Prefects' Camp

BY Tirrell Hobbs

On  4thFebruary, the junior and senior prefects left for the Prefects Camp to Zuurberg. On our way, we went canoeing on the Sundays River with Mrs Woods, Mrs Snyman and Mrs Stear. The fear of falling in the water never seemed to have bothered us because through communication we managed to pull through. Despite the wet conditions, all the mosquitoes, the smell of dead fish and the most frequent question, “When does it end already?” we had a lot of fun canoeing and It was a wonderful way to start of the camp as teamwork was accomplished in order to reach the end.  The photo shoot with the Sunday Times team was awesome too. The adventure team leader was so kind and helpful!

Off we went, up the mountain to Zuurberg Mountain Inn. Giving each other strange nicknames and laughing at potholes became a ‘tradition’ that the junior prefects made up. Of course we had to give Siviwe Tole and Megan de Beer nicknames as well. Siviwe’s nickname being Survivor and Megan’s nickname being Mug de Bean cracked us up. As soon as we got the keys to our rooms, we were off.

A view of the mountains, an outside shower and a beautiful bathroom that has a shower without a shower curtain and a door was pretty amazing.  Presentations from Mrs Woods, Mrs Snyman and Mrs Stear were truly eye-openers. We then presented our Johari’s windows after being filled up with a delicious three course meal. We also had a lot of fun doing the #ZeeBee course. On Saturday morning we worked on our presentation for the Prefects Assembly on the following Monday and by 10:30 it was time to say goodbye and we were heartbroken to be leaving such a beautiful place but as the saying goes, “All good things come to an end”.

We were taught different qualities of good leaders and what we can expect this coming year. We hope to demonstrate everything we’ve learnt through our actions. During our free time we had the opportunity to bond and get to know one another. It was during these times that we managed to practice our group presentation which was ultimately lots of fun. We would like to thank the Zuurberg Mountain Inn staff for being wonderful hosts and for an unforgetable experience. 

 February 18, 2016
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Tirrell Hobbs

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