grade 7s hold their market day

BY Mr de Beer

Grade 7 Entrepreneurs Day
It was a very busy day, particularly for the Grade 7 learners who were all so excited to start with their Entrepreneurs Day and sell their products to the rest of the school. The Grade 7s got to work immediately to set up each group’s stall.
There were 14 stalls all together namely: The Flamingos; Swinging 80’s; Pretty Young Divas; Unicorn Parade, The OG Rainbow Squad, The 90’s Anti-social Club, Minnie Mouse Sparkles; Minnie Mouse Ladies; Marvellous Creations, The Limelight Witches; Galaxy Girls; Tropical Girls; The Disney Girls; Dream Team.
The day was a fun-loving, hard-working and colourful day, packed full of marvellous ideas, creations and laughter. With music playing in the background, the selling and buying took place with such a burst of joy and enthusiasm that the whole day got brightened up tremendously.
The stall with the highest sales was the Limelight Witches with the Dream Team right on their tail.
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and guardians, who helped in making this Grade 7 Entrepreneurs Day a huge and undeniably true success.

 September 10, 2018
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Mr de Beer

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