Algoa FM Youth Day Crew 2019

BY Azraa Rockman

Auditioning for the Algoa FM Youth Day Crew was truly a nerve-wrecking experience. I’d heard about the radio station’s youth search on the last day of name entries, and keeping my love for public speaking in mind, I was more than eager to put my name forward. By the next day, I’d received an email welcoming me to audition.
My arrival at the Algoa FM studio had opened my eyes to great competition, leaving 109 students--including myself--present for auditions. But this did little to my growing determination. I was aware that my individual audition had somewhat impressed the judges, as they seemed pleased by the fact that I’d mentioned my service in the Media Committee as well as my participation in Oratory Competitions as what had driven me to audition. And although I was willing to open room for disappointment after auditioning, it almost seemed unnecessary by the time that I’d received the email with word that I’d been accepted into the 2019 Youth Crew! It was almost unbelievable to me, especially with the fact that I’d been one of the 24 people who’d been accepted. But it had soon become reality when I’d received the follow-up email with the list of crew positions that needed to be filled.
Our first crew meeting was held on Thursday, 02 May, and thus far, I’ve learned so much about radio and producing. We were even given the opportunity to go on tour in the studio to pay a visit to Queenie from Algoa FM. Communicating with other students from different schools adds to the excitement of this process and hearing about their experiences always sparks up conversation amongst us. Positions for videographer, photographer, blogger and event co-ordinator have already been filled, leaving those for producer, sound engineer, presenter, as well as many others still open.
Although we are often reminded that this experience will require a lot of hard work to allow for the Youth Day programme to be made possible, I am more than ready to take on the challenge. I have great expectations for the outcome of our efforts and I am sure that we will make our fellow youth proud on this historic occasion.

 May 15, 2019
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Azraa Rockman

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