U14/A Hockey Tour Report

BY Kate-Lynn Forbes and Liqhawe Nogampula

The best way to end the hockey season is without a doubt, a tour! On the 20th September, the Junior U14/A hockey team travelled to Plettenberg Bay.  As we were preparing and packing the bus, we were given an egg to name and look after. This was taken to heart by the girls as it was said to be their children.  The grade 6s brought along a scary-looking doll named Betty to scare the grade 7s and it worked. It also freaked out the teachers, so the grade 6s had to take special care of her and this was done by throwing her in a cupboard and locking it in when we arrived at the resort. During the duration of the tour we stayed at A Forever Resort, a beautiful place with many fun things to do such as trampolines, volleyball, boat trips and much more. On arrival, we settled in, took a walk around the resort, introduced
\our eggs and we played a game, involving our eggs. Most of the girls lost their eggs in the process as this was the plan set out by the teachers but we took the game seriously. This was a fun team builder and we realized the importance of trusting each other.  After the game, most girls went to buy snacks while the teachers bought groceries for supper. They made delicious chicken pasta which everyone enjoyed. After hard work of cooking, the girls whose eggs had broken had to wash dishes on the first night. With a positive group of young ladies, this did not seem like a task.  However, the girls sure made it fun with Shanique Sharnick making everyone laugh with her sense of humour and need for proper washing equipment which could not be fulfilled.  The night ended with the grade 6s and 7s pranking and scaring each other and concluding the evening with loads of giggles.   We began our Thursday morning with a 5.5km hike up a Robberg Mountain! This was both challenging and exciting as it was a steep mountain, daring and trying at the same time.  This was something different for all of us as the view was breath taking, with some beach stops along the way and we could spot 3 great white sharks in the water and several seals. Kate-Lynn Forbes said, “At the start of the hike, I could not look down as I fear heights, but now I have overcome that fear.”   Our next stop was our hockey match against Greenwood Bay College, which we won 1-0. This was a challenge as their team had players from grades 8-10 made up of boys and girls.  This was rather entertaining and thrilling for us as it was something different. We played our best and the outcome was magnificent, with Trunè Viljoen being determined to defend our half and Janine Hendricks (goalie) clearing those shots at goals, we were onto something from the start. Well done to our goal scorer C'enia Haarhoff for scoring our winging goal. We would also like to thank Greenwood Bay College for their hospitality and time. We then went to the beach to relax after our victory.  Thereafter, we headed back to our resort and went on a ferry ride, planned by Kayla Minnaar's parents. While on the ferry ride, we bonded, played games that our teachers taught us and believe it or not, but every time we made a mistake we did push-ups and sit ups and so did the teachers. Sarah McFarlane said, “It was amusing to see our teacher’s participating in the games as well and doing push-ups and sit ups too.”   We then had some free time to jump on the trampolines while Mr Minnaar braaied our meat.  Thank you to the Minnaar’s for a delicious meal. This was followed by a mini prize giving where we all won prizes.  Since this our final evening we kind of refused to go to bed and sat in our teacher’s chalet learning new board and card games.  With “spoons” been the popular game, there was no chance we were going to bed anytime soon.  Our morning began with C'enia Haarhoff and Liqhawe Nogampula waking up the grade 6s by screaming, "Wake up! It's 7 o'clock! Wake up!" To get the grade 7s back, the grade 6s pranked the grade 7s by throwing them with water balloons. We then shared the ballons and started throwing them at the teachers, but that did not stop them from getting us back. The teachers won that round as they were a step ahead and managed to get our last two water balloons, somehow and we only realized just before our departure. After getting ready, we went to Wimpy for breakfast where we were spoilt with bacon and eggs. Our final stop in Plettenberg Bay was Jukani Sanctuary where we saw lots of animals, including, springboks, lions, zebras, hyenas, white tigers and many more. On our way back home, everyone was sleeping on the bus ride. It was funny watching everyone fall asleep one by one. This was a clear indication of how much fun we had. We then had lunch at McDonald's which everyone was excited about. Thank you to Mrs Chrysostomou and Mrs Woods for planning such an enjoyable trip. We really had memorable moments on this tour and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Carys George said, “This was the best experience and I really hope that we get to do it again soon.” Thank you to The Minnaar family for helping us with the braai, the trailor and planning the ferry ride. This was a wonderful experience filled with lots of laughter. 

 September 26, 2017
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