Prefects’ camp

BY Sinovuyo Madlavu

With spectacular memories made, lessons learned and intense bonds formed; prefects’ camp was truly a successful week!
The fun began before we had even arrived at Zuurberg – with our journey being accompanied by music (not forgetting the timeless throwbacks) and endless conversation and jokes with Miss Potgieter and the senior prefects.
Our first stop was the Addo National Elephant Park. This was definitely one of the highlights for the juniors and seniors alike. Getting to play in the mini park and viewing the different animal skeletons was truly eye-opening. And the seniors retrieved their child-like enthusiasm when going on the game drive; making a new game out of trying to spot the animals- they were probably more excited about it than the juniors.
Once we left Addo for Zuurberg, we encountered some difficulties… the trailer was not properly secured and as a result came lose as we were driving; but luckily Miss Potgieter noticed and stopped immediately. After trying to reattach the trailer for several minutes, most of the senior prefects had given up and accepted our fate as roadkill and determined that we would be stranded; but not Octavia and Tammy – our very own Superwomen. Finally Mrs Stear, Miss Potgieter, Tammy and Octavia, managed to reattach the trailer and we were on our way again.
Upon arrival at Zuurberg, we were all dreading the hike up Zuurberg Mountain. After being divided into our groups, we were on our way. Although long, the hike was really an opportunity for the two prefect bodies to mingle with each other. Luckily, because we were behind schedule, we did not have to finish the hike and instead were driven up the mountain in the school buses.
Our camp kicked off with a learning session, “Prefectship in practice”, we were learned how to deal with several situations that we would be faced with in carrying out our duties.
During the camp, the prefects practiced their listening skills, conflict resolution skills and assertiveness. The biggest lesson taken away from the camp though, was the importance of putting perceptions, assumptions and prejudices aside when dealing with people.
One of the highlights was the presentation of the Johari’s windows. It was amazing to see how truthful and open everyone was about who they are and the battles they are fighting. It really brought about a feeling of unity among the prefects because we could each find something we relate to in each person’s presentation.
The senior prefects got together and closed the camp with a long dmc (deep, meaningful conversation), where we spoke about pretty much everything and everyone was so accepting of each other. This really left us all feeling closer as a team and excited to be working together thr

 February 04, 2018
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Sinovuyo Madlavu

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