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Riebeek College Girls’ High School in Uitenhage is proud of the school’s 100% pass rate. 100% pass rate again and 100% proud … again. 94.6% of the matrics attained BACHELOR PASSES and 5.3% of the matrics attained DIPLOMA PASSES. There was an awesome atmosphere today at school as learners and parents collected results, testimonials and magazines and then stayed for a while to chat and connect, Mrs Kieran Stear, principal of Riebeek College, said, “We are proud of our teachers and learners who have worked consistently and with great drive and passion. The excitement and joy of our learners as they collected their results and congratulated their friends was indicative of the warm and feisty class. We are aware that results alone do not define the success of an individual and so we recognise the many strides made by the Class of 2019 to reach personal goals in their academics, character development and in the sporting and cultural sphere. We also recognise the hard work of Solomon Mahlangu High School whose pass rate is in the 90% and ranked 3rd in the Uitenhage area.”
The Riebeek Family congratulates the Stear Family. Mrs Stear’s daughter, Leigh, obtained excellent results in the NSC examinations and has matriculated from Collegiate Girls’ High School. Sinomtha Mshweshwe, who will be studying a BSc at University of Western Cape, and Aviwe Mali, who will be studying towards a BA of Social Sciences at the University of the Free State, of the Riebeek Class of 2019 said, “The ladies of the Class of 2019 were shocked and we had been stressing. We are very happy now and thrilled to have maintained Riebeek’s tradition of 100% pass rate as the girls felt the weight of that remarkable achievement that they should continue to strive towards. The girls will miss each other and miss the friendly and kind staff. We feel well prepared and loved.”
Subjects where the average is above 70%:
Afrikaans FAL: 78.6%
isiXhosa HL: 75.1%
Life Orientation: 86.5%
History: 76%
Subject Distinctions:
Life Orientation: 65 @ 85.5% of class
Afrikaans FAL: 20 @ 48.8% of class
History: 22 @ 39.3% of class
isiXhosa HL: 10 @ 28.6% of class
Mathematical Literacy: 10 @ 25.6% of class
Life Sciences: 6 @ 11.3% of class
English HL: 8 @ 10.5% of class
Geography: 1 @ 5.9% of class
Physical Sciences: 1 @ 4% of class
Mathematics: 1 @ 2.7% of class
Nine learners of the 75 learners attained an A aggregrate:
Meaghan Botha
Lerise Johnson
Zeenat Lukie
Casey Els
Aarifah Liberty
Monique Balie
Amy Higgins
Rayna Gajjar
Liyabona Mgushelo
Meaghan Botha achieved 7 distinctions:
English Home Language 81%
Afrikaans First Additional Language 86%
Mathematics 87%
Life Sciences 84%
Geography 92%
Life Orientation 93%
Physical Sciences 83%
The feelings of the Class of 2019 are best expressed in these words: “Let’s say hello to a new adventure. Hello to new opportunities, growth and happiness. It’s time for us to follow our dreams and become who and what we’ve always wanted to be. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.”
Head Girl, Zeenat Lukie.

Amy Higgins, an A Aggregrate matriculant, reports on her matric year, her future plans and her work ethic:
My subjects and results for each subject are as follows;
Afrikaans First Additional Language 90%
English Home Language 81%
Mathematics 58%
Life Orientation 94%
Consumer Studies 79%
History 91%
Life Sciences 72%
My future plans are to study towards a degree in Occupational Therapy. My goals are to achieve only the best that I am able and to go above and beyond in whatever I decide to do. My advice for the class of 2029 is to never give up on your dreams, no matter how cliche it may sound. There will be times where you feel that everything is just too hard and that you'll be okay if you "just pass", but those moments are short-lived, whereas the results of your hard work will last a lifetime. Keep pushing forward and you'll thank yourself in the end. I would like to thank each and every teacher who has been a part of my schooling journey, and especially Ms Barnard and Miss Meyers, who have encouraged me to reach my full potential and to only strive for the best. I would also like to thank my parents, as well as my aunt and uncle, for believing in me and for continually giving me the the motivation i needed to keep working hard when i was so close to giving up. I would definitely encourage everyone to work through past papers when studying for any exam. It really helped me in understanding and preparing for every type of question that I would encounter in my final exams. Grade 12 was definitely one of the hardest years to conquer, simply because of the massive workload that needed to be done in such a short amount of time. There are also so many expectations that are placed on your shoulders and it can be extremely heavy to carry at times. I found that surrounding yourself with people who uplift you, and facing every day with a positive mindset definitely makes all the difference in the world and definitely made this difficult year a lot easier to get through. Lean on your friends and family for support when you most need it. I also would like to advise all those entering matric to be gentle on themselves, because most of the pressure faced during your final year is self-inflicted. Don't be worried about the future, because it will take care of itself. Focus on the present and live in the moment, because you'll never get that moment back again. You can do this! Best of luck to the matric class of 2020.

 January 09, 2020
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