Lilitha speaks again

BY Heather Wilkinson

On Thursday 9th February Lilitha Mali in Grade 12 competed in a prestigious Speech Competition at Alexander Road High School. She acquitted herself admirably, speaking on the topic “Forefathers”, a speech which had won her the Riebeek Oratory Contest in 2016.
The Competition was presented by the SA Speech and Drama College in collaboration with
SACEE E.C. A group of Matrics proudly supported their Riebeek sister on the day and stood out from the audience in their striking maroon uniforms, making a real display of team spirit and solidarity. Mrs Peltason, the English teacher who accompanied the girls, said “Many people commented on the impression conveyed by the Riebeek group. We can all be so proud of our girls who shine wherever they find themselves.”
Lilitha was overwhelmed by a whole host of well wishes prior to her departure for the competition. However, once she arrived at the venue she said she felt “a whole zoo of animals building up in my belly, butterflies do not come anywhere close to explaining the degree of adrenaline I felt.” To calm her nerves and help her with the daunting task ahead a prayer was said upon her arrival.
In just under two minutes of arriving she was told that she was the first speaker for the evening. She masked her fears, remembering that she was chosen to represent Riebeek for a reason, and confidently strode towards the platform to deliver her speech.
Although she did not advance to the following round, she gained valuable experience and skills which she intends to apply to her future endeavours. She received a lot of positive feedback from all the adjudicators saying she had a warm and inviting stage presence that makes an audience attentive throughout her speech.

 March 04, 2017
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