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BY Miss Nerine Loock

How do we get through Covid 19? We adapt. We acknowledge that we are all grieving for the life we have had nearly two months ago that we took for granted.
We are grieving for the fact that we never got to finish our school life in the traditional way; that I can’t hug my friend who’s having a really tough time at the moment; that I missed having my 16th birthday party with my friends and family; that my grandma is in a nursing home that has been shut for three weeks and I may not see her again; that my baby cousin has been born and I can’t hold him.....the list is literally never ending. We miss things we never even realised we would come to miss.  All valid and real emotions.
We are all going through this together, yet each family will experience differing issues along the way, financial, health, emotional but hopefully, together we – you – me, can move forward together to solve problems and to find solutions. Remember – THIS IS NOT FOREVER.
Essential tools for your survival toolkit on your boat:
ü  Routine – this included sleep patterns.
ü  Find your purpose each day. Structure it. Set goals – targets.
ü  Do the simple tasks e.g. make your bed - take pride in the little things, one task completed turns into other tasks completed and before we know it, we have taken up knitting or baking!
ü  Socialising and keeping in contact with friends.
ü  Talk – whether that be with family, friends, or me.
ü  Keep a diary or a scrapbook.
ü  Being active – e.g. online classes or any form of exercise every day.

Some of us might feel a heightened level of anxiety as if you are emotionally hijacked. There are many techniques that you can use to help you to take control of your anxiety:
ü  Take time out for yourself.
ü  Recognise troublesome patterns of anxious thoughts.
ü  Admit to yourself when you feel anxious and depressed and tell a trusted person.
ü  Take control: Hone in on things that you can control.
ü  Get organised: Planning your day and week. Set up routines (learning, class and exercise).
ü  Use your time wisely and do not procrastinate.
ü  Use positive affirmations: “I am stronger than I think” or “I will get through this” or “My challenges help me grow” or “I am in charge of my life”
ü  Plan something nice to look forward to because this WILL NOT LAST FOREVER.
ü  We have time to stop and enjoy things...appreciating the beauty in clouds and smelling the outside air as we open a window.
ü  Value what you have.
ü  ASK for help.
“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship” – Louisa May Alcott
As we are faced with the possibility of many more weeks of lockdown and isolation, it is vital that we endeavour to access our resilient self, reach out for support and adjust our sails accordingly.
Please continue to stay home and safe and access the support that is available to you.
Miss you all
Nerine Loock
Cell: 0845156878

 May 11, 2020
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Miss Nerine Loock

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