Cancelation of Matric farewell

BY Mrs K Stear

                                                                                                                                            16 November 2020
Dear Grade 12 Parents and Learners
It is with sadness and regret, but with caution and health in mind, that I write to you.
From when we had to postpone our Matric Farewell in March, I indicated that the provisional rescheduling to 11 December was dependent on an assessment of the Covid-19 situation.
On 11 November, the State President addressed the nation and indicated that large gatherings must be avoided and stressed the concern about the spike in infections in the Eastern Cape especially the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. 
On 12 October, Riebeek received negative publicity in The Herald and on Timeslive in an article featuring our decision to keep this provisional date open for the possibility of a Matric Farewell.
The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office issued this press release on 12 November: “NELSON MANDELA BAY MUNICIPALITY INTENSIFIES LAW ENFORCEMENT AS COVID-19 RAPIDLY INCREASES The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has been highlighted as the new COVID-19 epicentre in the country. This comes after the Department of Health reported that there were 5574 active cases in the City as at Tuesday, 10 November 2020. Following the COVID-19 Metro Command Council meeting on Wednesday, 11 November 20202, Acting Mayor Councillor Thsonono Buyeye said the City had become an epicentre due to the alarming infection rate after positive cases jumped from hundreds of infections about two weeks ago to 5574 active cases this week. Speaking to the media virtually on Wednesday, Councillor Thsonono Buyeye said: “We are a hotspot in the province, we are a hotspot in the country and that is very troubling us. The rate at which the numbers are increasing is alarming.” The number of live cases today stands at a little under 10 000.
 In the light of the above, we have no choice but to cancel the 2020 Matric Farewell / Dinner.
There are a number of options available in terms of how we approach the payments that were made. 
·       Parents could opt to request a refund by emailing 
·       Parents could request a partial refund and indicate the amount so that some of the payment can be used to offset the costs already incurred in the venue booking and arrangements made thus far and to assist us with the heavy costs inflicted by Covid-19 safety regulations.
·       Parents could have the amount credited to the school fees account. 
·       Parents could give permission for the amount or part of the amount to be a donation to the school gift that the matric classes traditionally give the school at the end of their school career. 
Please email us with your choice in terms of the refund and be sure to include all your banking details if you are requiring a refund.  Please be patient as it will take time to process your requests.  Note that should we not hear from you via email by 12 December 2020, we will assume your payment for the dance had not yet been made or that you are donating the amount. 
Yours sincerely
Mrs K. Stear


 November 16, 2020
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Mrs K Stear

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