Farewell, mr reynolds

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Riebeek is sad to have to lose a man who has been our Santa Claus, gala official and humble estate manager for 18 years.
Mr Alan Reynolds was born in Port Elizabeth although he spent his early childhood years in Chingola, Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. He attended Muir College before moving on to a Technical College.
He joined the Riebeek family first as a parent serving on the PTA when his daughters Candice and Samantha attended Riebeek from 1985 to 1995. He joined the Riebeek staff in 2001 as an estate manager. He was appointed to serve on the World Panel of Swimming Referees and attended the World Junior Swimming Championship in Rio de Janeiro in 2006. Mr Reynolds also served many disadvantaged communities as a member of Rotary International.
Mr Reynolds has been the first to arrive and the last to leave for so long that we are not sure how we will get used to not seeing him daily.  We know he is close from his iconic “Summer of ‘69” ringtone.  Two decades of Cultural Board members know the famous Mr Reynolds note handed in days in advance: “Dear Mr Reynolds. We would like ___ chairs and ___ tables for ____, please.” Jovial Father Christmas has hugged two decades of staff members and handed out gifts.  He has worked with our swimming teams and Interact Board teaching the girls the value of dedication and service.  He has been the one to escort the chief invigilator to and from the district office twice a day to collect and return examination scripts. And the trips there and back would include taies of who lived there, what the history of that street is and what the neighbourhood watches were reporting.
Mr Reynolds has a generous heart and is passionate about the school and the community. The braai master at staff functions will be missed, as will his wife, Sylvia, also a great supporter of Riebeek.
Mr Reynolds says that being at Riebeek taught him to be patient and adaptable to daily routine changes and requests. “I have learned to appreciate the views of everyone around me and appreciate their views even if they are different to my own.” Mr Reynolds has been a quiet, helpful and reliable presence at Riebeek during his many years of service. He is a courteous and respectful gentleman that many people rely on.
If the Riebeek girls are to learn anything from Mr Reynolds he wishes it to be, “Listen to the whole problem before attempting to resolve it. Focus on your strengths, whatever they are.”

 October 20, 2019
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