Farewell, Dr Boucher

#happybirthday #happyretirement #legend Dr Boucher served Riebeek faithfully, touching lives 1988-2017.

Do read the farewell tributes to Dr Boucher in our News section under Latest Articles and view a video clip on our youtube channel (see the link on our home page)


mama monica is proud

Mama Monica's grandchildren, Hlunukuhle Blaauw and Lisindiso Five, are both in Grade 7 at Nokwezi Combined Primary School in Uitenhage. They took part in an isiXhosa event with the theme: Oliver Thambo - the Legend. This was from 31 August to 1 September in King William's Town, accompanied by their teacher, Mrs Bobani. Hlunukuhle gave an impressive acting performance and Lusindiso impressed with his performance on a musical instrument, the flute.
Reporting by Olwethu Mahlinza and Phelisa Kosi, Media Committee

A warm Riebeek welcome to Miss Rozanne Meyers who has joined the Riebeek Family as an Afrikaans teacher (Dr Boucher retires at the end of July).  Miss Meyers attended Brandwag High School where she was a member of the Drama Club Christian Association and a First Aider. Miss Meyers holds a B.Ed and B.Th. She studied at NMMU and taught at Strelitzia High School.  She loves creative arts, singing and dancing and is a member of the Elim Assembly of God church.  Her favourite quote is, “To thine own self be true” (William Shakespeare) as she believes that there is nothing worse than imitating someone else.  She is qualified to teach English and Afrikaans. 


congratulations to the barnard family

Congratulations to the Barnard family. Jared Barnard, son of our school bursar, has been selected to play in the National Youth Orchestra


sca assembly

SCA Assembly dealt with the theme" "Dare to walk on water!": 
Learners were challenged to step out of their comfort zones and face their challenges in order to succeed and do something great. The hymn "Oceans" tied in nicely with the theme as the lyrics read " Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you may call me." The Introduction was done by Gabrielle Ownhouse. Announcements by Amee Exford. Bible Reading: Matt 14 22-28 by Malakiwe Hoffman. Prayer by Jordan Oldham. The Juniors taught the entire school the walk on water dance. Thank you to all involved for making the assembly such fun especially the little Grade 4 dancers. After assembly, the Gideons represented by Mr Strydom and Mr Greyling gave the Grade 8's a short message before handing out a Bible to each one. Thank you for blessing us so.

Sasol Forever Resorts ENVIRO QUIZ 2017

Congratulations to the following girls who took part in the semi-final round of the Sasol Forever Resorts ENVIRO QUIZ 2017. Each received a certificate, a cash prize and a medal. Well done, Abrina Booysen, Aeryn Ferreira, Zoe Craill, Liybona Meke, Jihaad Ravat and Salmah Salie.


grade 4 assembly

The Grade 4’s held their assembly on the 30th of August. They practiced with great excitement and enthusiasm…because they all know that practice makes perfect.
Their assembly had a unique setting and a valuable lesson was to be learnt at the end. Their message they wanted to get across to the junior school was approached as an experiment, called “The Apple Experiment”.

Two apples were used. “Apple A” and “Apple B”. These two apples looked exactly the same in appearance. Nice and kind words were said about Apple A and passed on to the learners – “You are a lovely apple”, “Your skin is beautiful”, “Oh my, what a stunning shade of red you are”. The opposite was done to Apple B. Insulting and unkind words were said to Apple B and passed on to the learners – “You are a smelly apple, I don’t even know why you exist”, “I hate your skin, so pale and dull”, “You are just a stupid little apple”.
Both of these apples still looked perfect on the outside but the same could not be said for how they looked on the inside. When Apple A was cut open, it was beautiful and juicy on the inside but when Apple B was cut open it was brown and bruised.
“When people are bullied, like Apple B, they feel horrible inside and sometimes don’t show or tell others how they are feeling. If we hadn’t have cut that apple open, we would never have known how much pain we had caused it. These two apples represent us as people. If we are kind to one another and build each other up...we feel good on the inside...just like apple A. But when we bully, say nasty things to others and break them down...they get hurt and bruised on the inside. Apple B is a clear example of the devastating effect words / negative words can have on others. This is what happens inside every one of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions.”
The Grade 4’s ended their assembly off with a cute and catchy song that motivates each and every learner to make our school a “Bully Free Zone”. The lyrics of the chores goes as follow:
“This school right here is a bully free zone and here’s a list of all our don’ts: We don’t hurt bodies, we don’t hurt hearts. Making fun, we don’t take part. We don’t wound others again and again. We show RESPECT 100%”

Well done, Sinomtha

Sinomtha Mshweshwe took part in the Science Expo at Nelson Mandela University and presented an experiment about Density and Temperature. Well done, Sinomtha.


The following Grade 8s are commended for outstanding  extra-curricular writing. Unfortunately too late for submission to the magazine, their poems will be entered in the POETRY COMPETITION being run by EVOLUTIO.
Meagan Roos
Luthandolwakhe Storm
Dohne Pennacchini
Christy Witter
Neve Burness
All interested in entering the POETRY COMPETITION are to give their poems to Valentina Longari or Mrs Peltason.


Bilquees Vawda and Siphesihle Ngxenge took part in the Shotokan Bluewater Bay Eagles Club competition. Siphesihle won first place (GOLD) for Kumite and third place (Bronze) for Kata. Bilquees won second place (SILVER) for Kata and third place (BRONZE) for Kumite. Well done to our Grade 7 Karate Kids. We are so proud of you. 

Geography outing

The Grade 11 Geography girls, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Bean, went to Addo Elephant Park for their excursion on the 25 August. It was an eye opening experience to see how everything plays a role in our environment and that if you set your mind to something, anything is possible. Addo is filled with only indigenous animals and although it was cold, we were lucky enough to see Zebras, Warthogs, Kudus, Hyenas and more. Such a beautiful environment makes you realize what a beautiful country we have. Thank you, Drew Minter, for the photographs and information.


top readers in grade 8

All these girls have attained a standard that would see them welcomed as readers by the SA Library for the Blind. This means they are reading far above the expected level for their grade.
Meagan Roos ; Onesimo Ntsoeu; Erinn Kettledas
Britney Lingham, Sitha Kondile, Chante Potgieter
Hasti Pansuriya, Grace Terblanche, Kwakho Bissett, Asavela Sikwebu, Caitlin Peters


junior oratory contest


The juniors spoke exceptionally well at the Oratory Contest today. Rebecca Wilkinson was the winner in the grade 4 and 5 section Her topic was ' How to tell if your pet needs counselling'. Kate-Lynn Forbes won the Grade 6 and 7 section and her topic was 'Women'. All the speakers are deserving winners in their own right. Thank you to Mrs Peltason for adjudicating.

hockey badge for shannon blignaut

Congratulations to Shannon Blignaut who has earned her Hockey badge for her service to the First Team. She has been a part of the team's set up this year and has made a major contribution to the defensive structure. This badge is well deserved. Thank you Shannon for your contribution to the First Team!



As an attempt to improve quality teaching and learning of basic foundational Mathematics in the Province, schools were encouraged to let their top learners participate in the District elimanations:

Riebeek College learners:
Grade 6
Reutloue Dunywa 6R
Jihaad Ravat 6C
Grade 7
Chrizney Butler 7R
Liqhawe Nogampula 7C

Liqhawe Nogampula was placed 1st in the District and therefore she will represent the District on Mon 04 September 2017 at the Provincial Eliminations in East London.


afrikaans olympiad results


Ballet success 

Congratulations to Done September on obtaining a distinction in her Grade 2 Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exam


grade 5 light bulbs

Grade 5's completed the Technology project by making a simple electric circuit. There were yells of delight when the bulb 




Leadership seminar 2017

Leadership Seminar 2017 themed "Leadership lessons from pets" was an awesome event. 180 learners were presented with a professional presentation by Sinovuyo Madlavu and her Cultural Board team. Matric leaders presented lessons from their personal experiences. Girls were asked to bring a donation to the SPCA - thank you to the many girls who supported this initiative.


grade 7 research 

Our Grade 7's using the junior lab to do some research for their projects


Well done to our writers

Lauren MacGorman and Megan Potgieter, Grade 7, received GOLD awards in the SACEE National 100-word Short Story Competition. We are very proud of them!


safefe olympiad - july 

After much nail biting and studying extra work, the SAFEFE Olympiad for Grade 9 learners took place and Riebeek hosted  the first round. The home turf turned out to be an advantage as Riebeek teams were placed sixth, fourth and second. The next round will be at Riebeek on 3 August. Thank you to Mr Reynolds and the ground staff for preparing the hall so perfectly. The winning team was Chevelle Ludeke, Teneal Rudman, and Jamie Kayser.


South African team at the WJKA KARATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, In the netherlands.


voter education drive


English olymiad

The English Olympiad results this year were excellent. Of the 13 girls who wrote, there were nil Merit Awards, everyone scoring Bronze or better. Ondela Nkumanda, Nompumelelo Mpshe, and Emma Rwodzi earned respectable Bronze Awards, Siviwe Ndodana, Valentina Longari, Sinovuyo Madlavu, Aziwe Booi, Omhle Bissett (writing for the first time), Jamie Lee Daniels, Ambesa Daniels, Khanya Janties and Lerise Johnson (also a first time participant) were awarded Very Good, or Silver Certificates. Congratulations all of you who entered for the first, second or final time. The school applauds your efforts. 
Heather Wilkinson won herself 25th place with her Gold Award, and a year’s tuition bursary at Rhodes University in the faculty of her choice. 
Mrs Peltason reports on English Olympiad 2018: Next year’s anthology I am proud to say is my own, and almost ready to go to print. The Title is We Will Remember Them and the theme is The Poetry of War and Peace. The price of the Examination, Anthology and Study Guide is R130, payable as soon as you are ready. I encourage every person who has written and is Grade 10 or 11 to try again and ‘Go for Gold’. See Mrs Peltason if you are interested.


corporate ironman

Congratulations to the Riebeek Racers team, sponsored by Kroscut, in Ironman Corporate. They came in 212th of 401 teCongratulations to the Riebeek Racers team, sponsored by Kroscut, in Ironman Corporate. They came in 212th of 401 teams and were the 9th all female team to cross the finishing line.Congratulations too to Mrs Myburg's family team.


well done, Liqhawe

Liqhawe Nogampula took part in the district Mental Maths Challenge. We were thrilled to announce that she had won the district Maths Challenge and was entered into the Provincial Mental Maths Challenge which took place on the 04/09 in Stutterheim.
Liqhawe made calculated decisions that led her to the right answers. What a smarty. She was placed in the top 5 and we are so proud of her. Well done girl, problem solved. Thank you to her mom for taking her to represent the school and for allowing her to take part in this opportunity.


grade 6 assembly

This August we celebrate a special month dedicated to women and acknowledge the wisdom, strength and courage that all women have. As young girls, it is important for us to be brave and to face each day with a positive attitude. We also need to try and to be a hero for ourselves and to others. But what does this mean? What does being a hero mean? How can all of us be a hero? 
The learners of grade 6 performed a role play for the school to answer these significant questions. Their play, titled, “Be brave, be a hero,” starred Mr Jonas as Superman as well as the Ghostbusters and Wonder Woman. They entertained the audience while teaching them a valuable lesson. The whole grade performed the hit song from Moana to remind everyone that you’ll never know how far you will go and the places you will go if you always believe in yourself and never stop trying your best. 
Thank you to Miss Hattingh, Mr Jonas and the stars of Grade 6


grade 12 geography excursion

By Nicole Rhodes

Today, the Grade 12 Geography girls, accompanied by Mrs Bean, Mr Fourie from Muir and his Grade 12 Geography class had a "normal school day, but in a different classroom". Our first stop was at the Volkswagen Auto Pavilion in Uitenhage where we looked at models of all the vintage cars and we even got to experience the thrill of being in a race car (some of us completely destroyed the cars by means of our lack of driving skills!). Throughout the pavilion, there were many information boards with regards to the history of Volkswagen and the cars that they have produced from the 1950s to present. Everyone had lots of fun as there was lots to learn and look at. 
After this, we went to the PE airport and weather station...but first, we stopped at the Engen garage for refreshments! At the weather station we looked at various weather instruments which measures temperature, rain gauges and pressure. We were also shown graphs, which showed the massive increase in the overall rainfall which we received earlier this month. We also learned how different satellite images are used, how different weather information is sent to ships, aeroplanes and commercial businesses, how rain water is managed via traffic cameras for disaster management. Lastly, we witnessed how a weather balloon (which is a very massive balloon indeed) is prepared and sent into the sky to record weather information and sent to the computers at the weather station. 
The excursion was a truly memorable one, which the Matrics will miss.
Thank you to Mrs Bean for a wonderful time!



Chandre Klue in the junior school and Kirsten Mannase were awarded prizes for collecting the most money in the Spellathon competition.


The Great grade 8 debate

Results of the Great Grade 8 debate
Many Girls tied on each position
4TH Position with 54 points:
Aysha Tiry
Herisha de Kock
Jade Damons
Bernice Donkor
3rd Position with 56 points:
Michle Mapongosi
Erin Kettledas
Megan Clingen
Grace Terblanche
2nd position with 57 points:
Hasti Pansuriya
Caitlin Peters
1st place with 58 points:
Chanté Potgieter


Grade 7s at Cuyler Manor 


we are proud of ...

Zaneta Louis in Grade 4 entered the SASMT PE Mini Maestro's Music Competition on 27 May. She attained excellent results in the beginners category for violin. She also received a merit in her Grade 2 ballet examination at the Royal Academy of Dance on 13 June. Congratulations to Celine Dinie and Lana Peters who obtained merit and distinction respectively in their Royal Schools' of Ballet exams. Kayla van Deveneter participated and achieved a Gold (Distinction) in her Grade 3 Ballet exam. Sarah-Leigh Thompson received a distinction in her Grade 4 Ballet Exam and won her section in the Eastern Cape RAD Bursary competition last Friday, which carried a cash prize of R1000.


alpha leo winter soup and play

The Uitenhage/Despatch Alpha Leos paid a visit to the Uitenhage Recycling Mula Shop. They spent the day entertaining the children and helped serve soup to keep the children warm seeing that it is the winter seas


Callan Elie took part in the District Gymnastics competition and obtained Gold in trampoline, Bronze in tumbling and Bronze in artistic.  She then qualified to participate in the South Zone Competition held in Cape Town on 30th June and obtained bronze for artistic gymnastics.


english Alive

We are proud to announce that Valentina Longari’s  prose piece, Life of Snow, has been placed in the 2017 edition of English Alive. This is a great honour as it represents the best young creative writers in the country, joining the ranks of people like Jeremy Cronin, Henrietta Rose-Innes and Nadia Davids, who began their writing careers by publishing in English Alive. Well done Valentina!


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