Inter-house Plays

BY Jessica Schoeman

Inter House Plays by Jessica Schoeman
On the 18th August during lessons 4 and 5, Riebeek learners were treated to the Inter House plays.
Eleanor’s play, directed my Mthunzikazi Scott, showed a humorous day of waiting at the hospital. The audience was left in stitches laughing and even found themselves relating to meeting types of people who entered the hospital and even the service which visitors to the hospital experienced. The cast knew their lines perfectly and were extremely impressive, as Eleanor had the biggest cast in their play. It was truly amazing.
Elizabeth’s play, directed by Aphiwe Sango was a play about a play. The audience was taken into the world of Romeo and Juliet, as the play centred around the actors who would play Romeo and Juliet. The actors who were acting to be actors did an incredible job. It takes an extreme amount of talent to be able to portray an actress in a play and Elizabeth did an absolutely fantastic job at portraying this. The play also showed an “audience member” at the play of Romeo and Juliet being racist towards one of the cast members and the importance of treating everybody with respect and dignity was brought into the play.
Elton’s play, directed by Mandisa Witbooi dealt with affirmative action. After a man loses his job at work, he strives to tell his replacement all about his jobs. His frustration leads him to tell his replacement that you need to have a good sense of humour to do the job, which confuses his replacement. It posed the idea that not everybody will laugh at everything. The play was very thought-provoking and well written.
The band gave two stunning performances. Firstly, they performed Adele’s hit song, “Send love to your new lover” and then Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire”. The performances were beautiful and it must be noted how extremely talented the girls are. Thank you to the girls and Mrs Calitz for all their effort.
Yonela Mapela and Ambesa Daniels were the MCs. They were lovely and made the audience laugh.
The plays were adjudicated by old Riebeek teacher, Mrs Swanepoel. The girls were extremely excited to see her and we are so thankful that she took time out of her busy schedule to come and adjudicate the plays.
Each house gave an absolutely stunning performance and was truly wonderful to watch.
Special thanks to the cast and crew for all their hard work and dedication to creating such a wonderful event, the Cultural Board especially Desire Ferguson, Mrs GerberMegan McGorman,Kristen Hunt for photography, visuals, some video entertainment and slides, Miss Potgieter, Miss Mintoor, Mrs Shelver, Mrs Peltason for their contributions, Yonela Mapela and Ambesa Daniels for being the MC’s, the Band, Mr Calitz and Sarah Werth for sound and Mrs Swanepoel for being the adjudicator.
I am really proud of all the houses. I am especially proud of my house. I really think all the hard work of practice paid off today. Everyone was great. - Mandisa Witbooi (Elton House Director)
Today was amazing,  our efforts paid off and I am proud of each and every one of us who made the effort to make sure their house was represented in the best way possible. - Aphiwe Sango (Elizabeth House Director)
All the long hours of practice definetly paid off today as efforts had been recognised. To think the audience wouldn't get my play (I underestimated them)! I would like to thank my cast for being my pillar of strength and just being awesome. For your efforts on Monday you will surely be rewarded. - Mthunzikazi Scott (Eleanor House Director)

The Amanda Forrest Trophy for a dynamic cameo performance: Vuyokazi Bashe of Elton
The Riebeek College Old Girls Association Cup for the best performance in a supporting role: Lisakhanya Maseti of Eleanor
The Margaret Bowes Cup for the second best actress: Ondela Nkumanda of Eleanor
The Hilton Preston cup for the best actress: Sinoxolo Sango of Elizabeth
The Erica Gillmer Cup for the best lighting, stage effects and set arrangements: Elton
The Edith Dovey Award for teamwork: Eleanor
The Edith Dovey and Sherrill Chaplin Cup for best production: Elizabeth

 August 18, 2016
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Jessica Schoeman

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