First Aid Course: "If life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aid."

BY Casey Els

On Friday, 20 April, a group of enthusiastic Riebeek staff and pupils took part in the annual First Aid course hosted at Riebeek College. The Riebeek staff and pupils warmly welcomed Mrs Dorfling from First Medical Response. Over the course of two days Mrs Dorfling gladly taught the staff and pupils all the procedures regarding First Aid. The pupils and staff enjoyed learning about how to approach diffrent emergency cases. They received an opportunity to practise Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on medical dolls. It was clear that Miss Hattingh was an experienced First Aider, as even Mrs Dorfling was amazed at her CPR skills.
On Saturday, 21 April, the first order of business was congratulating Miss Barnard on her Birthday. After singing Happy Birthday and receiving Easter eggs from Miss Barnard; the pupils were keen to learn more about saving lives. The eager class were taught a variety of different skills such as how to care for burn wounds and bone injuries. It was a unique experience for the pupils to study with the teachers for the upcoming test. After the test we saw how the staff tapped into their inner student by discussing test answers.
We would like to thank Mrs Dorfling for equipping us with the skills to help patients in emergencies and Miss Hattingh for arranging the course. We are sure that these qualified First Aiders will uphold the Ubuntu theme by being kind and helping people in need.

 April 27, 2018
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Casey Els

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