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In an effort to raise funds, Riebeek College would like to offer to parents who own their own business, the opportunity to advertise their business on Billboards on the school grounds, more notably, around the hockey fields. Alternatively, any parent’s employers, Old Girls, friends of Riebeek and local or national businesses who would like to advertise would also be afforded this opportunity.
The advertisement would be placed on a 3m x 1m Chromodek board in a frame. This is double sided so one would then get the use of both sides of the board. The board is also fully moveable and secured with pegs when placing it.
The annual cost for this would be R5000.00 per annum, plus a one off installation fee of R3000.00. Thereafter, annual renewals would cost R4000.00
If you would like to make use of this advertising possibility, please email the school on or call Mrs Nel on 041-9922442.
Yours Sincerely

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