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The debating club hosted an internal debate on 11  March. The topic was “This House Supports the use of entrance exams in schools for entry into high schools”. The Senior Team (proposition) consisted of Lisa Daniels, Unathi Butsaka and Thimna Tshayana. The Junior Team (opposition) consisted of Candice Rossouw, Fatima Mohouassa and Inganathi Mantewu. Both teams spoke well and it was adjudicated by Ms Barnard and Miss Mxoli.
Lisakhanya and Candice started off the debate. Lisakhanya spoke with a calm but precise and determined manner and Candice spoke with a brilliant spark. Fatima spoke with absolute confidence and Unathi made perfect rebuttals. Next, Thimna spoken with great passion and aggression which captivated the audience. Then, Inganathi ended off the debate with a short but well-rounded speech.
It was a heated and well-spoken debate. The Junior Team won the debate and Candice Rossouw was named the best speaker. Thank you to the supporters for attending as their presence definitely boosted the speakers’ confidence.

 April 16, 2019
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