Grade 7 camp

BY Mrs T. Woods

Grade 7 Camp Article
“Collect moments not things.” This quote seems spot on when it comes to Grade 7 Camp. The anticipation and high energy levels as we got closer to the 23rd of April was evident in the classroom. The girls were so looking forward to this ‘famous’ event that they have heard about. The three most important objectives of camp were; to learn leadership skills, bond as a grade and ultimately collect moments.
The 23rd of April arrived and the girls were ready to depart for Jeffery’s Bay where UCSA Campsite hosted us and had a fun filled itinerary planned. The girls were so eager to climb onto the bus and get going they could hardly sit still for their departure photo. With loads of singing and chatter in the bus, the tone for camp was set. Finally, around 11:00am we had arrived at the venue. On arrival, the girls rushed over to their camp leader and made themselves at home. The afternoon began with some icebreakers and team building activities on the beach. The activity that stood out the most was the sand creations. The girls had to create something cool on the beach using the sand and objects around them. Jade Zeeland, Teagan Brown, Kate-Lynn Forbes and Agcobile Gqubule did not hold back and were covered in sand as they were part of the creation designing various innovative mermaids. Eventually, lunch was served and the girls became one massive family eating their delicious pasta and discussing camp.
As the day progressed, the excitement got the better of some of the girls and tiredness started kicking in but this was not going to stop anyone. The girls continued with their team building activities, games and tasks.
Supper boosted their energy levels and the girls freshened up and acting kicked in. With role-plays on the agenda next, they were ready to watch each other’s ideas and learn from each other as conflict situations was the topic.
After a long day of learning, the girls could finally relax, have hot chocolate in the hall and unwind. Lights out at 10:00pm was understood as only ‘lights out’ by the girls as several rounds were done to calm the excitement and bonding time.
After not so much rest, the girls still woke up on the 24th with enthusiasm to tackle the day. Another trip to the beach was on the program. Once they had returned from the beach, breakfast was served and it was game, set, match- volleyball time. Ultimately, there was no winning team but what was evident amongst all the girls was spirit and this was the goal.
By this time, everyone’s smiles turned upside down as it was clean up time and time to depart. The girls did a great job sorting out their rooms and getting their luggage to the bus. We were most impressed. However, we could now tell that it was an amazing and successful camp as the girls did not want to leave. As the quote goes, “Like campfires and marshmallows, we’re better together.” And this was the most important thing the girls realized that together they can learn from each other, be better people and make memories.
Thank you to Van Rensburg tours for getting us to camp safely, UCSA team for a great camp, Mrs Woods for organizing a magnificent camp and Mrs Snyman, Mrs Chrysostomou & Miss Van Der Westhuizen for accompanying them.

 April 27, 2018
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