Social Media and The Law: Media Workshop

BY Megan Potgieter

A media workshop was presented by Valentina Longari on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 on social media and how doing the wrong thing online could change our lives forever.
Our first point was how adding unknown people on our Facebook or Instagram can be dangerous. She also said that even if you receive a friend request from someone that your friend knows, you should probably not accept it, because chances are that your friend doesn't even know that person. Everyone found this very helpful, because we could all relate to that situation somehow.
Our next point was how the laws in South Africa apply to cyber bullying and online harassment. It was very interesting to learn that SA has a law to protect victims against bullying online. Valentina then spoke about how the court deals with different cases of illegal online actions.
Our last topic was sexting and how even a picture in swimwear that could be viewed as suggestive can land someone in trouble if taken by a minor, of a minor or sent to a minor.
The girls found all the points very interesting and definitely learnt what to do and what not to do online to keep them safe.
Thanks go to Valentina Longari for an amazing and interesting presentation, Megan Potgieter for organizing the workshop, and all who attended.

 July 29, 2018
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Megan Potgieter

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