senior oratory contest 2018

BY Monique Balie

The Annual Oratory Contest was held on 20 June. The event was a huge success as the speakers were well prepared and the audience appreciative. The speakers showed absolute bravery taking the stage and delivered their speeches with passion. The Junior speakers delivered great speeches. Liqhawe Noqampula (Elizabeth) spoke about school and shared a different and interesting view of school with the audience, Musa Daweti (Elizabeth) spoke on, “I am woman, we are woman” and Mihle Mafongosi (Elton) spoke about Feminism. Sarah MacFarlane (Elton) shared her struggles of sharing a TV, making for an amusing speech, and Candice Roussouw (Eleanor) reminded us that stories are precious. The runner-up in the junior section was Musa Daweti and the winner was Liqhawe Noqampula. The Senior speakers spoke with conviction on a wide range of topics. Azraa Rockman (Elton) spoke about acceptance and her speech was very well received as she of reminded each girl to accept who you are, Romesa Muhammad (Elton) spoke about life and how we should mix it up. Sibabalo Mene (Elizabeth) topic was “I refuse” and she delivered a powerful speech, Malakhiwe Hoffman (Elizabeth) delivered an interesting speech about time. Octavia Johannes (Elizabeth) spoke on, “Why I refuse to let technology control me” and reminded us that sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect, Sinovuyo Madlavu (Eleanor) spoke about “black, no cream, no sugar”. The speech was mature, balanced and thought-provoking speech. Aziwe Booi (Eleanor) spoke about the lost generation and said that maybe we’re not a lost generation, but simply taking a different path. The senior runner-up was Malakhiwe Hoffman and the winner was Sinovuyo Madlavu. A huge congratulations to all the speakers for their amazing speeches delivered. Thank you to Mrs Marilyn Woods for being an adjudicator, along with Mrs Peltason. Thank you to Mrs Peltason and the English Department for their work on preparing the learners of Riebeek to be such awesome speakers. Thank you to Mrs Peltason for her organization of this event. The speakers truly appreciate all the feedback they received from Mrs Woods in her adjudication speech. Thank you to Malakhiwe Hoffman (Cultural Board Portfolio Head – Oratory Contest) and her team, Mrs Gerber and the Cultural Board for all the work put in both before and during the event. Thank you to the sound crew and visuals team. Thank you to the Media Club for the stunning videos and photographs. The masters of ceremony were Omhle Bissett and Valentina Longari and they did a wonderful job!

 July 04, 2018
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Monique Balie

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