Matric Results 2016

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Riebeek College Girls’ High School is immensely proud of their matric class who obtained a 100% pass rate and a fantastic 90% Bachelor Pass rate. There were 107 subject distinctions from a class of 78 girls. Mrs Marilyn Woods, principal (newly retired though but still busy today helping with the processing of the results) was at school to congratulate the girls and confirm the results. She said, “I am so very pleased. From when they were in the junior grades, I called them my potential class. Gosh, have they reached their full potential. I challenged them to give me a great farewell gift in the form of great matric results and they have given me, and their families and themselves, a great gift.” Natheera Sirkhotte and Martez Meyer attained 5 distinctions each.
Natheera Sirkhotte attained distinctions for Afrikaans, Maths, Life Orientation, Life Sciences and Accounting; and said, “The past year has been equally tough and enjoyable. I am truly blessed to have such amazing teachers who constantly motivate us to try our best. I love being able to share the privilege of having the most distinctions in the school with Martez Meyer. Martez and I have shared tears of stress and laughter last year. I would not have wanted to experience without her by my side. I plan on studying Ccom accounting at NMMU this year. My biggest motivation was not making anyone else proud, but making myself proud. I put in the amount of work that I would be proud of. I am so happy to say that I am proud of myself for my results.”
Martez Meyer, deputy headgirl, said of her 5 distinctions in English, Afrikaans, Accounting, Life Sciences and Life Orientation: “While I was awaiting my results, I was both anxious and excited to see what the outcome of the final exams was. When I received it I felt relieved, ecstatic and overwhelmed all at the same time. I couldn't have done it without God, my family and friends, and importantly the staff of Riebeek College. I am extremely proud of my fellow "potential" matriculants as well as our 100% pass rate. I intend on studying Medicine at the Stellenbosch University. The best tips that I can offer for success is to be prepared to work hard and to have a positive mentality in all that you do. It is also very important to always believe in yourself because you are destined for greatness.”

 January 05, 2017
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