Welcome Back, Miss Hattingh

BY Heather Wilkinson

We have been fortunate enough to welcome back a very determined, passionate and genuinely amazing person to Riebeek this year, Miss Jodi Hattingh. Miss Hattingh has become the grade 4 teacher and is enjoying every new experience that comes with it.


Miss Hattingh is an old Riebeek girl and was very involved in school life. She took part in 1st team hockey, team swimming and was the captain of 1st team tennis. She enjoyed being part of a team and found doing things together with others more enjoyable than doing things alone. She was also head of events for the Interact Board, deputy head of the Cultural Board and was a First Aid Board member.


Not only was she heavily involved in school life but also in Girl Guides from a young age and progressed through the various stages of Guides; from Teddies through to Rangers. She is currently the guider for all the age groups, District Commissioner and Regional International Commissioner. This year marks 11 years of her involvement.


When asked how it felt to be back she 

described it as, “almost like coming back ‘home’ in a sense”. She has always imagined coming back to teach at Riebeek and likened the nervousness she felt on her first day back to her first day as a grade 4. In the beginning she found it slightly daunting but after a little help and advice she has mastered the art of being a grade 4 teacher.


She says her favourite part about being a teacher is, “The multiple personalities that make up the classroom. I absolutely love how each individual is so unique and contributes in their own special way in the class. The joy that teaching brings to me is seeing how each child grows and flourishes at their own pace throughout the year and knowing that I was a part of their growth. Every day is different in teaching – you never know what surprises are going to come your way!”


We are so very glad you are enjoying your time back. Welcome back, Miss Hattingh!


 May 12, 2015
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Heather Wilkinson

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