Mzanzi Youth, Let Hope Arise: Drama Production Review

BY Megan Potgieter

Mzanzi Youth, Let Hope Arise: Drama Production Review
By Megan Potgieter
The annual drama production was held on the 13th of August 2018 and was filled with celebration of culture, beaming with inspiration. The production showcased three stories of the youth of South Africa today, and showed the trials and tribulations within their lives.
We were firstly introduced to Nomzamo, a simple girl from the townships, who lives with her sister and her grandmother. Nomzamo has the responsibility of looking out for her sister, while making sure she works hard for her education. She grows up seeing her grandmother have parties and drink away their money, and has no other parental figure in her life, but this does not stop her from finally going to university and achieving her dreams.
Secondly, we meet Siyanda. An African boy, who has just turned eighteen. We see how he deals with the process of becoming a man and the things he has to reveal to his family. He and other boys come out as gay and show their pride, saying "I am black, I am a man, I am gay." They protest that being different makes you who you are, and this message was definitely one to remember. Zenande Daniels portrays the role of Siyanda amazingly, and truly brought the character to life.
Lastly, we meet Roshni. A modern Muslim girl growing up in a very traditional family. She too has dreams of going to university, but is suddenly forced into an arranged marriage to a wealthy business man by her mother, father and grandmother. Months after the wedding, it is revealed that Roshni is being abused by her husband, unbeknownst to her mother. In the last part of the story, she leaves her mother and husband to go to university and live like the smart and independent young woman she is. The development of the character from a strong, confident, fight-for-her-right girl to an ashamed and obedient wife was very well written and the actress, Alexandra Dennis, showed amazing stage presence and true talent.
Midway through the show, Miss Meyers (teacher-in-charge of Drama Committee) gave a small token of appreciation to the matrics working on the production, and thanked them for sacrificing their time to make the production the best one yet.
Between the scenes, we had two poetry performances. Our first poet was Buhlebezwe Williams and her amazing piano accompanist. Her poem spoke about African beauty and showed the true power of African woman. This performance brought many to tears and was beautifully spoken as well. Our second poem before the last scene was Hlumela Mjikwa on the crime in South Africa and the implications it has on the Mzanzi youth. This poem was an eye-opener and was enjoyed by the audience.
The final scene was a speech from Emihle Zweni, previous Head of Drama. She gave an emotional and heartfelt speech, thanking her cast and crew for being there for her on a bad day and Miss Meyers for being her rock and supporting her in the absence of her mother. Although she shed a few tears along the way, she truly spoke with love and made the 2018 Drama Production an event to be remembered.
When it came down to the process of writing the script, Emihle Zweni said "Writing the script was difficult, because to write a successful script you need inspiration, focus, and the input of other people as well." She also said, "Working together with the team of writers (Miss Meyers, Emihle Zweni, Simangalisiwe Mankayi, Phelisa kosi, Phumelela Kwanini, Thimna Mandla, Sindisiwe Mbhele, Kelebogile Douse) was amazing, because whenever I had a bad day, I knew that drama would make it better. When you walk into that hall and onto that stage, you feel happy and at home. And having that feeling is what makes a production successful."
Thank you to the Cultural Board, Mrs Stark and Mr Calitz for the assistance, the Supporter Moms who assisted in the tuckshop and front of house, the Media Club and Mr Weidemann for the photographs and media coverage, the staff who assisted and all who stepped in to do their part.

 August 15, 2018
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Megan Potgieter

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