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BY Azraa Rockman

There is no better way to truly display the inter-houses rivalry, passion, fire and on-stage talents of Riebeek’s drama queens than through the annual Inter-house Plays. The plays have become an event on our cultural calendar that learners, as well as the keen, talented actors of our school always look forward to. This year was no different. Our award-winning performers showed amazing spirit amongst their houses, wowing the audience as they presented silver screen worthy performances.
With Mateenah Langford and Khanyisa Phillip leading the audience through the event, as well as musical performances by Britney Lingham and Busuisiwe Setlai, the audience was kept entertained and excited as each house set up on stage. The plays were adjudicated by Mrs Nicole Smith Mohammed, Riebeek Old Girl and no stranger to the drama stage, with Ms Barnard, our beloved English teacher, with her to assist. 
The play directors, namely Zamakuhle Makhwabe (Elton), Robafatso Manyoro (Elizabeth) and Yolisa Sompuka (Eleanor) took tremendous amounts of effort and time into the plays to ensure that they had the audience captured. It is clear that no minute of rehearsals was wasted and that each cast member worked together beautifully amongst their houses in the time they had to practice.
The plays all followed a South African plot but had special elements that made each of them different. Elton, who had creatively displayed the life of young and older Winnie Mafikizela-Mandela in her time before and after the struggle of Apartheid, had wowed the audience and executed beautifully.  Elizabeth had showed off their musical talents in their rendition of the well-known South African classic, Sarafina. The girls entertained us with their vibrancy and charisma, but did not fail to remind us of the troubles of those who fought for freedom in the time of the Struggle. Eleanor House went for a more comedic side to our current affairs, bringing our world’s most powerful presidential leaders together for a nightmare sleepover gone wrong.                            
The performances received amazing responses by the audience and adjudicators alike. Elizabeth was awarded the Erica Gilmer Cup (for the best lighting, stage effects and set arrangements) as well as the Edith Dovey Award for Teamwork. However, Elton took the title as overall winner, earning the Edith Dovey Award and Sherril Chaplain Cup for Best Production. Congratulations to all the winners and to each cast member who was willing to put in hours of work in order to perform to the best of their ability.
Tremendous thanks goes to Mrs Mohammed for adjudicating the performances as well as to Ms Barnard for assisting her. Thank you to Colleen Braun and the Cultural Board for the large amount of effort put into the event and for ensuring that everything ran as smoothly as possible. Finally, thank you to the lighting and sound crew and to those who helped in the unseen preparation for working tirelessly towards making this event a success.  Thank you, Miss Meyers, who assisted with rehearsal supervision.


Results of the Inter-house Plays:
1.) The Riebeek College Old Girls’ Association Cup(for the best performance in a supporting role) 
Winner: Sihlumile Majomboz
2.) The Amanda Frost Trophy(for a dynamic cameo performance)
Winner: Emihle Zweni
3.) The Margaret Bowes Second Cup(for the second best actress)
Winner: Tamia Smith
4.) The Hilton Preston Cup(for the best actress)
Winner: Phumelela Kwanini
5.) The Erica Gilmer Cup(for the best lighting, stage effects and set arrangements)
Winner: ‘Winnie’ (Elton)
6.) The Edith Dovey Award(for teamwork)
Winner: ‘Sarafina’ (Elizabeth)
7.) The Edith Dovey Award & Sherril Chaplin Cup(for best performance)
Winner: ‘Winnie’ (Elton)

 July 24, 2018
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