Photography Workshop and Challenge held on 26 February: 
The girls who attended were Jessica du Pisane, Kristen Hunt, Taybah Teladia, Natheera Sirkhotte, Martez Meyer, Tara Wood, Megan MacGorman, Tayla Boscombe, Aarifah Liberty, Amy Schambril, Amee Exford, Megan Gunter, Monique Balie, Lindokuhle Tembani, Achumile Mavoso, Razaan Baderoon
The winner was Tayla Boscombe and runner up was Kristen Hunt. Special mention must be made to the grade 8s for their enthusiasm and effort! 


Photography Workshop winner

Tayla Boscombe


Tayla Writes

I chose to share these landscape photographs as I enjoy depicting the beauty of the world that is often missed and goes unnoticed in every day life. Winning the competition was great.  I really loved on the day taking the photographs especially the one at the swimming pool of the very happy junior swimmer.


Runner up

Kristen Hunt 

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Kristen writes: 

The pictures that I chose have meaning or memories behind them that are unforgettable. I often take pictures of places I have been to or of animals (including my own). Most of the pictures I chose are from a family holiday in the Tsitsikama area. It was the first time I realized I enjoyed taking photos, especially of the views that we saw.
Since I started school, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, I simply adore children. I never knew what I wanted to teach. Recently I decided to get a Doctorate in biology teaching. Biology has always been my passion in school. I enjoy school, and although I know it has to come to an end eventually, part of my career plan is because I could not see a future without it. Riebeek has given me so many role models in terms of becoming a teacher; Mrs Hickson is top of the list for helping me find my career choice without knowing. The Riebeek staff are passionate in what they do and give their all. They proceed to go out of their way for the students without much verbal appreciation from them. The Riebeek staff have helped in making my goals become a reality instead of out of reach dreams. They have given me the confidence I need to strive for my career choice. I envy the staff and hope I can become as dedicated to my work as they are. 


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