn as well (education is important too).
Almost all the students can agree that although the holidays seemed longer when looking at the calender, in reality it actually felt much shorter. “The holidays went by way too fast, but I am ready and fully prepared to face what this matric year has in store for me,” said Tarryn Barry. Mihlali Majola was ecstatic to be back at school but she was highly apprehensive about academics and its pressure.
A new school year has begun with new goals and challenges at Riebeek College. For the Grade 4’s and a few others- it is the start of their journey at Riebeek and its loving atmosphere. For the rest of us- it's a fresh start as well and the same process of settling into our new places. The corridors are once again filled with busy bees heading towards their hives to start their paths to a sweet success. And for all us- it is a welcome to a wonderful world of Riebeek College.


team building 2020 - alice in wonderland


Debating Results of 5 March
Team 1:
1. Pholisa Madlavu
2. Candice Rossouw
3. Siyavuya Moyake
Team 1 debated against Grey High School Team 1 and lost.
Team 2:
1. Nobuhle Moyo
2. Thimna Tshanyana
3. Unathi Butsaka
Team 2 debated against Lawson Brown and won.
Candice Rossouw won Best Speaker despite her team's defeat.

Thimna Tshanyana won best speaker and acknowledged as one of the best speakers of the league this season by the chief adjudicator for the league.


Azraa Rockman was placed second when she represented Riebeek in an exceptionally closely contested speech competition sponsored by SACEE.


The Nelson Mandela Bay River Mile was held on Sunday 23rd February 2020.
We had 9 girls participating in the events held and would like to congratulate them.
Kee-Lynn Armoed who finished 10th in her U10 age category, Keira-Lee Armoed who finished 2nd in her U12 age category and Taegan Jantjies who finished 15th in her U12, Gravity Kids, across the river race.
Girls who completed in the Ladies River Mile:
Cameron Jackson, Leya Bosman, Callan Elie, Lauren Labercensie, Nikaylynne Ford, Kiara Jantjies.
Well done Ladies!


In 2019 we had seven girls participating in the SAASTA Natural Science and Natural Science Olympiad.
We would like to congratulate the ladies .
Natural Science Olympiad (Grade 10 – 12)
Jade Rudman, Joanne Miller (Gr 12), Lerise Johnson (matriculated 2019)
Natural Science Olympiad (Grade 7 – 9)
Candice Rossouw, Sarah Mc Farlane, Zoë Muller, Jameelah Sirkhotte
Well done Ladies!


Keely-Ann Maritz and Leya Bosman participated in the 2020 Top 8 Championship Gala at Newton Park swimming pool on 28 February.
Leya Bosman swam her best time of the season in the 50m butterfly in a very tough competition.
Keely-Ann Maritz won 2nd place and silver medals for 50m Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle, while winning a Gold medal for 1st place in 50m Backstroke.
Well done. We are so proud of you!


Grade 12 Life Science class having some testicular fun dissecting a testicle for the reproduction lesson before test week

The Grade 6 Natural Sciences and Technology pupils have had much fun processing their raw materials into products for tasting and displaying. This is their Term 1 Formal Assessment: Practical Investigation - Food Processing


elton house day

On Monday, 17th of February, The Elton House held its annual House Day and they were joined by Mrs Quinette Goosen who was accompanied by Mrs Glenise Howard . Mrs Goosen shared the wonderful work that they do for the community through the Mula Community which has been running for 5 years now . The Mula Community exchanges food for children who recycle plastic. Through this Community, Mrs Goosen and her team reduce hunger among the needy, they help keep the environment clean , and teach the children to work and not expect handouts . Riebeek College thanks The Mula Community for helping to create a #wonderfulworld . Elton also thanks everyone who helped us fundraise and who contributed to this great cause.❤


Alpha Leo donation

On 12 February, the Alpha Leo committee of Riebeek College, handed over support packs to the Rape Crisis Centre of the Provincial Hospital in Uitenhage.
Sgt Lovemore and her co-worker came to Riebeek College to collect the support packs so that they could use them at the Rape Crisis Centre. Sgt Lovemore works in the police force of Uitenhage and she is in charge of the Rape Crisis Centre iat the Provincial Hospital. She is the one who handles the police side of the rape cases.
The support packs that the Alpha Leo committee put together included soap, toothpaste, underwear, deodorant, face cloths, and sanitary pads. Rape victims need these goods as they may not shower before evidence is collected. Most of the time, rape victims also need clothing and something to eat such as noodles. These are all provided by the Rape Crisis sponsors such as churches in Uitenhage and Desiree, a social worker who always lends a helping hand.
According to Sgt Lovemore, Riebeek College is the only school in Uitenhage that supports and donates to the Rape Crisis Centre.
The funds needed to buy the goods was collected last year, when we all wore black to protest against violence against women and children. “Thank /you” to everyone at Riebeek who contributed that civvies day. You made it all possible. Alpha Leo appreciates Mrs Stear’s support in this and other initiatives.
We would like to thank Sgt Lovemore and everyone working with her in supporting and helping the rape victims. More people with jobs like theirs are needed in this world.
By Siyamthanda Mbanga


Leadership 2020


Riebeek fielded 2 senior teams at the Alex Debating Festival. Of four debates, the Riebeek team won 3. Riebeek Team 1 won its first round debate against Grey. Unfortunately, the team lost the debate against Pearson in the second round. Riebeek Team 2 defeated Uitenhage High in a first round debate and Muir in the second round. Candice Roussouw won a Best Speaker award.

Technical Training Workshop 2020
By Candice Rossouw
The technical training workshop held on 28 January was planned by the Cultural Boatd and hosted by the Computer Club. The aim of the workshop was to familiarise Riebeek learners with the technical aspect of school such as dealing with sound equipment for assemblies and making sure that all of the technical aspects are synchronized to work.
The workshop kicked off with a welcome by Mrs Gerber with some thanks extended and some important reminders, then Sitha Kondile, a Computer Club committee member, followed with a welcome and Cultural Board member, Kwakho Bissett, set out the do's and dont's of working with the school's technical equipment. This proved to be helpful in giving learners insight into what can be expected when working with technical equipment and treating it with absolute care.
Thereafter, the learners were divided into groups and taken to 3 different stations. These stations were namely the sound equipment, the projector room and the cables. Zaraa Issacs, the Compter Club head, along with Mr Jonas explained the logistics of working with the sound equipment. The learners were given a behind-the-scenes look into how everything is controlled from the sound area. This proved to be informative as one often does not realise the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making events an all-round success.
The cable station was up next. Here, Naseehah Dolley and Sitha Kondile taught each learner how to coil cables. Everyone was given a chance to try it out. Although it seemed difficult at the beginning, everyone kept trying until they got it right. This activity not only taught us how to coil cables, but also taught us how to keep trying until we got something right and not to give up immediately.
Finally, the learners were taken to the projector room, where Joanne Miller, Computer Club committee member, explained what takes place in the projector room. The projector room was where the magic happened! Here, visuals for the projector was controlled and although stepping into a room filled technical equipment seemed intimidating, as Joanne began explaining the purpose of the equipment in the projector, it began to feel more like a great learning experience.
In conclusion, the technical training workshop was a great success and was an informative learning experience for everyone present. A huge thanks goes to Mr Jonas, Mr Calitz, Mrs Gerber and the Computer Club and Cultural Board for arranging this wonderful workshop. Special mention has to be made of the commendable hard work of the Computer Club and for giving the learners an opportunity to learn from them and savor this learning experience.


Riebeek welcomes Miss Chanté Oliphant. Miss Oliphant matriculated from Brandwag High School in 2012 and went on to study for her Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating in 2016, and her Honours degree in Afrikaans through the Neslon Mandela University in 2017. She obtained her PGCE Intermediate and Senior Phase at UNISA in 2019.
Miss Oliphant enjoys reading book on the Second World War and being outdoors in nature or at the beach, and spending time with family and friends. She values her close knit family and has one younger brother. She is described as talkative, helpful and compassionate. She says “Honesty and integrity are very important to me. I believe we are capable of all things through Christ who strengthens us.” She would love to travel and explore different cultures.
Miss Oliphant will be replacing Miss Meyers in the Afrikaans department in the high school and she hopes to grow professionally at Riebeek.
Welcome to the family, Miss Oliphant!


Riebeek College Girls’ High School in Uitenhage is filled with young ladies from Grade 4 to 12 and young-at-heart staff who are celebrating! The celebrations are part of our 2020 theme of celebrating the wonder of our world as we strive to spread good news, good vibes and positivity while drawing attention to the need for a greener world.
We particularly celebrate the great news of the Class of 2019 who thrilled us with their 100% pass rate and the personal milestones they reached in the areas of cultural, service and character building. Our isiXhosa Home Language class attained the most subject distinctions in the district. Nine of our wonderful learners attained A aggregates, and Riebeek was placed third in the Eastern Cape.
We celebrate too the hive of activity at the school, as befits the bee motif of our school. A leadership camp to Zuurberg was a welcome retreat to nature and celebration of a beautiful and wonderful world where all things are possible when one is positive. Our little Grade 4s were warmly welcomed with an out-of-this-world theme on a space welcoming adventure. Nearly 200 learners took part in the club challenge of the Alice In Wonderland team building afternoon with 18 clubs competing in fun activities to build team spirit. And, learners have experienced the thrill of opening their eyes to what the world needs to be saved and recognising that the learners are the generation who will define the future of this planet. And so, the corridors and fields are abuzz as our busy bees take on enriching activities and are as busy as the bees that are so critical to our world’s biodiversity.
Mrs Kieran Stear, principal of Riebeek College, said, “At Riebeek, this is the year of no fake news, of only good, uplifting news and of smelling the roses. The staff are committed to the belief that when we put faith, hope and love together, teachers and parents can raise positive children in an increasingly negative world.“

Riebeek welcomes Mrs Meda Plaatjies Goeiman back into the Riebeek family. Mrs Goeiman was raised in Uitenhage and is a Riebeek Old Girl from the Class of 2010. She returns to Riebeek in time for her 10 year reunion at Founder’s Day on 8 May!
At school she had a keen interest in Drama, Debating and Badminton.
She read for her BA degree in Psychology and English and completed her PGCE at Nelson Mandela University, graduating Cum Laude. She taught at Hillside High School in Port Elizabeth for 2 years.
Mrs Goeiman hopes to create a classroom where learners can reach their full potential inside and outside of it, a place where they can grow and challenge themselves to be their best.
Mrs Goeiman enjoys spending leisure time with family and friends, traveling and spending time with her husband, a teacher at Muir College.
She says “I am very excited to be back at Riebeek, the school that groomed and moulded me into the young lady that I am today. I hope to instil the same principles and values into the girls I teach.” Her favourite quote is: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela
Mrs Goeiman joins the English and Life Orientation departments in the high school. Welcome back home, Mrs Goeiman!


Prefects’ Camp Article
by Azraa Rockman
The 2020 Prefects’ Camp had added the fuel to our excitement for this great year of leadership ahead. Held from Wednesday to Friday on 29 to 31 January, we were ready to catch a glimpse of what this year of service will be like, while determined to learn more about ourselves and our fellow leaders in the process.
The remainder of our eventful week had begun with a trek up the Zuurberg Mountain, where we had been divided into smaller groups and instructed to come up with a song and accompanying dance moves about our experiences while on our journey to the inn. While 5km had seemed like a reasonable walking distance at first, it became clear that the mountain itself was out to test just how fit we really were. However, regardless of the fact that Miss Potgieter had offered to drive us to our destination (probably because we were walking too slowly), Chaneal Labercensie was adamant to make it to the lodge on her own, choosing to jog the rest of the way, even in the stifling heat. Finally, with the first bit of bonding done with most of us breaking a sweat in the process, we were ready to begin our official journey into the experience ahead.
The days following our arrival had entailed a series of self-development conferences, where we had been given great insight into many aspects of leadership, such as listening skills, assertiveness and conflict resolution. Our school’s consulting psychologist, Miss Nerine Loock, had allowed us to look deeper into our very own personality traits through a self-evaluation exercise, dividing us into four groups – the Greens, Blues, Golds and Oranges—based on what our personality had told us. Within each colour group, we were able to establish exactly what our strengths are, what are our accompanying weaknesses, and how we should choose to handle certain situations of conflict. Not only was this new knowledge helpful in showing us what we never had known about ourselves before, but it was also fun to see just how many people fell into the same category as others, while establishing ways for our differences to coincide harmoniously.
As a prefect body, we were also given the opportunity to learn more about each other through our Johari’s Window presentations, where we were given time to share aspects regarding our known, unknown and private self, as well as who we hoped to become in the near and far future. While some presentations had taken a more emotional turn, we were all nonetheless grateful for the fact that everyone was so willing open up about certain aspects about themselves that we would never have revealed under normal circumstances. Hopefully, we will all use what we have gained as a way of getting closer to our fellow Prefects through gaining a new understanding of one another, ensuring a dynamic year of service ahead of us.
Conferences aside, we were also allowed our own fair share of fun and games. When the weather seemed to play its cards in our favour, we took it in ourselves to make a trip down to the swimming pool for a dip, or for a simple chill session beside the waters. And if swimming wasn’t exactly our ideal way of entertaining ourselves, we found ourselves either scouting for the feral cats in the surrounding area, taking selfies beside the greenery, or avoiding the monkeys that patrolled the lodge grounds. Under one particular circumstance, Lisakhanya Daniels found herself in a state of near trauma after her encounter with one of the monkeys, resulting in her frantic yet swift movements in her efforts to hide behind me as one of our furry friends advanced on her. After realising that all the little creature wanted was the banana peel in her hand, she was quick to hand it over, while making it clear that she will never forgive me for laughing at her. Above everything else, I think it is safe to say that that particular instance had been my highlight of the entire camp. (Sorry, Lisa.)
The end of our second day had us realising that our camp was coming to an end. However, we were determined to make the most of our final evening together. After being fed to burst at dinner, most of us made it to the room Amber du Plessis and Ganeefa Sirkhotte for a bathroom photoshoot, with some of the Junior Prefects joining in. And seeing that the session carried on into the next morning, it was no wonder why we were so exhausted by the time we needed to get up for the day of our departure from Zuurberg.
While we were feeling a bit relieved about being able to make it home to make a dent in the workload awaiting us, a little bit of sadness had definitely hung in the air, especially for us as the Senior Prefects. For some of us, this had been their second Prefects’ Camp since Grade 7, while for others, it had been their first. But regardless of that, it had become clear that this camp had been the last time that our busy schedules would allow for us to go anywhere exciting as a team. We do acknowledge, however, that the experience had simply been unforgettable. I am forever grateful towards Mrs Stear and Mrs Snyman, and I would like to thank them for making this camp possible and for giving us the opportunity to look deeper into ourselves and our fellow leaders. On behalf of the Junior and Senior Prefect body, I would also like to say thank you to Miss Potgieter and Miss Loock for accompanying us on this camp and for providing us so much valuable knowledge that we will definitely make use of during our year of service and beyond.
I would like to thank my fellow Prefects for building such a fond memory with me, and one that I hope to cherish for a long time. It has become clear to me that this camp had signified the beginning of a journey that we will all be encountering together, and although I am unsure of how this journey will end, I only wish that we reach our desired destination with a smile and a heart full of memories as we look back to these moments at the end of the year. I look forward to this year ahead of us, and I hope that we can learn even more about each other in the process. May your leading light shine on all those who need it, while lighting up the paths that we will be taking to our future as well.

Mrs Viljoen had a pink day today when the staff threw a surprise stork party for her. There were lots of oohs and aahhs at the cutest outfits and baby supplies.


Riebeek welcomes Mr Vincent Koekemoer. Mr Koekemoer was born and raised in Uitenhage, where he attended Muir College Boys’ High School and matriculated in 1982. He obtained his National Diploma in Building Surveying at Port Elizabeth Technicon.
Mr Koekemoer has a family connection to Riebeek . He is the brother of Old Girl and former teacher of Life Sciences, Mrs Janet Jooste, who now resides in Cape Town. He has been described as hardworking, patient and soft hearted. He is a real life MacGyver and can fix almost anything. He spends his free time restoring antiques as can be seen with his 1942 Willys Jeep. He has a good sense of humour.
Mr Koekemoer is very happy to be joining the Riebeek family and said, “I hope my stay here will be long and pleasant.”


Riebeek Girl wins trip to Silicon Valley


Riebeek welcomes Mrs Samantha Haynes-Africa. Mrs Haynes-Africa, who is more affectionately known as Mamma Afrika or Mamma A, was born and raised in Uitenhage. She attended St Colmcille in Kirkwood where she matriculated in 1990. Our own Mrs Peltason was her English teacher in matric.
She obtained her Diploma in Education at Dower College of Education and later she specialised in Special Needs teaching at the University of Pretoria. She is reading for her Honours Degree in Education at Walter Sisulu University.
Mamma Africa is the mother of five beautiful children Brandon, Aidan-Mark, Lindsay-Grace, Daniel and Donè. Lindsay-Grace is now a Riebeek girl in Grade 5. Mamma Africa is vibrant, energetic and full of life. She believes in the four C’s: Be Committed to your goal, Be Consistent, Consolidate your plan and Communicate.
Welcome to the family, Mamma Afrika!


Debating Results 6 February:
Team 1
Lisakhanye Daniels
Thimna Tshayana
Unathi Butsaka
Debated against Muir College and lost
Team 2
Fatima Mahoussa
Candice Roussouw
Kay Leigh Wilmot
Debated against Newton Tech and lost


vote for Kay-leigh

Kay-leigh Klopper, in Grade 10G at Riebeek College Girls' High School, auditioned on 4 December 2019 for Miss S.A Junior Teen 2020 in Port Elizabeth and made it through to the finals that is taking place in Pretoria on 28 March 2020.
 To vote, SMS the code JT13 to 47087. R2,00 (ZAR) per SMS. Free and bundled SMSs do not apply. You will not get a reply SMS. Do not include any other words, names or phrases as those SMSs will not count. You can SMS as many times as you want to. Please support our stunning finalists to win the Face of South Africa title


Media Club Oscars 27 January 2020
The Oscar for Journalism goes to Sara Gopal for her informative article on her trip to America which was well edited and full of interesting facts.
The Oscar for photography goes to Bilqees Vowda for her stunning civvies day photographs of 24 January where she where she used composition, lighting and staging of the subjects to good effect


The UTH Baptist Church (Vector Kids Club) visited us in the hall. The girls were filled with excitement as they got to dance along to a song and learn about trust.
Vector Kids Club starts 7 February 2020 and it‘s for children between the age of 5 and 13.
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm.
It is FREE!


Junior choir rehearsal


UD Express


first day back 2020

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