A day of hope for the matrics

BY Wade-Lee Muller

On 23 April 2021 the Matrics celebrated the end of Term 1 with ‘A Day of Hope’ to welcome the holiday and prepare for Term 2. The Matrics dressed up in their House colours and displayed an enthusiastic spirit. The day started with a wholesome, much appreciated performance by Mr Calitz of an original song “Just Maybe” dedicated to the matrics having empathy in their lives. This was followed by inter-house activities. Firstly, there was a swimming race with the House representatives: Sarah Bagley (Eleanor House) in first position, Jade Damons (Elton House) and Michal Van Rayner (Elizabeth House). From cheering on the swimmers, the cheerleaders in our grade led the house teams to the top hockey field.  More cheerleading and social distancing followed with joyful songs and arms out every now and again to check the distances were right.  The second activity was a running race by runners from each House: Bernice Donkor (Elizabeth) in first position, Megan Clingen (Eleanor) and Lisakhanya Mboya (Elizabeth).Thirdly, a game of ‘Song Association’ was played where certain words were given and the first house to have sung a song with the words of:hope,queen,work and night, received a point. In the end, after a hotly contested competion it was decided that Elizabeth was victorious.
Throughout all these inter-house activities, the matrics demonstrated true team spirit. Finally, in Riebeek tradition, the day ended on a high note with line dancing of the iconic dances of “Jerusalema”, “Loslappie'', “Cotton Eye Joe” and the “Macarena”.
The grade register class teachers had worked tirelessly since the release of the SASAMS patch the day before to collate marks and prepare the reports.  We received our reports and our matric badges. Thank you, Mrs Stroebel, Mrs Kruger and Miss Potgieter. The day was indeed one for the books! A special thank yougoes  to Mrs Stear for kindly treating the matrics to delicious doughnuts and making the necessary arrangements to allow us to indulge our inter-house and matric dreams of having some of the activities matrics would get to take part in.  We thank Mrs Gerber for eagerly assisting in the preparation for the event, Sinobom Lupondwana as the MC, Wade-Lee Muller and Kwakho Bissett for co-ordinating the event and the photographers of the day: Mr Weideman, Mrs Gerber, Kiara Brink and Sara Gopal. Memories were made and there is much hope for the future of the 2021 Matrics. I could not be prouder of my grade for their enthusiasm.  They prove the saying that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade as they created magic in spite of Covid restrictions. 

 April 24, 2021
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Wade-Lee Muller

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