Class of 1991 - Memories Made

BY Lynne Reynolds Craill

The class of 1991 had a small 10 year reunion. We did not have a 20 year reunion and so some us, feeling regretful, agreed that we wanted to make an effort for 25 years. The countdown started 11 months before the reunion when a Facebook group was created and most of our class was found.


We have classmates all over the world – New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, England, Wales and USA.  Many of these ladies would have loved to join us.  We agree that with a Riebeek education, you can go anywhere and do anything.


While I co-ordinated things for the official school reunion, Olga Katz Rall arranged a supper in Port Elizabeth.  This was attended by 7 ladies who had a blast.


I had hoped to see about 15 ladies, however there were only 6 ladies who attended the reunion at school.  Once again, Olga was the life of the party.  So much so that Elizabeth wonders if we will be invited back!  Olga has a memory like an elephant and reminded us of happenings that we had long since forgotten about.


We reminisced about fun at break with our friends, parties, school outings and learning to drive in the school’s blue Citi Golf.  We had an awesome reunion.


I have already asked my classmates to diarise 7 May 2021 for our 30 year reunion and look forward to seeing them again.


 May 16, 2016
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