Inter house plays 2019

BY Kiara Brink

On 13 June 2019, the learners of Riebeek College were once again able to display the inner drama queen inside of them at this year’s annual Inter-house Plays. The plays were held straight after school in the Sholto McIntyre Hall. The productions have become a highlight of the year and the event was highly anticipated.
Malakhiwe Hoffman and Busisiwe Setlai were the MCs and did a sterling job in hosting the event.
Elton House kicked off the event with their satirical production titled “12 Angry Pigs.” In this play the Big Bad Wolf was on trial for the destruction of property with the 12 pigs as the jury. The jury had to deliberate the fate of the Wolf. The play director, Emihle Zweni, can be commended for the way she put the play together. The play was creative and the outfits were amazing. The play was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.
Tamia Smith was the play director of the Eleanor House production, titled “Hairspray.” This play is set within the confines of Mavis’ Salon. The drama escalates as the cast encounter the realities of the hair business in South Africa. The play was very humorous and had the crowd in stitches as the audience could relate to everyday life in a township salon. The stage setting was amazing and made everything seem realistic.
Elizabeth House highlighted the comedy of errors of South African families while waiting for a flight at the airport. The play was appropriately titled “Boarding Call.” Noluntu Macanda, as the play director, displayed her creative ability by putting together the various elements in order to make the play work. The characters were diverse and the stage setting was very clever as everyone could be seen and heard.
The adjudicators for this year’s Inter-house Plays were Ms Barnard, Riebeek College’s much-loved English teacher, and Mrs Glenis Whitehead, an ex-teacher at Grey and a member of the Toastmasters Club. They had a difficult task of choosing the overall winner.
The various casts worked hard by putting in a huge amount of effort and time to perfect the stage productions. The casts displayed a huge amount of professionalism as they were well prepared and displayed excellent teamwork. Each play captured the audiences’ attention and kept them entertained. All the performances were of a high standard and were highly appreciated but at the end of the day Elizabeth House walked away with the prize for the best performance.
A huge thank you to Mrs Glenis Whitehead and Ms Barnard for adjudicating the performances, Busisiwe Setlai and the Cultural Board for all the effort put into the event to make sure it runs smoothly and Mr Calitz and his sound and lighting crew. Finally, thank you to Mrs Gerber for her support, Ms Barnard for supervising the Interhouse Plays, the cast and play directors for putting in the hard work.
The results were as follows:
1. The Riebeek College Old Girls’ Association Cup (for the best performance in a supporting role)
Winner: Oyisa Buso
2. The Amanda Frost Trophy (for dynamic cameo performance)
Winner: Kezley Rayners
3. The Margaret Bowes Second Cup (for the second-best actress)
Winner: Lisakhanya Maseti
4. The Hilton Preston Cup (for the best actress)
Winner: Fatima Mahouassa
5. The Erica Gilmer Cup (for the best lighting, stage effects and set arrangements)
Winner: ‘Hairspray’ Eleanor
6. The Edith Dovey Award (for teamwork)
Winner: ‘Boarding Call’ Elizabeth
7. The Edith Dovey and Sherril Chaplin Cup (for the best performance)
Winner: ‘Boarding Call’ Elizabeth

 June 17, 2019
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Kiara Brink

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