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BY Nicola McEwan

Kim Stevens Randell (Class of 1994) studied Public Relations Management at PE Technikon before obtaining her Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Foundation Phase) from UNISA. She worked at the University of Witwatersrand for 11 years, and headed up postgraduate admissions until September 2013, when she resigned to follow a career in teaching. Kim married Dr Bruce Randell, a consulting civil engineer who owns his own business, in 2002. She combines her passion for children and ballroom dancing by teaching a weekly dance class at a children’s home outside Johannesburg. Kim’s most beautiful childhood memories of her time at Riebeek include creating ‘magic medicine’ with Brigit in Mrs Sellick’s Standard Two class, sharing the excitement of being elected Senior Head and Deputy of the Library with Chantelle, and all the annual Carol Services. Never losing her childhood competitive streak, Kim misses being involved in the cultural and sporting activities of Riebeek. Mrs Sellick, Mrs Stark and Mrs Young had the greatest impact on her childhood.


Anthea Du Preez Wepener (Class of 2004) studied Hotel Management at Varsity College in Port Elizabeth but later left the hospitality business to follow her real passion and became a dog groomer. She married Dup Wepener, an air-con technician, in 2009. Anthea is blessed with two gorgeous children, Daniel Andrew, 11, and Zoe Jessica, 4. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her children, playing sports and coaching hockey. Anthea, who has kept her childhood bushy hair and Colgate smile, feels the worst part of being an adult is having to worry about money. At Riebeek, Anthea learnt to let go and express herself, which is a lesson she hopes her own children will learn. Miss Cooper, Amy Daniels and Jessica Bubb had the greatest effect on her childhood, and her favourite memories of her time at Riebeek are of everyone sitting in the corridor when it rained. 


Zimasa Kala (Class of 1994) obtained a National Diploma in Internal Auditing from PE Technikon, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Systems Management and a Masters Degree in Development Finance from UCT.She currently holds the position of Loan Monitoring Manager at the Eastern Cape Development Corporation in East London. Zimasa has two daughters, Butshabethu, 11, and Khwezi, 6, both attend Hudson Park Primary. In her spare time, Zimasa enjoys reading, contributing to Drum Magazine, going away on holiday and celebrating each day. She hopes today’s children learn that being different gives you a competitive edge, and that they enjoy discovering different aspects of themselves and their environment in their own good time. The teacher who had the greatest effect on her childhood was Mrs Natalie Stear.


Birgit Jeske Puttergill (Class of 1994) obtained her BCom from UPE and, after working in Purchasing at VW for 10 years, now acts as bookkeeper and chief administrator of the family farm. Birgit married Grant, a dairy farmer, in 2005 and the couple have 2 children, Oliver, 7, and Gabriella, 5. Her most beautiful childhood memories of Riebeek include cycling to school and back every day, playing 4-square, science experiments, and Inter-house Plays. To Birgit, a beautiful childhood is carefree and full of love, a place where the burden of time is not felt, and creativity and imagination have no limits.


Beverley Serfontein Fourie (Class of 1969) studied Medical Technology at both the PE and Johannesburg Technical Colleges. She married Stephen Fourie, a Registrar at Rhodes University, in 1974, and the couple have two children, Ian, 36, and Nicola, 34. In her spare time, Bev enjoys reading, taking photos, sewing, gardening, travelling and game viewing.  Her most beautiful memories of her time at Riebeek include abducting a boarder from the hostel and arriving at final assembly in a pre-arranged police van. She will never forget Miss Bartlett’s “Moderation in all things, girls’’ during assembly, and Mrs Chaplin encouraging neatness and clear mindedness when tackling tasks such as Maths.


Carine Baard Parks (Class of 1994) obtained a Higher Diploma in Education from UCT and has been working in the United Kingdom since 1999. She is currently in Senior Management in Education, with experience in Special Educational Needs.  Carine married David Parks, a senior IT programmer, in 2006. They met at UCT in 1995. The couple have two children, Fletcher, 8, and Mackenzie, 6. Carine lives a busy life, but when she gets the chance she enjoys cooking, entertaining, travelling and enjoying time with friends and family.


Michela Civico (Class of 2004) studied Hotel Management at Varsity College, and then studied Bookkeeping. She is working at Fiume Engineering. Michela is a family orientated person, who has a great love for Ferraris, so much so that she named her dog Enzo Ferrari. Her most beautiful memory of Riebeek is of her time spent running up and down hills, and she would like today’s children to learn that they should go outside and have fun, as technology is not everything. The teacher who had the greatest impact on her childhood was Mrs Gerber.


Elaine Parfitt Hornby (Class of 1989) currently works as a SAP Applications Consultant. She considers her job a blessing as she is able to meet many interesting people and learn something new every day. She has three children, Candice, 25, Josh, 17 and Bryce, 11, who are her life. She enjoys relaxing with friends and family in her free time. Elaine’s most beautiful memory of her time at Riebeek is of everyone tanning their legs in the quad at break. She believes a beautiful childhood is one in which you know you are loved but where you realize that life has consequences. Elaine misses all the holidays she had whilst at Riebeek and feels ex-principal Mrs Stear had the greatest influence on her childhood. She thinks responsibility is the worst part of being an adult, and would like the children of today to learn patience and compassion.


Justine Krisman Dreyer (Class of 2004) studied Medicine at the University of Pretoria. She married Rudie Dreyer, an entrepreneur, in 2007, and together they have a one year old baby girl, Zoe. Although Justine finds being a doctor a huge blessing and very rewarding, she is currently looking after her baby full time. She hopes to specialise in psychiatry, and enjoys reading, playing piano, gardening, scrapbooking and blogging. Justine’s most beautiful childhood memories of her time at Riebeek include playing hand tennis in Grade 5, pretending to be the Spice Girls in Grade 6, and last minute study sessions with friends before school. She thinks that a beautiful childhood is one where safety and love abound, potential is nurtured, friendships are built, talents are discovered, confidence is gained, the self is explored and the future appears as a road of promise leading off into the horizon.


Urslynn Machiu (Class of 2013) is studying BCom Mathematical Science at the University of Stellenbosch. Urslynn is a positive and upbeat person who enjoys travelling, meeting new people and discovering new things. Urslynn remembers her days at school as beautiful ones full of laughter and friends that always stuck together. Urslynn also remembers making up the most ridiculous songs with her classmates and Mrs Stevens comments in Maths class. Urslynn’s fondest memory is of the choir.


Jocelyn Carey Purcocks (Class of 2010) is in her final year of studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch. Jocelyn enjoys hiking, camping and sight-seeing. She also enjoys socialising with her friends when she gets a break from work. When Jocelyn thinks of her school days she remembers those early mornings, waking up excited for a hockey match, strenuous but fun drama rehearsals and enjoying errands for Mrs Gerber.


Jaydee Macdonald (Class of 2011) is currently in her final year of her BA Degree with majors in English Literature and Psychology. Jaydee enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she's not reading or working out at the gym. Most of Jaydee's memories of school are related to depending on the Holy Spirit to get her through Physical Science, the intense rise in blood pressure when Mrs Stevens handed out Maths papers from the highest mark downwards. Jaydee remembers her pet 'snake' named Luzuko that made her last cultural induction dinner really emotional. Jaydee said that she will always remember Riebeek as the biggest, most beautiful schooling gift her mother could have given her.


Lache Windvogel (Class of 2012) is studying towards her BCom degree in Chartered Accounting. Lache's fondest memories of school were Founder’s Day and singing "Let us now praise famous men", the cultural events that made school worth it and English classes with Mrs Swanepoel. Lache is passionate about working in her community and helping others. She's learnt that as someone who was blessed with such amazing opportunities has to give back to their community to try and uplift the youth so that they can also be afforded opportunities and not be afraid to try new things.


Kim Bermosky (Class of 2002) studied at the University of Stellenbosch and earned her Bachelor of Science degree and she later got her Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine at Walter Sisulu University in Mthata and is doing her community service at Settlers Hospital, Grahamstown. Kim’s most beautiful memories of Riebeek are serving on the Cultural Board, being head of Drama and being a prefect. Kim is truly grateful for the staff of the school for moulding her into the person she is today.


Stacey Simons-Welcome (Class of 2005) studied Financial Accounting at Damelin and works for Santa Lucia Trust. She married Evan and they have 2 beautiful children: Leah, 3, and Zachary, 8 months. Stacey enjoys days out with her husband and children.  Some of her most beautiful memories of Riebeek are of Mr Hoare and his ‘mossies' and of fellow classmate, Yolande Mbane, always falling asleep in History class. 


Nazma Smith (Class of 2007) has a BA in Communication and works at Audi Centre Port Elizabeth as a Web Administrator. Nazma is currently engaged and enjoys doing yoga and anything creative. Some of her beautiful memories of Riebeek are of break times with her friends in the quad and of Mrs Immelman’s English classes.


Nicola Ngqeza (Class of 2011) studied Business/Marketing Management at EMC and is an intern at the municipality. Nicola enjoys spending memorable moments with friends and family since they matter the most to her. Nicola mostly remembers her school days as those full of laughter and classroom banter but one of her fondest memories is that of a teacher chasing a girl around the classroom for her cell phone.


Zanele Titi (Class of 2012) is studying towards a BSc in Construction Economics. Zanele is part of the recently launched NMMU radio station. Zanele is a frank and open person who has a solution for problems that come her way. Zanele remembers her school days as being actively involved in extra murals, such as drama, choir and debating. Zanele feels that her extra murals equipped her with the vital skills that are needed at university level. She enjoys what she is studying now and the many challenges it brings. 


 Mandy-Lee Dawson Brophy (Class of 1989) is a qualified Social Worker, and is lecturing at NMMU. She married Louis Brophy, a Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator, in 1998 and they have a daughter, Hannah-Kate, 5. At Riebeek, Mandy-Lee learnt that you can achieve any dream if you put your mind to it. She believes that a beautiful childhood is one where you are able to discover the real you, and experience unconditional love. 


Angela Cox Nash (Class of 1989) did a secretarial course at Russel Road College. In 2002 she married Tim Nash, a businessman, and they have 2 children, Emma, 8, and Riley, 6. Riebeek taught Angela to work hard and respect others. She misses the midnight feasts and strawberry pavlova enjoyed by all the hostel girls. She believes that a beautiful childhood is one filled with lots of love, happy memories, traditions and laughter.    


Lauren Gouws Frueholz (Class of 1989) obtained a National Diploma in Tourism from the PE Technikon and works at Rennies Travel in East London. She married Peter Frueholz, a Mechanical Engineer, in 2011 and the couple has a daughter, Abbey, 2. Lauren’s most beautiful memories of her time at Riebeek include break times spent tanning her legs with friends. She believes a beautiful childhood is the grounding for a brilliant adulthood.


Loren Botten Nel (Class of 1989) obtained a BA Ed in Human Movement Science from UPE and runs her own business called Active Eyes. She married Deon Nel in 1997, and the couple have 2 children: Byron, 11, and Kate, 8. At Riebeek, Loren learnt about commitment, determination and perseverance. She remembers fun times on numerous hockey tours, and at discos and dances. Loren believes that a beautiful childhood is one where children can play until dark.


Amy Relling (Class of 2009) studied health and skincare at Total Concept Academy in Port Elizabeth. She received her international diplomas and decided to explore the world by working on cruise ships. She worked abroad for 2 contracts, each 9 months at a time, and has been fortunate enough to visit many different exciting places including Alaska, eastern and western Caribbean, northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Amy has met many different people from a variety of cultures, but has learnt that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that staying true to yourself, as well as to your roots, maintains your self-worth. Amy has always remembered one of Riebeek’s mottos, “Your attitude determines your altitude” and she has carried this positive mind-set over into her successful career.


Liesly Lithauer Taylor (Class of 1989) studied Food Supervision and Business Management at Russel Road College. She married Shawn Taylor, an artisan, in 1992. She is a stay at home mom. She believes a beautiful childhood is based on fun, love, tolerance, respect and understanding


Cindy Bester (Class of 1989) attended the South African Police College and is a Warrant Officer. Her most beautiful memories of her time at Riebeek are of times spent on the tennis courts and hockey fields. Cindy believes a beautiful childhood is one where you have a close relationship with your parents.    

Diana Vermaak Wilson (Class of 1964) studied Primary Higher Education at the Grahamstown Training College. She worked at the John Graham Primary School in Plumstead and married Richard Wilson, a Civil Engineer. They have 3 children: Ruth, 41, Naomi, 39, and Marina, 38.  Diana has led an adventurous life, living in exotic places such as Shabani, Centenary, Den Haag and Stellenbosch. She is currently residing in Alberta, Canada. She has written a book about her travels, and enjoys line dancing, knitting and reading

 March 19, 2015
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