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Where Love is All Around
Riebeek College Girls’ High School is a 141 year old school in Uitenhage that has nurtured Grade 4 to 12 learners to be positive agents of change in their communities. This school ethos leads to school events, collections and guest speakers that teach learners to take social responsibility to heart. It is said that to change the world, one should go home and love your family. The school’s focus on social responsibility leads to girls sowing seeds of love at home and positively impacting the community by giving of their love, kindness, time and talents in service of others. And that is how a Riebeek Girl attains the reputation of compassion that has become associated with the Riebeek name. 
Inspiring Words
Dr Muki Moeng, Dean of the NMU Faculty of Education, addressed girls at a special assembly celebrating the fundraising of Elizabeth House for the Mental Health Society. She challenged the girls to believe in themselves, achieve their goals and make a difference. She said, “It is a great pleasure for me to be here talking to young people who have the world waiting for them to make a contribution. I am intentionally positioning you as someone who must give and not expect to be given. Not to feel entitled that someone owes you your future. I believe that once you have the outlook of giving, that is when you find your passion. I am responsible for preparing and delivering well rounded teachers who are agents of social change and hope. That is what drives me every day. I am passionate about it because I know that it will make a difference and that I am contributing something towards society. I believe in your abilities to change the world and make it a better place for us all and future generations.”
Mrs Natalie Stear, former principal at Riebeek and the guest speaker at the annual Founder’s Day, said, “Anyone can be part of a life that matters. That is what we all desire - to leave some kind of legacy that someone lives a better life because of us. Even it if is to help only one fellow human being, it might be the most important action you have ever taken or the most meaningful words you have ever spoken. We should all desire to be part of a life that matters. It doesn’t take any particular skill – all it needs is caring and kindness.”
Our Ubuntu Project: Mandela100@Riebeek100 Acts of Kindness 
Ubuntu is Riebeek’s 2018 theme and is about humanity, a community spirit and compassion for others. At a project launch assembly, Riebeek made 2018 a year of service and love for others. It being the centenary year of the birth of Nelson Mandela, who lived by the values of Ubuntu, Riebeek committed to honour Tata Madiba by making every day a Mandela Day with a Mandela100@Riebeek100 Acts of Kindness. 
These acts have included assisting the Rape Crisis Centre, the Uitenhage People’s Old Age Home, Bayworld, soup kitchens, the Uitenhage SPCA, Uitenhage Child Welfare, Reach for Recovery, Mula Recycling Shop, to name a few. Riebeek provided a cake for Rosa Munch Old Age Home, made sandwiches for two schools in Rocklands, worked at the CANSA relay, collected books for Redhouse Primary, visited Aandmymering Retirement Home to hand out flowers, made hospital packs for needy patients, undertook a beach clean up, and other acts of doing. Riebeek also celebrated kindness displayed in a seemingly small way that can make a big impact: inter-connectivity compliments were composed, learners helped clean up around the school, offered their time to lighten the load of a friend or teacher, mentored struggling learners, volunteered to help coach younger teams, made and gave out cards and gave treats to classmates on their birthday.
Nelson Mandela said, “Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.” Riebeek embraces cultural heritage with an amazing Choir that attained gold at the ATKV regional round with a selection of traditional and ethnic songs and an annual Cultural Day where girls dress up in a culture to demonstrate tolerance and celebrate diversity. There are colourful and harmonious moments!
Mandela in every Generation
Riebeek has also explored the “Mandela in every Generation” ideas of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. From Grade 4, Linathi Netnou wrote, “ Being kind to all people is essential and by practicing kindness, we are walking in Tata Madiba’s footsteps.” and Caitlyn Kent – Brown wrote, “By picking up litter, we are participating in environmental acts of kindness. We should continue to make our schools and surrounding areas a better place to live for all people.” From Grade 7, Aeryn Ferreira wrote, “Like Madiba, we should use kind words to shine light in dark situations.”. and Kate-Lynn Forbes wrote, “Nelson Mandela’s life inspires me to lead by example and encourages me to make every day a better day. Madiba wanted us to stick together and be united” Busisiwe Setlai in Grade 11 said, “Nelson Mandela’s legacy should be treasured because of his kind-spirited heart - he never hesitated to give to others. I believe that I too can bring change through song and dance to bring healing.” 
Send Me
Hugh Masekela’s song, ‘Thuma Mina’ is held close to the hearts of Riebeek learners:
“I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around
When they triumph over poverty...
I wanna lend a hand...
Send me.” 
Mrs Kieran Stear, principal of Riebeek, said, “Let’s put our hands up and say ‘send me’ to make every day a Mandela Day, of service above us, of us rather than me, of love not hate, of caring not entitlement, of doing good to make the world a better place.”

 July 05, 2018
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