Stay Awake

BY Megan Potgieter

The challenge had officially began. It was time to Stay Awake! The annual Stay Awake was held on 22nd February and had every Grade 4 to 7 excited. The theme this year was 'Everlasting Enchanted EmojiLand.' The atmosphere was lively and exciting, with girls dressing up in crazy costumes, such as angel wings and unicorn horns. The teachers were also dressed up in their own fun and festive attire. The hall and foyer was beautifully decorated with mermaids, unicorns, and of course, emojis. The hall was tightly packed with enthusiastic girls and photo-ready parents. The first activity had the girls testing their texting skills by drawing their own 'Everlasting Enchanted EmojiLand.' Within a couple minutes, the first balloon was popped, and just ten minutes later, the dances began. Every dance was well choreographed and well rehearsed over the previous weeks. The first few dances stood out the most, with groups one, four, eleven and sixteen creating a glow in the dark effect by using glow in the dark as bracelets in their dance. First place in the dances was group nineteen, second place was group one, and third went to group eleven . Congrats to all the groups for working hard and pulling it off. The next activity was arts and crafts and their task was to create an enchanted owl using toilet paper rolls. Finally it was time for the Midnight Feast. This was arguably the girls favourite part. Soon it was the Disco Drive and everyone brought out their best moves while dancing to their favorite hits. 
 Afterwards came the Treasure Hunt. The groups searched around the school and enjoyed working together as a team, while keeping the little ones close together and safe. Right after was the Modeling. One Grade 7 from each group was chosen. The winners of this competition were Sarah-Leigh Thompson, Haneefa Karim, and Truné Viljoen.  Next the girls made some Enchanted Edibles. Their task was to make emojis out of biscuits, icing and an assortment of sweets, and the end result was a sweet and yummy treat!
It was then time for the Disco Queen Bees- Intergrade Dance Competition. Congratulations to all the winners, Siwonge Manzini, Sibabalwe Daniels, Linathi Mandla ad Liyabona Mike. Following that came the Karaoke. This was enjoyed by many, even though some felt the feeling the sleepiness creeping in. 
 It was finally time for the Balloon Beat. Everyone had fun participating, while trying to win. The girls then headed off to see the sunrise. When they headed back in, it was time for the prize giving. Soon it was time to go home and have a good rest. Thank you to all the junior teachers for organising such a well planned event. Lastly, thank you to Mrs Stear and Mrs Snyman for letting the Junior School host yet another successful Stay Awake.

 February 27, 2018
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