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Riebeek College Girls’ High School hosted the annual, “Stay Awake to Stay Away Marathon,” held in the school hall on Thursday, 16 February to Friday 17 February 2012 where the pupils learnt many skills in the best way possible, by means of play and fun.


The 11 hour stay awake was a unique opportunity for the girls to participate in the ultimate learning experience- all the drill and thrills of leadership and teamwork.


The staff organised a fun and exciting programme for the entire period. Although the learners were not compelled to stay awake all night, they were thoroughly occupied and entertained with treasure hunts, group acts and exhibits.


Most of the activities were group orientated and they learnt skills such as co-operation, understanding, patience, tolerance, and most important, social and leadership development.


Parents were encouraged to visit anytime during the evening.


 March 09, 2012
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