Welcome, Mrs Kruger

BY Heather Wilkinson

This year we welcomed our new Physical Science teacher, Mrs Kruger, to the Riebeek family. Mrs Kruger took over the teaching reigns from Mr Hoare for the senior school, and although the task of filling this role may seem daunting to most, Mrs Kruger has embraced every new learning curve.


Mrs Kruger started her first day of teaching at Riebeek with a positive outlook, saying “This is a new year, with new expectations and a lot to learn”. She is very proud to be a part of Riebeek. Her first day was an interesting adjustment trying to understand the quirky, unpredictable personalities of her new classes. Her Grade 11 class in particular introduced her to their very own perplexing dictionary which is comprised of the various sayings that have evolved over many months of science lessons. Unique sayings such as, “You can’t just” and “What is life” (which are used in the height of hysteria and desperation) were explained to a bemused Mrs Kruger.


Mrs Kruger mentioned the reason why she became a teacher was because, “God decided for me. This is where I should start my career.” She enjoys teaching because, “It challenges me to grow as a person and to learn and work hard every day.”


Mrs Kruger matriculated in 2003 from Despatch High School where she participated in Hockey, Tennis, JTC and .22 rifle shooting. We know that she will make many wonderful, blessed and unique memories at Riebeek.



 February 03, 2016
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Heather Wilkinson

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